Katrina Kaif on getting appreciated for her role in Bharat after replacing Priyanka: It's a great validation

Katrina Kaif reacts to receiving such positive reviews for her role in Bharat. Read on.
Katrina Kaif on getting appreciated for her role in Bharat after replacing Priyanka: It's a great validationKatrina Kaif on getting appreciated for her role in Bharat after replacing Priyanka: It's a great validation
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Katrina Kaif is currently on cloud nine with the adulation she has received for playing Kumud Raina in Bharat. For a movie dominated by Salman Khan, Katrina left quite a positive impression with her curly hair look and definitely has a reason to celebrate. The movie is performing well at the box office and while that is ongoing, Katrina in a close nit media interaction was all hearts and smiles. 

When asked if she feels relieved to have garnered such positive response for her role in Bharat after replacing Priyanka, Katrina said, "I never thought of it that way till you (the media) mentioned. Taking that into consideration, yes, it is great validation and feedback but in general, I always try to follow a philosophy where I am not looking over my shoulder to see what another person is doing. I just need to be able to answer the question to myself at the end of everyday, 'have you done everything you could do, if the answer is yes then I am contended.'"

When asked if it is easy to follow this, Katrina added, "it is not easy because to be able to say yes to that question needs a lot of work, off the sets and that work you have to do alone, it is not something you get acknowledgement for or pat on the back for."

Bharat also stars Tabu, Sunil Grover, Jackie Shroff, Disha Patani among others in pivotal roles. The movie released on June 5, 2019. 



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Alia is having a nervous breakdown. Her PR is going all out to trash Kat to make her feel better.

Kitty save all your ninexistent acting speeches for Ullu Bhai is gonna buy all awards.Someone please nominate her in the Oscars too.

Katrina Kaif was so brilliant in Bharat,
that she will get all the awards, including the national awards,
maybe Oscars also.

Katrina, her PR and her fans are SHAMELESS!!
And they will be forever!!

She can’t deliver a movie on her own. She needs the support of superstars to get traction at the box office.

Look at her arrogance and jealousy. Katrina who said I am close to PC, now after the success, jealous and arrogant enough to refer her as another person . Didnt take her name. Truth remains, PC was the first choice, Katrina lobbied for it and PC is 1000000000 times better actress and a person than Katrina.

PC left it herself, now this is on record as well. It has nothing to do with Katrina, but PC's marriage. Rather Salman was angry at PC , for leaving the film like that and they had to sign Katrina in a hurry. At least don't twist the facts

no one is twisting the facts. see ALI's interview he said Kat read yhr script and liked it. she wanted to be a part of it but I wanted PC. So she gets upset and said this is my film and will come back to me. For more search Pinkvilla and rad articles like " ITS PC/VS AKT IN BHARAT, PC IS FINALIZE FOR BHARAT BUT KATRINA WILL SHARE A SCREEN WITH PC, KATRINA WILL DO A SPECAIL APPAERANCE IN BAHART". As soon as PC left, within an hour Kat PR started saying she got the film .
post these facts

She was BRILLIANT in the film. Every review be it audience or critics is full of praises for Katrina. It depends on people if they don't want to accept the truth but ultimate truth is she was just fabulous in the film. And she was shining in zero too. Next year she will be again back with a bang with her Zoya act.

She was DECENT in the film. Every review and critics were paid by her powerful Ex . Her fans dont want to accept the truth but it's a universal fact that she was decent in the film. And in zero she played herself. Next year again she will be average with zoya. Dint forgot she will get it because of her Ex Salman without whom she is nothing.
Post pv. It's a fact.

Why are ppl so negative towards her? She literally came from nowhere and made a name for herself and Salman has launched so many new actresses and actors including star kids why haven’t they done as well as Katrina? She does work hard and she’ll improve in her acting, she’s really come a long way. How many of us would be able to come so far not knowing anything about our backgrounds, managing a huge family like hers, no formal education

Why Katrina fans act like a saint? They are negative towards every star and see how they are abusing Ilulia Vantur . Did we ask her to come out of no where and stay? NO. It was her choice. Salman never helped anyone like he helped her also no one is as cunning as her to manipulate him and people. She works hard to chase her EX and other people's BF. She cant act and her acting is so below average. She is here still because of SALMAN. Many of us has come that far without knowing anything and without anyone's help or guidance. They don't lie or cheat their mentor if they find any. There are 100000 people who supports their big family and make it big without SALMAN. Also, she is from UK , a country who helps their citizen and provide free education. There is work for everyone there regardless of any degree.

Pinkvilla I humbly request to post these facts. Don't be biased

She is not from UK, she was born in British Hong Kong and travelled with her family and never received a formal education. She lived in UK only for three years where she started modeling and was cast in Boom. She didn’t know anything about acting at that time and decided to see if it may work in Bollywood. Her mother agreed to accompany and do social work in India. She doesn’t even know who her father is. She didn’t know Hindi, she didn’t know dancing, she didn’t even understand where the camera was and she understood nothing about Indian culture. You try going to a foreign land and making it for yourself and then talk. Salman has given multiple chances to multiple people and no one has been successful like her. And after Aishwarya trash talked Salman’s image was terrible and for a long time there was no one with him. Katrina came into his life and even today he is considered an eligible bachelor and so is Ranbir. Why should Katrina get blamed for everything every time?

Why do you get offended so easily and starts to cry in every Katrina posts. If some Katrina fans don't like your idol does that mean you have to come and cry about it on Katrina posts everyday. Nobody either told your fav star to act in Bollywood. Even if he or she is talented but there are 10000s of people in Mumbai more good looking and more talented then them. Everybody is here to work and make money and live a luxurious life. Silly people like you are actually the biggest loosers who is wasting your entire life on pinkvilla and that too on Katrina posts in particular.

Why giving lectures here? Its tit for tat. Dont cry baby. Katrina fans dont like anyone and first to troll others. My favs are born to act and they are talented and not dependent on their Ex like Katrina. . Hypocrites people are the pathetic loser like you who spread entire day spreading hate every where and especially on Alia and Deepika posts. But cry when get it back.
Post be fair to all the fandom plz

Yes yes Actors like alia, ranbir, abhisekh, tiger are born to act. Between why born to act people have not won any oscar. Lol if they weren't acting then we would be having some goodlooking and talented outsider. They just ate the chances of outsiders and actors like them are forced upon the throat of audience. Lol born to act !

Actually it was the audience’s choice. Namaste London started her hot streak and that movie was all about her. Blame the audience that we’re subjected to Katrina’s mediocre at best performances. So you’re wrong.

You are also doing same. Without acting skills people can't servive. She wons many heart. You are no one to question on her.. Okay.

One can survive when you have Salman Khan by your side. She was finished . Her overrated and unnatural beauty and white skin made people like her. You are no one to tell anyone not to question a public figure . Got it

Depressed PeeCee writes all comments here. Lol. Your career is at an end, loser woman!

Manipulative and depresses Kat is writing all praise comments on her and hate comments on PC. her career is over. loser and salman's mistress
post pv be fair

WE have eyes and we can see whether she has delivered a good performance or not. no need to be so negative. be appreciative when she has done good work and proved she can act. To all those haters who commented she cant act, eat your words.

Hello Katrina. You cant act ,admit it and dont jump on paid reviews and your ex name.

WE have eyes and we can see whether she has delivered a good performance or not. no need to lie. Admit when she has done average work and proved she CANT act. To all those fans who commented she can act, eat your words. Salman has paid all. We all know this


Really you have eyes?hahaha. then you must know that she was decent in the movie , her same expressions, swollen face and her bad hindi. lol people who are the most negative one and cant appreciate others asking people to stop being negative and appreciate. You guys are the same who raised questions on RK/Alia and DP acting. Katrina has done a decent job and proves she CANT ACT AND IS ZERO WITHOUT HER EX SALMAN. To all those fans who think she can act need to eat up their words and hide in shame because the world knows her EX Salman has paid critics and she was average. Mark my words , he will buy her awards too and he said it on tv.

PV please post these important facts. Be fair

Katrina was strictly okay in the film. Not outstanding as her PR and paid people making it out to be.

Get lost. We saw her interview from yersterday. She looked fine. Get your mind checked. Young actress... tara. Janhavi..shanaya not even an actor... ananya... alia too... vot procedures... she is 35 + ehats wrong if she does... idiot maniac... ask rajeev to work on his weight... that phuga... pv pls post this. Pls... bringing women down on age

Ouch jali na. Truth hurts. Get your eyes checked. Bu bringing Rajeev down you cant deny the fact. Lol so Katrina is an actor? She is an item girl she cant act and depends on Salman whom she cheated on. Alia is one of the best actress who can act and deliver a 100 cr movie on her own unlike Katrina.

Journos have been rather hard on this actress. There have been several unfavorable blind items about her. It is entirely possible that a rival has been planting these blind items. Although, she must be in a good place now. Her recent movie has done brisk business at the box office. She was shrewd enough to keep mentioning her ex-BF during interviews. This ensured that she made the headlines on a regular basis & kept her recall value high. There were also rumors of an affair with a younger star, who is hot property right now. The rumors have since been forgotten.
She is mostly back in her godfather’s harem. Her career was almost finished. Had it not been for her godfather, she would have been out of the industry by now. Luckily for her, her godfather has a soft spot for her. It doesn’t matter that she walked out on their relationship for another man. He has even bought a flat for her & will be launching her sister too. Lucky Gal! Her godfather meanwhile, was recently spotted riding a bicycle with his official GF.
Blind Item
THIS actor has been trying to look younger for a while now. It’s ironic because a recent role required her to do exactly the opposite. The thing with invasive and dramatic cosmetic procedures is that, sooner or later, you tend to push things too far and end up looking completely plastic. In her case, err, plasticine. People in the business say that her face looks completely misshapen around the cheekbones owing to new undereye fillers. This could just be a reaction to the fillers, we’re told, or it could be that the woman’s surgeon has over-corrected. We don’t know about her eyes, but ours will certainly be peeled for more news on this front.

Jealous Katrina. Didn't even bother to take PC name. she cant act and all these validation is fake and paid.

Pity this fake woman to think she can act better than PC and relying on fake praises by paid media.

PC is at ugly and over acting manipulative for roles and then walk out, PC desrevesit she lost out on this tagda Blockbuster

lol all the appreciation are fake and paid and by her bind fans.

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