Katrina Kaif on her equation with Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor: No point in holding a grudge

Katrina Kaif's pictures with Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt from the Filmfare Awards 2019 went viral on the internet. Kat is also friends with Deepika Padukone. In an interview, the actress talks about her equation with them.
News,Katrina Kaif,Ranbir Kapoor,Deepika Padukone,alia bhattKatrina Kaif on her equation with Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor: No point in holding a grudge
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Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone are the new BFFs in town. Their friendship started blooming with Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone invited Katrina to their wedding reception last year. Katrina and Alia Bhatt have been friends for quite a long time now. Even after Alia started dating Katrina's ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, their friendship didn't get affected at all.

In an interview with DNA, Katrina Kaif was asked about her equation with Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor and how she was seen exchanging pleasantries with the trio at the Filmfare Awards 2019. Katrina said that a certain thing is already playing out it in a certain manner. So, she can't sit and feel angered and bitterness or make herself happy. The actress said, "I can take into consideration that, how miserable I am makes no difference to anyone else. So, instead, I can lighten my own burden and say — let me be happy and at peace. And what is meant for me, will come my way."

Katrina said that she is not trying to be Ms Goody Two Shoes. She goes through her own share of pain and angst, but believes that there is no point in holding a grudge. Kaif added, "Whoever it is (no names taken), I don’t see the point of holding on to anything unpleasant from the past. I would rather let bygones be bygones. I don’t think anyone is out there to hurt me."

The Phantom actress added that people try to do best for you but sometimes, in trying to do the best for you, you get hurt. The actress said that she would rather have a friend than an enemy as she likes to laugh and talking to people. 

On the work front, Katrina Kaif will be seen in Bharat alongside Salman Khan. The film will hit the screens on Eid this year.

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And people who are saying Dp clingy after rk don't you guys know how she roasts him when possible not only kwk there were many instances but we are more interested when she's superb nice to rk. Recently in kwk she implicitly told alia anywys it's all timepass. Get your brains pv post it

When you look like kat , your ex with tiny jeri , there is a satisfaction !

Love you Katrina ! You never fail to inspire me..let haters burn with hate, but you go girl..!

Katrina gave her best years to her relationship with Ranbir , Alia even though not a beauty queen seized the opportunity, worked film after film ,make a mark for herself and now Katrina has finally woken up after Zero . She's at least trying new roles , thank goodness shes not with that PARASITE RK , such an opportunist, cheater and truly an ugly person from the inside , just using all the girls he can have fun only with.

Jatrina was bever bestie or bff when she was datung ranbir. After they broke up she got alia under her wings and pretend to be bestie to keep her away from Ranbir in hopes ranbir will come back to her. Katrina is never bestie with any heroine, why Alia?

The only person she should have grudge with is ranbir he is a big player,with Deepika she was the other women she did bad to her she can’t hold a grudge towards her , she must be laughing at alia not holding a grudge coz she knows what kind of player ranbir is , in all this ranbir is a very cheap and kamina type of person he only cares about himself

RK ko toh Koi bhi chal jata hai, maira se leke Alia, my only question to KJo why don't u ask RK details about Maira and their secret open visit in New York, with bites showing on Mairas back

Rk ko toh Ayan chi chal jata hai...

it took long enough. kat held a grudge against dp for years but doesn’t have the influence to hold a grudge against rk and kjo’s crew and that’s the truth. better late than never i suppose

I think Kat is worried that Alia, Ranbir, dp, KJo PR would ruin the bharat promotions. Because they r continuously bashing her in every article. The way she said that I believe no one wants to hurt me means stop mansplaining her movie promotion. Kalank was ruined due to kangana n not Kat. Thing is kat no one can stop a film from doing good. See andha dhun earned 300 crore in China despite no promotion n probably nobody knows ayushmann there.
As far as bharat is concerned Movie looks awesome. Ur trio always creates something magical. Both u n Salman have stardom. Masses will watch it either way.
As far as nepo gang negativity is concern, they should know behind the scenes there r so many people working hard. So because of Kat don't spoil it for audience by bashing her everywhere. Salman ko bash nahi kar sakte tou Kat ko karlen. Otherwise karma will come to u for sure. Already Ranbir u have lost the plot by dating Alia. Both u n Alia n KJo already lost so much respect. Ab yə karke you're completely destroying urself n telling audience how negative u r.

Katrina is trying to look good now. Maybe she realised her mistakes. And anyway if she does not surround herself with these people, she will not be able to go openly to any parties, events etc..running away. At this age nearing the end of her career, it is in her best interest to promote her image positively. What she really feels in her heart and mind, she will hide it with a mask shield!

If India can choose undesrving rich stsc people
over talented and poor Gen category people for doctors, IAS, engineers,CA, Judges etc then why do they beg for quality in Bollywood.Why do they want talented and deserving actors in bollywood. We deserve this reservation system in bollywood as well. And infact reservation should be in the borders too.

You are truly an inspiration. More power to you!

Not every guy like dumb like ranveer to marry a hole thats no more tight. Nobody will marry kat because rk has made her hole a well by digging her every night for past 6 years.Before him Salman was digging her hole. Deepika too is digged by mascular men like dhoni and yuvraj. They must have digged her so hard. Nihar upen sid etc might not be strong enough to dig her and satisfy her. Vicky too is interested in digging katrina's hole. These women seriously thinking someone will marry them now. Ranveer Singh is a doormat. Katrina should have kept her ego aside and married ranbir.

PV moderators suck big time. They choose to publish this and will filter out anything that is remotely against Alia ,Karan and Ranbir.

how is this tweet acceptable?is there a report button? i can’t believe uposted this pv. absolutely disgusting

Ranbir is like a sucking parasite who sits on girls to suck and fullfill his lust. After sucking out the life from them he flushes them like toilet in commode . Look at Katrina, she used to shine like a diamond before she started her live in relationship with ranbir and now she looks like a coal.

I am happy to see stsc people getting frustrated to see undeserving alia.Lol we, the gen category people feel the same frustration and have same opinion about you too.

Sending you all the love dear Katrina

Karma never leaves anyone, neither deepika nor katrina were spared.Alia will face the worst because she steals others opportunities as well.

What about Ranbir then?

Ranveer fans used to abuse katrina and called her a sl** when she was dating ranbir but now she is a good person for then because she is cold towards ranbir and they also want her to marry a pschyo guy like ranveer when his own wife is crazy after ranbir. Ranveer Singh is a joker and nobody wants him. Sara despite working with him said she wants to date ranbir, that's his power.

I like how that jumping monkey( ranveer Singh) fans constantly try to project him as the most desirable and best husband thing by saying kat should get a guy like her. If kat really wanted a guy like her then she could have dated him back in 2011 when she was the most desirable women in India but she wanted ranbir. Present day bollywood queen alia can get any young guy but she wants ranbir. Ranbir will never do shits like carrying a girls sandal in his hands. That's so unhygienic and a doormat behaviour. He don't needs to be crazy after a woman it women who are crazy for him including mrs ranveer singh.

You are a child. There are tonnes of times when you are just outside the temple or somewhere you are not wearing the footwear , husband or brother or a friend just could pass it to you. It’s not anything to talk about positively or negatively. My hubby does it and sometimes I do it for him. Both the set of kids , those who are saying “oh my god , he is the husband of millennium” and those who are saying “ oh so disgusting” , just need to calm down.

Dont forget your mistakes. why you keep hurt if you hurt others :)))))))))

Dating your besties's ex is so classy. More power to you katrina. You are absolutely strong lady. Don't let negativity affect upon you.

Must she torture herself being around them though.

That is what you call beautiful inside out

Katrina is a woman after our hearts

Deepika should be Katrina's inspiration in finding someone better who adores her like Ranvir does.

That is right Katrina what is meant for you will come your way and sometimes it is even better than what you lost. You deserve so much more than that Ranbir

I admire Katrina this is wisdom and positivity she is sharing

That is right Katrina. No point in suffering for someone who is enjoying their life

Katrina is such a beautiful soul

Alia is a user

I understand what Katrina is saying but for your own health it is better not to be around such people as much as possible. However, I think it is hard to completely avoid each other in this industry unless you go out of your way to do so like not going to same events and so on

Karma is biting back at Katrina for breaking up DP-Ranbir. Same holds good for Ranbir or any one else. But Ofcourse Ranbir is far better than the husbands who get married and cheat or leave their wives.

Sweet thing is the only one ending up with the short end of the stick here... or so it seems, just wait, Ranbir and Alia will implode sooner or later, they look miserable and now are flopping too.

She is so clever . She is trying to get some sympathy by doing this. She just doing the same thing what deepika done in past the two actress are the real clever ones ND mean Also

I love to hear or read her interviews. Her views in life are so inspiring not like the air head alia. I think God saved her from a moserable marraige and I hope that she finds her mr.right who respects and loves her for what she is.

Everyone are bashing here at Alia for stealing away the boyfriend of this so called "sweet lady" but what had happened to her sweetness and maturity when she was having an affair with someone else's boyfriend who was already in a committed relationship???

They all betrayed you

She's gold digger

Ranbir cheated her he does not deserve any respect
Deepika and Alia don't deserve to be friends

Katrina queen

One thing katrina cant say in public that she is hurt a lot looking her bff and ranbir together in love heading for marriage and kids. Katrina had never thought alia will do it to her.

Alia knew that she is doing film with ranbir. That's why,she mingled with katrina to know what things attract ranbir.

Tell me why alia become bff with kat months before brahmastra shoot.it was all planned by alia.

Believe it or not,
Alia is a manipulative girl, who thinks she has right on everything she wants..films to boyfriend.

Katrina should date Vicky

She is genuinely won respect with her attitude. Goodness begets goodness. Wishing her well

I sometimes really feel ashamed of all these 3 ladies Deepika, Katrina and Alia...Deepika even after being cheated by ranbir shamelessly goes and becomes clingy I mean who does that in real world??Even after knowing a person publicly cheats his girlfriend multiple times which girl dares to date him but Katrina did..even after knowing cheating his gf deepika, betraying his longterm about to get married gf come wife katrina, Unaffected ranbir spotted with mahira...which girl falls head over heels in love with a guy like Ranbir kapoor?but Alia does...everthing is here except honesty , trust , dignity and love without this....these women like deepika,Katrina and alia making Men like ranbir to grow so they will never feel guilty I am really ashamed...so even though I am not a big fan Sonam and anushka I respect them...

Don't bother, alia downfall has began because she is dating RK.In fact ,kat should be thankful, the more she stays with RK, the more she is bound to be miserable and face failures.

Katrina, the nation wants to know that you call sallu bhai chikna, so that he gets excited wags his tail and pays your monthly rent?

Lol I love the way how Katrina took an indirect dig at Ranbir and Alia...even a dumb person can understand how intense was her relationship and observe she she says there is no point in holding grudges that means she was cheated by Ranbir even after the break up she was snot over Ranbir somehow expecting him to come back its naturally bcz it was long 6 years +live in she thought Ranbir as family but was not able to digest the reality he used her when she was in jawani left without even her when they were planning about marriage ...even though he cheated Deepika it was short was just dating Deepika came out of it not Ranbir..Deepika says he chested twice so thought I could not him more chance...guys he cheated with models but was eying on Katrina...so even a dumb can understand its not a normal breakup it was literally a betrayal not even cheating.. Katraina was not a normal girlfriend she was literally like his wife..even Rajiv masand asks Ranbir in an interview this is different from all your relationship...so even dumb can understand it so Alia is not dumb shes very intelligent pretending dumb..if see Alia says everyone her friends, she loves everyone but that's not true she acts friendly with everyone but not friends with everyone once upon a time she said Shraddha is her bff, parineeti her bff, arjun kapoor her bff,sid uff...srk said in koffe with Karen alia is attached yet detached he cant do that...lol simple word that means she pretend like bff or whatever thats not true but people thinks they are very close to her that's their mistake..now alia saying Ranveer singh,Ricky are special she loves them lol only for 1 year..so katrina's mistake was believing shes close to alia..i'm not saying Katrina is saint she could 've be friends with Jacqueline someone like her outside but she wanted movies from dharma, get closed to kjo..thus what happens lol...look at deepika going shamelessly to Ranbir kapoor whenever she gets..bcz she wants movies with him, she wants be in news,she wants people to talks aww how good look ,after all we're all human beings...but this kind of situation makes me to love Ladies like Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, Kangana ranuat who respects themselves over men,instead of always be in news for lineups, affairs who stood up for important cause..

Wow girl, you always inspire me, i was watching her interview at tie con event to get inspired, she is really woman of substance..

I don't feel bad when kangana roasts alia.She is a third grade and disgusting person who deserves all humiliation and she has guts to call her strong and mature.Karma in form of Kangana for doing bad with kat along with sugar daddy Karan.

Stop bringing that irrelevant thing here. We ain't here to fight. This is about mature n civil people. U think holding unnecessary grudges is a big deal?

At least, Alia waited when kat n Ranbir split before. Did psycho think twice sleeping with Aditya Pancholi? No

She is a sweet lady with class

Did sallu bhaijaan pay her rent or no?

Do you want him to pay your favourite's rent?

Do i feel disgust for Alia??.Most definitely Yes!!..Kat has gone thru lots of pain..betrayed by ur so called best friend..but this is wat maturity is...No one can make u unhappy unless u choose to be...Way to go katrina...Sending good vibes n warm wishes to u girlie..Stay Strong!

By now, it is clear that it's Kat who dumped wig wearing tiny eyed Ranbir. She dumped him and asked him to get out.

Didn't you feel disgust for Kat when she broke DP's heart? RK went from DP straight to Kat, but he was with numerous of women after Kat. Alia didn't brake relationships their like Kat did. She has nothing to be ashamed of

Seriously? You can not compare their relationship, if someone is unhappy and they are more than welcome to leave relationship and go with someone they love. Deepika and Katrina were never friends, but Katrina and Alia were a good friends or more like a sister...as if Alia has't cheat anyone, she even accepted in kofee with karan that she would hookedup to anyone right after breakup

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