Katrina Kaif on marriage, children: Was on my mind but didn't work out; love will come to me at the right time

Katrina Kaif opens up about marriage and children in a tell all interview with Mumbai Mirror. Read on.
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Katrina Kaif will be seen playing an unusual character of a superstar herself on screen in Aanand L Rai's Zero. The movie also starring Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma will see a new side of the actress, which was definitely not an easy one to portray. Speaking on length about the impact it left in her real life, Katrina also got candid about her love life, if marriage and children is on cards for her in an interview with Mumbai Mirror. 
She opened up about marriage saying that it was on her mind a few years back but since things didn't work out the way she hoped, she last left everything to universe. Katrina said, "It was on my mind but it didn’t work out and you have to keep following the path set for you in life. I don’t stress about it now. I fought that battle and am at peace with the fact that some things didn’t turn out the way I had hoped for. Now, I’ve left it to the universe and to God because I’m sure there’s a bigger hand that shapes your destiny."

Katrina was in a serious relationship for around 5 years with Ranbir Kapoor before their public breakup in 2016. 
Katrina also says that bad experience does not deter her from believing and "feeling" a Mills and Boon romance. She added, "I know love will come to me at the right time when I least expect it. I could drop a book at the airport and as I bend down to pick it up, someone else goes down on his hunches too, to help me. I would look up, our eyes would lock and in that instant… (Clicks her fingers) love would happen!" 
Zero releases on December 21, 2018. 


She definitely dogged a bullet. Imagine being married to a man who's sneaking with random women behind your back! I hope she doesn't waste a single second wondering about the past.

Keep your head up and enjoy life, and you'll find what you're look for (work, success, love, kids) very soon.

All women that leave RK grow and evolve while he is still stuck faking romance with another bore. True loser!

I hope she finds her prince amd we see her gramd wedding

For anyone who says kat is facing karma for snatching ranbir from dp...didnt dp snatch ranbir from sonam?And dp should have prob with ranbir...he was in relationship with her...not kat.And why no sympathies for nihar pandya, dhoni, yuvraj, sid mallya...!?! didnt dp use and dump them?

Don't need to drag deepika here. Fyi dp didn't snatch Rk from Sonam which Sonam confirmed in kwk. Kat helped him cheating DP. Still DP tried to be friend with her but Kat didn't respond and has issues with DP. What about kazid, Terry, John, hrithik, Salman,? Didn't Kat used n dumped them? Dp is not a user like Kat.
Pv kindly post it be fair for both sides and post it. U aren't

Now that you said I remember it yeah Sonam never cried over it ,moved on like a boss ,didn't get her name tainted and is married to a gentleman now.This is how a girl should be wise and strong headed.Never cry just because a guy left you.Work on towards leading a better life thank your lucky stars he left you.That being said Sonam is lucky with men she's got a fantastic father,brother and now a husband.

Sonam didn't cry because in order to cry one needs to be in a relationship with a person. Sonam ranbir never dated. Listen sonam interviews where she admit that she never dated ranbir . Stop showing her as some big person.

why would Anil kapoor say on kwk that no girl should date rk? Obviously he told that cuz Sonam was dumped by rk.Sonam is too proud to admit it in interviews .She doesn't want give it out to the whole world that she dated and was dumped by him .It's no honor ,although it appears as if she's stupid when it comes to her personal life she's handled it very well.

She didn't marry Salman because he never asked for her hand. For her to turn him down for marriage, there needed to be a proposal from him first. He thoroughly enjoyed her comforting presence in his life after his personal and professional world came crashing down post break up with Aishwarya and she in turn, got an unshakeable emotional support from him and his family in the alien surroundings of Mumbai. Salman never had any problems about her pursuing a relationship with RK since he knew very well that she moved in with him and started a love relationship while he was still mourning about the terrible turn of fate regarding his relationship with ARB.

She didn't marry salman because she doesn't want to and was using him for the career. Salman wanted to marry her which he said multiple times on camera in an interview to India tv he said i want to marry her but another person should also agree . do log chaiye hote han. At Arpita wedding, he said i want kat to be MRS. Khan but she wants to be MRS. Kapoor.

The biggest mistake was neglecting her career and self for a man. No man can snatch your talent ( and indirectly your independence too) away.

I dont know if its me. But I notice this who ever involves with Ranbir kapoor their career starts to fall. In high time when Deepika was n is hit she started dating Ranbir n her career starts to fall apart at that time Katrina kaif became more famous was in high time n he started dating katrina n her career start to fall n now Alia in her high time lets see if she can keep up her career. Its pattern I see.

she should consider herself lucky that she did not end up with man child ranbir or even worse salman

People who digs holes for others and can't see their happiness always left alone and sad. She ditched Salman, made DP suffered , snatch her bf ( her friends too call her a theif in kwk) see now the only one who is left sad and alone is Katrina. Well I only pray for her suffering to stop.
PV post this please

Kat is facing the karma for hurting Salman and deepika

LOL<I do feel sorry for Kat for what Ranbir did but she could still marry Salman, he still seems to be very fond of her, despite anything, I have seen especially Kat making tons of occultist symbolism, she even has a butterfly as a caption on one of her Insta pics, which means "monarch slave" Google it..and she was making 666 symbolism with Neha Dephia when they both were being clicked...So I cant really feel sorry for her considering what these celebrities do for fame and money..they work for pedophiles and do occultist rituals..if you dont believe this research it and if so called just "regular" people are involved in voodoo then why not Bollywood or Hollywood, heck, your family members could be doing all of these, if you are doing rituals at the instructions of fake priests or what not, then why wouldnt you think celebrities arent involve in occult?

I LOVE that she now shows more human and vulnerable side of her personality and people are loving that! i systematize with her, breakups are hard yet see your ex with your friend must be so hard and then most of actresses like her colleagues marry while she has not found the right man. love you Katrina. im a diehard pinkvillafan and to be honest i mostly come to pinkvilla only for you.
your afghan fan.

6-7 years back, she was the dream girl of entire nation and every guy in the country wanted to marry her. She was an independent young girl who had more starpower than any of her contemporary but once she started dating ranbir Kapoor, she became arrogant like him, she became airheaded and forgot the incredible career God has gifted her being despite being an outsider and then Bang, her career was on sudden downfall. Still 15 years is a lifetime and she will be relevant for 4-5 more years.

Katrina has always talked about trust in God, being deeply convinced of God's plans. She has made mistakes, but not the one she gets blamed for, so the hate has become truly delusional at this point. She conducts herself well and whatever she says shows that she definitely seeks a higher purpose in life and tries to learn from everything. I don't like her filmography and I would never watch her films, but as a person I find her inspiring. She battles her own ego, tries to be genuinely happy for others when she prayed for the same and fought for it and it didn't happen. It takes a lot of dignity.

She is trying to use DP’s strategy of going public with heartache and fighting through the pain route for image makeover but that’s difficult to pull off when you were the vamp breaking up a relationship a while back.

She dated Salman to climb career ladder if not why didn’t she marry him.

Katrina did not hide the fact why she did not marry Salman he was too old for her.

Wasn't he too old for her when she started dating him ? It on my indicates she dated him for fame and money. It makes her a user .
Post it plz


Cooments here are all by kat pr.

She didn't follow deepika back. Well Kat is known for her rudeness and holding onto grudges for long.

Okey kat btw did you followed back DP ?? Insecure lady

She’s still as delusional as she was before!! Love will happen when she drops her book lmao ya sure it will. She’s lost the plot

She's done the best thing by letting bygones and have faith in life itself. That Ranbir boy is so third class in character, what do you expect from such non committal man even after dating her for so long . Thank god Deepika and her escaped this cheat. She will also find her pair and be happy. As for Alia ,she is well equipped to deal with his cheating , drinking, infidelity. Her father did it all and her mother stood through that marriage . She knows how to put up the good face and go with it.

I feel bad for her cos she has realised her mistake.....but she should have thought of that before she did what she did to deepika....she knew rabbi was in a rship,but she still went ahead and broke it.....it's good they 've all moved on but I think it's karma....I sincerely hope she will find a good husband. As for alia,I don't know ......I don't think Kat will follow deepika back,I don't think she likes deepika to be honest especially now that she is friends with anuksha now but that's just my opinion. Anyway I wish them all the best

I m not her fan but I find her more human since her break up and I do think she has become relatable, which is nice but kinda nice but sad too. We all have been there in some way or the other . I really feel bad for her

Katrina should have taken a cue from the way Neetu and Rishi went on and on about Deepika in the media space. They did not hide the fact that their son was just leading her by the nose they kept hammering that they preferred he focused on rebuilding his failing career and not get married. The signs were there but she desperately hung on hoping that fate will change on her behalf, it was really sad.I hope she has learnt her lesson and I hope she finds what she seeks. Peace

Love her more. As a woman My heart goes out to her. She is beautiful inside out.

Whenever her movie comes out, she starts talking about love n relationships... yawn!!!

Beautifully poignant.

Did she end up following DP back on instagram?

She does not need to follow deepika to show her relevance

Nops. Kat is arrogant and cold person.

did deepika came to her and thanked katrina or coming to her wedding? Nops. she think she is padmavati in real life!

Brought tears to my eyes. May everybody find partners in life that is a eternal journey

Stop being overdramatic!! Life is not only about love and finding a soul mate. There’s a lot more to life

Ranbir lost two beautiful women-Deepika & Katrina. Such a shame...

Why can't she just come out and say she has been dating Salman over a decade and she was never with RK? Everybody wants publicity even if it's bad or false...VD was right on KWK...it's stupid they make these riddle statements for articles....keep it real for once

When delusional people like you spring up and say completely ridiculous things, it’s hard to keep it real lol

She is promoting a film but all she is talking about is breakup, love, relationship and marriage. When will she speaks about her role and how she prep for it? She has a cameo in zero.

Who the hell cares about her role, her acting etc. nobody!! At least she knows that and talks about things which people will at least tune in to listen to

:( I always said that Katrina mistake was, she put all her eggs in one basket and truly saw Ranbir as her future husband and father of her kids, she trusted the wrong man. I hope she knows that she dodged a bullet. I truly hope she finds what she is looking for and have kids and a good husband. It must be heartbreaking seeing fellow actresses in their 30s Priyanka, Deepika, Anushka, Soman all getting married, while she still single.

RK wasn’t her destiny and that’s ok. She will find a better man. Katrina deserves true love & happiness!

Or she will become another modern day Rekha

When you lose something, don't think of it as a loss; accept it as the gift that gets you on the path you were meant to travel on♥️

Very nice thought now come back to earth!!

Alia must be feeling great reading her BFF’s interview...

No. Coz Rankat was a PR relationship. Not all are VD or RS

lol they were in Liv in relationship, get your fact right first then comment or no one will take you seriously! And Katrina beautifully said everything in this interview

Very beautifully said

Not a fan but I feel bad for her. Hope she finds real peace and prosperity.

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