Katrina Kaif opens up about her love life, break up and being single for the last two years

Katrina Kaif talked about being single for the last two years and revealed that it has been a time of self-discovery and introspection for her.
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Katrina Kaif is the cover star for Vogue magazine’s December issue. She looks beautiful on the cover in a strapless top and multi-coloured skirt. Katrina sports curls on the cover and she will be sporting this look in Bharat too. She has been shooting for Bharat since a couple of months and wrapped up a schedule in Delhi recently. Bharat will see Katrina reunite on-screen with Salman Khan. Katrina talked about her personal life and what being single for the last two years have taught her in the interview with Vogue India.

In the interview, Katrina reveals that her love-life is non-existent and acknowledged that many times her personal life has been discussed more in the media. She revealed that after her break-up with Ranbir Kapoor, she has had the time to introspect. Katrina reveals, “What human nature does is that when we have something, or someone, to focus on, we can also shift a lot of our attention there, so we are not really forced to look at ourselves in any great perspective. We’re able to kind of shift a lot of responsibility—on decisions, for happiness, for entertainment and motivation. So now, when the sole burden of your life, what you’re doing, and your state of mind is on your shoulders because there’s nothing to distract you, that is a very intense time.”




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She said that in these two years she has had the time to focus on herself and to discover herself. She added that it has been a period of being uncomfortable as she saw herself in raw form and learnt to accept who she is.

She shares in the interview that although she was sad, had moments of insecurity and self-doubt, she is grateful for it. “I now see it as a blessing because I was able to recognise my patterns, thought processes and things that I had been so sure of my whole life. I could see them from a whole different perspective,” Katrina said.

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Katrina biggest mistake, is she fell in love wit the wrong guy and put her trust and future with him. It happens, I hope she finds her prince.

She should have learnt from PC. Look at PC. She broke up with SRK after dating him for several years but within few months she was dating this kiddo and now married him. PC moves on from men within weeks. That happned when she broke up with Harman Baweja and Shahid also. Just don’t sit and mop about it. Kat has become listless , dresses drab and looks so sad all the time. She will have to wait for some old producer to take interest in her and marry her.

She is speaking what every other single person already knows...good for her, serial relationships for 2 decades without a break is catastrophic.

With whom she had been dating? I have no idea she is talking about. She refused to talk about her personal life, talking riddles. Life is complicated Katrina keep it simple by true to yourself rather try to put up a mask.

Katrina does have a point in what she says ,sometimes in a relationship you may change your own identity to the loved one's(or his family's) idea of perfection . Her mistake was immersing herself so much into the relationship ;living with the person where you assume it will end in a secure home , children & forever. Never a great actress , rivals were doing good roles in good movies whereas she was simply stagnating & just not bothering to try. After it was all over ,she had nothing...no real friends , no scintillating career and were it not for Salman's kindness would definitely be out of Bollywood . Something to shake up anybody and make them rethink their priorities!

This is why I am a Pinkvilla fan since 2010, sometimes some one comes along and writes as it really is. You hit the nail this all sums it but I wonder what next for her, she never improved as an actress and relied on Salman too much, Ranbir was a colossal miscalculation on her own part. She should have taken a cue from the way Neetu spoke terribly about Deepika. She was simply over confident and believed in her own hype. She has made enough money but I feel her career is ending did she ever have a proper acting career ?. Katrina Turquotte or is it Kaif there is a lot of untruth about her background, well good luck to her.

I don't hate or dislike this woman but her venture into Bollywood has been a rollercoaster ride, I will not blame her for leaving Salman because he has said it times without number that he will never get married, dating Ranbir was not a bad idea, she wanted to settle down and have kids but unfortunately for her his parents objected strongly to their relationship and he left her. I feel sad for her, as for her career in Bollywood it has only been on Salman's influence she is no actress and I wonder how long he will have to help her. It's a very difficult place to be in. She should look for a good guy now and work towards a possible marriage with the person. Her so called dancing career is slowly winding down,Thugs of Hindustan flopped, besides she only danced in it, which I think is what she is only good at. Katrina start considering moving back to London, after Barat with Salman what next?. He cannot cast only her in all his movies, he has a good heart but he too is not God. I wish her the best.

liar....first give all hints tat you dating RK and then say people confuse statemnts... i dare you to tell the truth tat you did PR drama for years for career but acually in relationship with salman khan. jhooti

So many negative comments. I wish her the best. I wish DP the best. I wish anushka the best. I wish priyanka the best. I wish all in limelight the best. It has to be tough reading so much negative things about you from people who've only gotten to Know them through TV screens or headlines.

PR Ki dukaan

Tell openly you never dated RK and it was a cunning PR relationship for your career ....liar ...shame on you for doing all this when bhai still loves you . Cheap

What nonsense ! She was actually living with the guy.

who we are to judge her personal life... There might be a reason for fallout... At the end it matters how you overcome and its not easy.. Just focus on your career as u need to learn a lot katrina...!! No grudges for you ever... Just be nice n humble to everyone and you will get the same...KARMA...!! All the best to you for your future projects katt...!! Be strong

Those are her thoughts and where she is at the moment, she does not need anyone to accept or like her, she is who she is, like her or hate her. Each of us has our own cross to carry. By the way, what does that got to do with Salman? Envy, envy. Shame that you judge someone without knowing them personally.

Katrina turcotte, who hated speaking in hindi and never paid respect to media and fans, now when her time is up, she is becoming so polite and smiling and waving at media. Trying to change her image, sorry lady! Too late! everyone knows your true colors..please leave salman..as soon as you came into his life, his movies are flopping!

how did she get BOOM and how many people did she please to get that movie and during the movie..please come out with your metoo story..Nation wants to know how naive you are!

She went to Salman as soon as she was dumped by Ranbir, knowing Salman was Still the biggest name in BW. She is now licking his n his family's feet and pretending to be their friend. HAd she gone to him if he had given flops after flops and settled in panvel out of limelight?

Repenting on her biggest mistake of her life..dumping Salman! KARMA!

Don’t think she regrets that. Salman as a bf is abusive.

How do you know that Salman is an abusive bf? Have you ever met him? Were you his girlfriend? Salman is an abusive bf is a lie spread by a certain undignified woman who used him to enter Bollywood and then ruined his reputation to portray herself as a saint. All his ex-girlfriends are friends with him.... Sangeetha Bijlani and Somy Ali have always praised him. Even Katrina is back to Salman being friends again. If he was a bad person, these women would stay away from him. Salman is a nice guy with a heart of gold..media has not been kind to him.

So why is she back with him and doing Salman bhajan?,

so in hidden words she is accepting that she likes to piggy back on her boyfriend for all her success/happiness and since she broke up with RK, she couldn't get any success.

40 years old giving relationship advices as if we don't know. Whats new she is saying..everyone knows about it.

oh gosh..again talking about relationships..she has been into relationships with guys since she was 17 and now since she tried to come back to salman who officially is not taking her under his wings, she is pretending to be alone/single and talking about relationship gyaan.

She is a very nice girl. Period.

Katrina is fake and feigns everything to the core.

LOSER women... congrats I became a fan of DPVEER for inviting kat at the wedding inspire of all the hate she spist and spread on DP and the pain she inflicted on her.

please post it pinkvilla. Hope you will

Pain she inflicted on Deepika? how? As soon as the broke up with ranbir. deepika lapped up siddard mallya and after he broken up financially then Ranveer. Where is the pain? If you loved someone will you be able to move on with someone else that quickly?

Deepika cant sit at home and cry. She was very bitter about it even after moving on. She went on dates and whats wrong with that. I wish good luck to kat. Hope she dates and find someone very amazing.

LOSER women... congrats I became a fan of DPVEER for inviting kat at the wedding inspire of all the hate she spist and spread on DP and the pain she inflicted on her.

please post it pinkvilla. Hope you will

LOSER women... congrats I became a fan of DPVEER for inviting kat at the wedding inspire of all the hate she spist and spread on DP and the pain she inflicted on her.

please post it pinkvilla. Hope you will

she reveled nothing in the interview. once again PV posting a dramatic headline
for nothing. We knew she was dating Kapoor and the relationship is over.

Oh My, she is fake and stages everything to the core!

More love and even more respect. We need to talk about and celebrate strong beautiful independent women in this country.

yeh lo....i was waiting for this insecure woman to start about her relationships and she did just that.

Strong women... congrats I became a fan of yours for attending Deeper wedding inspire of all the hate she spit and spread on you and Ranbir!!!!

LOSER women... congrats I became a fan of DPVEER for inviting kat at the wedding inspire of all the hate she spist and spread on DP and the pain she inflicted on her.

please post it pinkvilla. Hope you will.

To the commenter who post exact same words of another people's comment and write at the end PV please post it. Don't you have anything else to do . It's so irritating. I know you are a dp fan and Katrina hater. I'm a south indian I'm not fan of both actresses. In fact I don't even watch Hindi movies. But I m commenting here because it's so annoying sir/ madam. Everyone moved on with their lives. But fandoms are still trolling each other. P.S. if you see this comment I'm pretty sure you will troll my comment also.

LOSER women... congrats I became a fan of DPVEER for inviting kat at the wedding inspire of all the hate she spist and spread on DP and the pain she inflicted on her.

please post it pinkvilla. Hope you will.

LOSER women... congrats I became a fan of DPVEER for inviting kat at the wedding inspire of all the hate she spist and spread on DP and the pain she inflicted on her.

please post it pinkvilla. Hope you will.

User woman. I became a DP fan for inviting Kat despite if all the hate and venom she spread about Dp and hurting her so much .

P.s dp didn't spread hate about Kat or rk. Whatever she said is true infact too said the same thing about him

Pv kindly post it be fair for both sides and post

Lol hello Deepika's fan club, posting the same comments over and over again with wordings just slightly tweaked here and there. Learn how to be more discreet.

Loser woman. I became a fans of DPVEER as they invite kat to the wedding inspite of all the hate kat spit and spread and how much she hurt DP.
TRUTH should be posted

Shall we not talk about Katrina's acting skills which is non existent.

I really loved her attitude with which she dealt with her breakup and made herself busy with her career. It would be really nice to see her translate this pain on screen.I used to think her as a complete non actress but her performance in Baar Baar Dekho made me rethink.She completely nailed the scene s where side didn't go to her art show followed by her frustration and tears.
Also I am waiting for her zero.

Okay Katrina Bas kr ab

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