Katrina Kaif opens up on break up with Ranbir Kapoor; says it wasn't in her control

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor dated for 6 years. Everyone was in shocked when they got separated in 2016. In an interview with a magazine, the actress opens up about her personal life and her break up.
News,Katrina Kaif,Ranbir KapoorKatrina Kaif opens up on break up with Ranbir Kapoor; says it wasn't in her control
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Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor were together for 6 years and in 2016, they broke up. As the reasons for their break up is not clearly known, the duo is always asked about how their life has shaped up post the split. In an interview with Elle magazine, the Fitoor actress was asked how she managed to overcome her break up with Ranbir and give all her focus to work.

The actress said that right now, her life is 80% work and 20% personal. She said, "But it's not in our control. Right now, there's a lot of work happening. I take it as a good thing. It wasn't in my control when my personal life got over." She added that it's hard to know what exactly happened.

Kat added that she has a different take on it. She stated, "Ok fine—it [the break-up] sucks, it's terrible, this is the worst thing in the world, my life is over. Let's sit here and believe this, even for just two minutes. Do we feel good about things? No." But if you really believe in your god, your universe, you'll feel much better."

Katrina Kaif also stated that there are young girls who must be listening to her and they might find something that will help them through her. 

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor is now dating her best friend Alia Bhatt.

On the work front, she will be seen in Bharat alongside Salman Khan. The film hits the screen on June 5, 2019.

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.How can someone say that an acid attack victim is responsible for the attack and she harrased the attacker. Well then hritik too is paying for his karma. His father is suffering from cancer, his wife left him, his kids left him, his career is a flop, he himself had brain surgery few years back. All these are karma for messing with kangana

How can someone drag his divorce and says his wife was not happy in bed? Hrithik is not paying for messing up with stalker. Its kangana who is paying for her KARMA. Her father disown her , her sister was attack for harassing, , she is all alone, her career is a flop , her plastic surgery went wrong. All these are KARMA for messing up with Hrithik and harassing him.

Pinkvilla post this reply.

Kangana fans are as disgusting as psycho. They always bring his ex wife, his divorce and father unnecessarily. They cant get over the facts that she harassed Hrithik and messed up with him just because he say NO to her. She threatened him to scar for life. They ,intact drag him on every post which has no relation to him. Obsessed stalker k obsessed fans .

I am a Katrina fan and support Hrithik.

Gosh hritik, from when did you became a katrina fan, as far as we know you were running after her when kangana dumped you and exposed you. Good that you know that kangana is out of your league so you can focus on bimboo like katrina, alia etc

Wish you find your soul partner very soon...Everyone is getting their mr right and you too will him very soon meet him and keep up the positive thinkinking

Look at all these people fighting in comments... hating and supporting Katrina, Ranbir, Salman, Aishwarya, Alia, Deepika, Priyanka, Kangana, Hrithik. These stars don't even know you guys exist and don't give a damn about you. You guys continue fighting...

Ash Trash is known for mentally and emotionally abusing her men. Look at her history. All the men she attached herself to take advantage of were doing great before Ash Trash entered their life. Once Ash became close to them, she sucked the life out of them. Salman, Vivek, Abhishek....they all suffered (Abhishek is still suffering and will continue to do so until he dies). She does come across as a cunning, dominating, controlling, rude, manipulative, cheap woman. Imagine what her mother did in her youth!

Katrina, Aishwarya, and other body selling opportunistic users move forward by sleeping with the right man at the right time. Even after sleeping with multiple men (it's all public knowledge....Bahu Rani's affairs are known worldwide), Aishwarya calls herself dignified. Katrina doesn't call herself a saint. Ash Trash does.

She has not said a single bad thing about RK...just how she handled it, the break up. Ranbir is a weak man, he knew Katrina came with a huge baggage, when time came to actually own up and be by her, he chose not to. Katrina, entire industry knows who she is, how she began....I refuse to believe RK did not have any inkling. He just did not have courage to openly accept her. I think Katrina is better off now, love can find you in at any age when you least look for it. I hope she finds a decent man. As for Ranbir, he is forcing himself to be with a girl he looks miserable around for the sake of his career, ill parents. In the long run, that will not end well. People do not change easily.

Baggage? what baggage. Ranbir's funda is simple- Run after the next big or already big starlet. He was dating Sonam when Deepika of Om Shanti OM Smashed the box office. She was signing movies left and right. Ranbir dumped Sonam and picked Deepika. The next 3 movies of Deepika Tanked. Kat was numero Uno at that time. He heard Kat has broken up with Salman and has moved out of Galaxy Apt. So he ran after her. Now tables turned and Kat gave 3 flops and Ranbir gave 5 flops. His career wasn't taking off. Salman's crazy fandom blacklisted Kat. Kapoors started pressurizing Ranbir to get rid of Katrina. Raees Shootings were on. Mahira was talk of the town. Yash Raj signed her for 3 films deal. Ranbir picked Mahira. MNS and their suppoters in Bollywood strated a tiny compaign againt Pakistani actors but nothing happened till Uri Attacks. Film association was under the impression that this phase will pass and within one year Pakistani actors will start working. It didn't happen so Mahira got dumped. Ranbir lost all money in Jagga Jasoos. RK studio wasn't running. Ranbir needed Stable income and support. KJO and Mahesh kid Alia comes with 4 successful production houses.

These comments are a hot illiterate mess. A whole mess. Get your lives together people.

HI stalker kangana . Still stalking and talking about the Greek god. Your sister was attacked for harassing another man. Lol a woman who cant be satisfied with one man in bed. Her husband left your ugly sister. He must be sick of her ugly nature and face,


Why is she still in India? She has made lots of money and now she can peacefully retire in her home country.


Katrina should become bold and bindass like her character in zero, Babita kumari and kick ass of her every enemy and of course be as sexy as she was in husn Parham lehraya mera yaar duma-dum-dum. Slay queen.

Fees priyanka Chopra is so old and cunning. Abusing salman only because he kicked her out of his film.

Flopyanka, oldyanka, buddhiyaka is pretending to be an ash fan and writing hate comments for salman.


At least Katrina was dignified enough not to sleep with her father-in-law. Ash Trash shook her ass for Sr. Bachchan and slept with him too. There were rumors that Aaradhya is Fakewarya's daughter with Amitabh. That dignified Mangalorean whore!


Shut up Katrina PR. Why dragging Ash and barking without any proofs? We all know how you slept with multiple men across the globe. You are a pornstar and have three some. Your mother is still not aware who is your dad is. Yiu British whore.

The only threesome that everyone in Bollywood knows about is Amitabh-Aishwarya-Abhishek.

Your language and pathetic mentality shows ur CLASS...

So true. Katrina fans are classless and pathetic like her.

Ash is the only woman who stood up to Salman the bully. Are you serious? You are defending a fraud/deceptive woman who uttered lies which have no proof. Ash is the whore who used Salman to get into Bollywood and then used Vivek to get rid of Salman. So for 4 years dignified Ash was happy sucking Salman's balls because she needed movies but after she became famous, drama queen Ash started doing the poor little woman drama to gain sympathy. Disgusting woman used Vivek and ruined Vivek's life. About that still standing intact part, we all know she slept with Amitabh to become Bachchan Bahu. She would be nowhere had she not seduced Sr. Bachchan. But of course her fans say she's self-made. Lolll.

Ohhh so you were present there to say Ash slept with big B...what were you doing ? Same thing you mentioned above probably.. people with such menatlity will never let India Progress...

Just like you and other Ash Trash fans were present when Salman allegedly abused her. What were you doing? Why were you snooping on two lovers?

Y people are so blind fans .. they are actors comment on their acting skills .. let them live there personal life .. i am not a fan of katrina, deepika or alia or ranbir .. he dated deepika they broke up ... deepika did say she was upset of course she is human being.. but later she mended her relationship .. people blamed again that she is back of ranbir .. she dated ranveer got married .. looks happy still if their a picture of ranbir and deepika together blame her .. even when neethu put a pic still blame her omg .. now katrina she was with him 6 years of course she spoke about break up . Is she not allowed to speak? Its her life .. blame her now that she want to get back with ranbir ? He moved out dating alia blame alia and ranbir for dating each other ... whether it’s publicity or not its their life .. calling the all sort of names cheapika cheaprina then some name for alia .. they all are humans make mistakes same like the others in our society.. their life their pain .. hope we learn to respect that

Very well said sir or madam. Very well said.

Preach!!! Please say it louder to these small minded folks! They Act like they have right to comment on their personal issues.

She hasn't said a single proper word regarding a breakup. Baş ghoomaoing it. Everytime they ask her this same repeated reply.
N I don't understand why is she being termed as relationship breaker. Okay fine. She broke rk n dp. But after that?? There r so many people around her who she could break. Salman/ıulia, sid/Alia(sid was after her during bbd but she gave him a shut up call multiple times) , hrithik/kangana(all kangana said was I heard rumors when hr went for foreign trip so I called him n then later I said why haven't u wished me valentine. If hr would have mentioned that yes I cheated kangana would have bashed Kat) , kabir/mini mathur(kabir is Kat best friend n yet she is v close friends with his wife) , akshay/twinkle (sooryavanshi happening n Kat praised twinkle at hello awards). She could potentially date so many people. She could date Aditya, sid, Ali abbas,any cricketer n many more but she remains friend with everyone.
Ranbir is taking his revenge on kat but tagging her relationship breaker.

Ranbir you can't keep lying to yourself n believe that u can twist things. Truth is truth. Nature will take its coarse. You can't fight it. It's better to pick the right path n work hard to stay on it.

Why can’t she talk about him when he did. Hypocrisy??

this is her karma and she deserves all of it

And this Alia even after being so close friend knowing Katrina is so heart broken... 7 years of relationship is over where she was living with him...she dare to eye her friend ex the moment Ranbir finished jj promotion ..she was alll over him ... you guys are blaming Katrina and Deepika ..this alia is such a low grade lady no ethics...

The amount of lies and assumptions on this comment section is huge. You just know what lived/are living and know nothing about other's lives specially people whom you don't know in real life. Assuming is a toxic habit it can literally ruin your life.

Is it you prefer writing bad comments about salman.

So there was a comment which abused salman, Deepika,katrina and ranbir. The commentator pretended to be a fan of kareena and aishwarya. But actually that person is a priyanka fan or her pr. They are abusing salman because he thrown her out of film. Very cheap of you Chopra.

I am just Looking at the photo of ranbir katrina. Ranbir is looking a proud boyfriend and happy. But now with alia bhat he looks miserable. He definitely will settle down with alia but he doesn’t love her for sure.

she is so fake; RK certainly is not her first BF and also not the last however; she had been constantly going on about RK like there is no tomorrow . why not Kazid/terry and his family or even Gulshan and his family ? she dated all of them and and she dated RK for only 6 years that too on and off talks about 10 years ? seriously, telling a lie continuously is becoming the truth is what i see on this platform. i think its the power of the surname RK and his money. i doubt if she genuinely likes RK either ?

katrina still wants RK.

Kat tries to show people how nice she is and just lands up coming across as dumb!

Still obsessed with RK.

The sad part is most of you here are bashing only the women and even dragging Ash too. Men still get away doing anything and these comments are proof. I am not anyone's fan, but both Salman and RK are not saints. Also, people who are speaking about Ash, she was the only woman who stood up against Salman the bully and is still standing intact. Learn to uphold the women and stop giving men a pass for everything.

The dignified stood against Salman cuz her dignity was running after SRK the numero UNO. Salman went to Gauri. Ask Gauri. She kicked her out from SRK's and Yash Chopra home productions and amde her sit home for 25 years during which Ash did 8 come back movies. lol

Rk is too handsome for alia she is a average looking girl with crooked teeth

She has no standard of her own.

For those people who say that the Kapoors were shitty to Katrina you're wrong! Even katrina also was shitty to the Kapoors!! #Cheaprina.

Please don't copy paste the comments of others

Muft mein publicity ...so why not Kat aunty...she is boiling surely after Alia spent time with the RK and now she also wanted to do same. This woman is cheap.

Yuck thank god RK didn’t marry this plastic and botox ki Dukaan.

She loves attention from people who treat her like shit.

Kat stop fantasizing about RK and kapoor surname. high time.

katrina has no dignity.

Truth is Katrina still loves RK

Nautanki aunty.

ALIA please stop your rants on this post trying to create enmity between various people. You and kat can fight all you want but please leave other people out of it. We all know that you two are fighting about ranbir but he does not give a sh*t about either of you.

She is fake. She's just doing it for RK's attention

Whatever Ranbir’s Ex girlfriends went through coz of their relationship with him, they can definitely be happy about who he has ended up with! Alia can’t hold a candle in front of Deepika, Katrina or even Mahira for that matter in terms of beauty and stardom.

I don't understand why Katrina gets so much hate. Firstly, she was a young girl dating a much older and powerful man. It was her first major relationship in life. Eventually, she fell for someone else. This happens in life. Ranbir had already broken up with Deepika. They dated for less than two years. Katrina had never spoken ill of Deepika. And has also maintained a strong bond with Salman. If she had cheated him or hurt him, he would not still be so fond of her. From what I see, Katrina is a very sincere human being. She got dumped by Ranbir after being with him for 6 years and planning a life with him. Now he has turned around and is dating her "friend" Alia. In my mind, I'm very clear as to who is a better person in this equation.

Katrina PR stop acting like some saint. You spoke ill of Deepika indirectly and uses your PR against her. We all saw how you and your paid bots troll and did character assassination of Deepika during Tamasha and how you guys abusing her on her pic with RK's parents which Neetu Ji posted

Katrina is hated by all fandom : Deepika, PC,Alia, Salman, Ranbir, jacky, Kapoors, kangana, ilulia, Aishwarya, Aamir, kareena but her fans are only bashing Deepika.

Shut up Katrina and go back to UK.

How's it if we say same things to all Indian living abroad to go back to India? So stupid

Ranbir is such a player. Kat and him were together for 6 years and he just broke up with her. What's the pint of being in a relationship with her in the first place if you are going to leave her. I hope Ranbir and Alia break up and Kat and Ranbir come back together.

Kat isn't less than a player. She was with salman for 6 years and cheated him for a younger guy, why went for a guy who cheated on his girl for you ?why assisted him in cheating? Why dated Salman when you know you will leave him? Don't wish bad for Ranbir and Alia. Rk will never take this disloyal woman back.

She should also talk about how she left Salman for a younger Ranbir Kapoor.

When will these women and girls learn that RK doesn’t love you? Does he even remotely look in love with any female so far? The only one that comes close is his relationship with Anushka where he can be himself, the rest, he’s switched off.
Also the lovely Neetu night have a part to play in this... anyway. Life goes on. Alia, May the force be with you.

LOL ! so much excitement on pv. Its a soap opera and I can almost pinpoint who the writers of the comments are....and they are not fans at all. They are all BW people !!!! If taken lightly its good fun.

Oh God!! Still salman is not a spineless puppy like rk got it? Comparing salman with this street dog he's just keeping mum and playing mind games, if you know you aren't good in relationships just get out man spoiling girls life salman bhai never did this ab alia it was after raazi everyone started liking her and were eyeing for next top slot but she lost when rk during sanju promotions used their relationship news she got dragged down the ladder and see how much hate she's getting. Such a narcissist and nepo gang play, plz stop commenting about other actress. Post it pv plz

Y all judging Katrina , deepika? Everyone has PR in the industry but it is rk who uses it to atmost effect and escape by saying I don't have PR. If Deepika hasn't loved ranveer she wouldn't waited for 6yrs to get confirmation needed and committed but with ranveer she's going closed doors that's it people only see bad things if ranveer is tolerating her for 6 years & still mad at her then she must be really loving him and she's also much closer to his family than rk's. No women can't stand a man who leaves her midway after being in a live-in. We must all appreciative those girls than pulling them down. All Kat - dp fiasco was staged kjo and rk if you watch closely they had issues but not to this level. Pv post it

Kangana exposed Katrina having a fling with Hrithik while dating Ranbir. Characterless woman.

Katrina PR is shamelessly bashing and trying to bring Deepika and Ash down to uplift Katrina and to justify her desperation for her EXES.

Question, how the hell did salman, aishwarya, deepika and alia come into this whole thing?! The article isn't even about them.. they all have moved on in their lives so the fans should too.. so unless there's an article in which they r disrespecting each other, I think they should be left out.. no need to mention them in an article that they have NOTHING to do with.. btw, kat really needs to move on.

Love reading these posts. Some folks are writing as if they know these celebrities personally and were there to know/witness the intimate, personal details of their lives.


She is very strong and confident woman.

Just wait for Bharat to release! Katrina will give a big slap on the face of her haters!

ROFL , that what her fans say with every single release. Katrina always gives a tight slap to her fans. Bharat has SALMAN KHAN. Enough said.

To those people who blame Katrina as a couple breaker! Is Ranbir Kapoor a kid who will go in the direction of wind???? And in the case of Salman he got what he deserved! When he started dating Aishwarya he was already in a relationship. Do you know that???? And later Aishwarya was beaten up badly by him!!! And Ranbir is a characterless alcoholic! There are even other actresses who were involved with married men. But nobody utters a word against them and say "why do everyone blame women bla bla bla.." But when it came to Katrina everyone are blaming her. At least neither Salman nor Ranbir were married at that time so why this big debate????? It was Deepika who made it into a big issue. Katrina dated Deepika's boyfriend not her husband!!! Ranbir-Deepika-Alia-Salman have larger fan base so its obvious that everyone will support them. Right now Katrina is lonely, and trying to correct her mistakes so leave her alone!

Yeah salman was in a relationship when he started dating aishwarya BUT guess who broke that relationship?! It was AISHWARYA.. and salman-somy weren't the only couple she broke up, she also broke up rajeev-manisha, vivek and his fiance, also abhishek-dippanita, so aish is no saint herself.. she wasn't beaten up by salman or else why would her own husband praise him and call him a great guy, what husband would do that?! It's true that salman and ranbir weren't married but that doesn't mean that breaking their relationships was okey.. u think that breaking a marriage is wrong but breaking a relationship is right?! Neither is right.. salman and ranbir r no saints but neither r kat and aish, in fact no one in bollywood is a saint.. kat is only bringing hate on herself by constantly talking about ranbir, I understand that he plays dirty pr games from behind the scenes but she should let it go already, it's been more than THREE years..

Yeah salman was in a relationship when he started dating aishwarya BUT guess who broke that relationship?! It was AISHWARYA.. and salman-somy weren't the only couple she broke up, she also broke up rajeev-manisha, vivek and his fiance, also abhishek-dippanita, so aish is no saint herself.. she wasn't beaten up by salman or else why would her own husband praise him and call him a great guy, what husband would do that?! It's true that salman and ranbir weren't married but that doesn't mean that breaking their relationships was okey.. u think that breaking a marriage is wrong but breaking a relationship is right?! Neither is right.. salman and ranbir r no saints but neither r kat and aish, in fact no one in bollywood is a saint.. kat is only bringing hate on herself by constantly talking about ranbir, I understand that he plays dirty pr games from behind the scenes but she should let it go already, it's been more than THREE years..

Are you justifying Katrina's act of dating another girl boyfriend and breaking them?

Are you justifying Katrina's act of dating another girl boyfriend and breaking them?

Haha that badzaadrnd hater girl is here writing hate comments. Hopefully she dies soon out of some serious illness.

Lol lover girl is here wishing for death. Shameless Katrina fans . Hope you die soon.
Post pinkvilla

she is following deepika way 'playing the victim card' except one do not act lovey dovey and one, still very much in love.

Please ,deepika didnt play the victim catd but spoke the truth and Katrina is too speaking the truth. Both the ladies are over him

Question, how the hell did salman, aishwarya, deepika and alia come into this whole thing?! The article isn't even about them.. they all have moved on in their lives so the fans should too.. so unless there's an article in which they r disrespecting each other, I think they should be left out.. no need to mention them in an article that they have NOTHING to do with.. btw, kat really needs to move on.

For those saying aishwarya doesn't care about salman and doesn't want to work with him tell me something, why did she say she's willing to work with him again given a good script and director?! And before u jump and say it's not true let me remind u she NEVER denied saying that.. also before u jump and say she doesn't respond to rumors let me remind u that she did respond to many stupid things before, like taking her daughter to an engagement party and why she made her repeat her dress, clarifying that she didn't tell abhishek to walk out of a film, giving excuses even why her sil didn't say hi to her among many other things BUT the one statement that she should have denied (if she really didn't make it) she never denied it.. as for her happy marriage, everyone knows it's been dead for years.. they were happy at first but not anymore.. the only happiness she gets is from her daughter.. as for salman not being married, so what?! It's definitely better to be single and happy than married and miserable.. I highly doubt salman would have liked being a shadow in his daughter's life which abhishek sadly is.. besides who knows?! Salman might get married, who said that marriage HAS to happen at a certain age?! Marriage should happen when u find the right person (be it for a woman or a man).. as for those involved in that ACCIDENT, u should know that those people actually don't want salman to go to jail (go and read their interview) they just wanted some money for the damage which was their right but the authorities wouldn't allow that to happen, the son of the deceased man is even a fan of Salman's, he said that his favourite film is HSSH, his interview (it was with dnaindia) is still online.. salman is NOT perfect or flawless but no one is.. and it's not like the bachchans (aishwarya included) have NEVER broken the law..

It is good that Katrina is letting the media and fans know her side of the story and her thoughts. People will always manipulate what is said and she needn't worry about that. Katrina great going ! All the best for the upcoming movie!

I feel bad for her. But I can see the breakup has changed her for BETTER

Katrina PR bashing Alia and Deepika to defend her desperation for a Kapoor lad.

Shameless woman katrinakaif .

Then her fans claimed that she is classy, dignified and over Ranbir. Lol.

She knows her item songs are not working and her songs in her next are diasater. Disha is getting more love for her song slow motion. So insecure and jealous Katrina started talking about her break up with Ranbir, acting like a victim and showing him as a playboy.

Wonder how worst Bharat is that Ali and Salman cant stop talking about Queen Priyanka ,using her to promote the film while disprina kaif is constantly talking about ex beau Ranbir to hog some limelight.

Katrina career is over. Her latest Bharat has no hype and her songs are flop. Thus using Rk to promote her movie.

I bet of Rk give her a call she will run towards him. She cant stop talking and thinking about him. #despo kat.

Katrina deserves each and every bit of this hate. All thanks to her fans.

Wish Katrina, her team and fans wouldn't have bashed Deepika for Ranbir so Katrina wouldn't have to face this backlash for Ranbir and Salman.

Salman Ranbir Ranbir Salman vickey Ranveer. Lamo. She is only in news for her relationships not work.

Katrina said she dont want to be single in 2019. Look like she is working on it :p

Woman like Katrina are for FUN only . She is not a marriage material . This is what men said openly on kwk .

Kat has no self respect and dignity. She is still chasing Rk who dumped her like a trash and wants him back. While, sleeping around and praising Salman who insulted her in public and has beaten her too. Only money and fame matters for Katrina. Woman like her are the one who supports these men and encourages their wrong doings.

Katrina aunty tried hard for Ex boyfriend Sallu but his girlfriend ilulia aunty didnt let her break the relationship. B---h went for Vickey : the next big thing and broke his relationship but he is not as rich as Ranbir neither much of a use for Katrina. So again despo Katrina is eyeing Ex boyfriend Ranbir and wants to break Ranbir and Alia.

How Katrina thought that she will be happy by breaking relationships and hurting others?One can't be happy by hurting other people

So who is RK??? The sweet baby?????

One thing is clear that Katrina Turquote is not a victim on this situation. She is not innocent neither sweet or loyal as she wants people to think
She is clearly using Ranbir for attention.

See Rajeev masand article: is Katrina using Ranbir for publicity or is she really a victim?

where is she specifying its a breakup?!

Jeez so many nasty comments. Jerry and kj are two very sick people.

She must be laughing what RK got after her exit ,hahah shorty average alia.Biggest insult to kat by RK.

one needs to be careful picking the guys. Do not invest if you don't see any future. Katrina already hinted that in her comments.

Kangana should date ranbir. She can teach him a nice lesson.

But these nepo kids won't dare to date her. She is like fire and disrespecting her can give you serious burns like hritik got for lying and playing pr games.

Hrithik fidnt lie and played any PR game. Kangana stalked and harassed him and lied and played a dirty PR game. Her emails shows her desperation for the Greek God. Good he exposed her lies.
Truth should be posted.

Hi hritik. You poor Greek God , your wife left you for another man. Lol at a man who can't impress his wife enough on bed. She must be fed up looking at your grasshopper nose.

Kangana tried hard for him and sent him nudes but he isn't interested in that psycho.

Aishwarya don't gives a shit about you salman.It were you crazy after her. In your dreams she is trying to work with you. At the age of having grandkids you are still looking for a girl. That's your karma man. You won't have a wife and will never have kids. Aishwarya has seen all the stardom and happy with her husband and daughter. You wont understand the joy of having her own family after all you wont have any ever.

Is it you salman still trying to prove after years that you are innocent and aishwarya lied. You are a jerk who don't mind taking lives just for fun. Karma happens for sure. That antelope, the family of people you crushed with your car surely cursed you so much and you are paying your karma.

Who is the looser raising fingers on aishwarya here. Literally aishwarya is the most decent women in Bollywood ever followed by kareena kapoor.Katrina and Deepika are just classless and career ambitious girls who keeps hugging their ex for work and get publicity.And as for that criminal salman, he totally deserves to be alone. That jerk took the lives of people, ruined career of talented people and molested his girlfriends. Good that he is desperate to marry katrina but she won't marry him though she won't mind doing a film with him till he is a superstar.Thats his karma. Ranbir just don't seems to be a man enough. He looks, acts and behaves more like a tranny so I won't talk about him.

Aishwarya is the mosr decent woman in bollywood ever?! Really?! Then what about her backless photoshoot?! What about all she did to Vivek?!... what PEOPLE whose lives did salman take?! It was just ONE man and it was an accident.. and what talented people whose careers he ruined?!.. abd for GOD's sake, he MOLESTED his girlfriends?! What rubbish.. hate him all u want but don't go so low.. besides aishwarya got involved with subash guai and salman even slapped him for her.. salman doesn't want to marry katrina (maybe he did in the past but not now) if he wanted to marry her then he would have since she's been trying really hard to get back with him after her break up with rk.

Yet your favourite Aishwarya was quite fond of the tranny. She was happy to indulge in intimate scenes with him and incur the wrath of her own in laws. And please Pinkvilla post. The Aishwarya, Ranbir and Bachman scandal was real and documented. If you post made up comments then post real ones too please.

Just wonder how worst and ugly soul Katrina is that despite dating 2 most eligible bachelors for 7 years ,she still cant manage to marry them.

While PC, Dp, Anushka, Sonam all are married after dating for 4 or 5 years.

There must be something wrong with Katrina.

Most eligible bachelor's......seriously......one is a criminal and a murderer who beat women and other is an ugly looking characterless slut begging everyone to sleep with him......And this talentless woman will keep talking about her flop love life to promote her flop films. Seriously katrina just retire away.

You got really small mind,unaware of realities of life.

Katrina is the most fake, most manipulative, most cunning, PR queen and a user who cant love anyone.

How dou know? Dou live or work with her?

Just like kat fans know that Dp isn't over Rk.

Actions speak louder than words.

How are you sure she isn't? Her friend or relative?

Aur Ranbir tho doodh peeta baccha hai!

Deepika is not over Rk and Katrina is still desperate for Ranbir and Salman. Disgusting girls.

Wonder who is not over whom ......why did he not turn up for her wedding ? Just that small detail will always have alia and kat hating on dp forever.

he didnt go there becoz he has self respect to not go to the wedding of a person who called him a cheat and mocked him on national television goes on and on about him even after dating other people! he proved a point that he is not interested in her life and wants anything . not even friendship lol basically he choopped her ...and cheapika spoke about the unspoken 'bond' they have few days after her marriage wearing her choora on jitesh pillai interview. SHAMELESS CHEAPIKA. dont care even abotu her husband and his family

Alia your desperation shows. He does not love you girl. He loved and still loves one woman and its not you or katrina. Deal with it.

Liar liar pants on fire ! BTW alia stop defending RK just to make yourself look good. He does not love you dear. Your sole purpose would be to produce babies.

He didnt went there because he still loves her. He called her his daal chawal. Shameless CHEAPRINA is bashing Deepika . Her husband knows better than you and your despo Katrina.
Post this


No thats you alia.

Katrina is here abusing Deepika and blaming her. Get a life cheaprina.

Deepika are you the one who is commenting negative comments over and over again?? Get a life cheapika!!!

Lol ! Alia is here trying to make mischief between kat and dp. You will never attain the heights of these ladies babe so suggest that you focus on ayan's boyfriend.

Katrina you are the one who is bringing Dp grand trolling her. Get a life cheaprina.

Post this please pv

deepika katrina ranbir katrina deepika ranbir deepika katrina ranbir katrina ranbir deepika katrina deepika ranbir..... freaking crazy . have had enough of this drama for years now! nobody gives a shit . these two women plz grow some respect and STOP using his name or indirectly pointing at him so you get some views. Deepika is now married and still running after RK and his family in the name of happyily married and spreading love and katrina wont stop giving round about answers which basically says nothing .

Do u think that Shorty Alia has the guts to teach ranbir leason..She was eyeing him all her life ..yeah yeah after eyeing n sleeping with Arjun,Varun,Sid n God knows who all!!! She is purring like cat who has got the cream..leave him..hahaha..she can even lick his feet to make him stay with her..As for RK..he is getting so much bashing that he's playing it safe this time..Ek do saal ki sharafat hain.people don't change overnight..He will sleep around for sure..n Alia will not mind it coz suna nhi woh boli with pride woh bhi ranbir se kam nhi ..aakhir bachhi 6th standard se sab ke sath soti hain...koi nahi RK thoda aur so lega to..becharo ko neend bahut aati hain....I am more curious to know what will happen to this Tom n jerry Couple.
Katrina ko to koi mil hi jayega..More interested whether there is God n Will karma catch our sleep deprived Tom n jerry!!!

Rk is not hand in hand with alia in airport pics he doesn't love her enough alia stay away from ranbir

Rk is not interested in getting marrying to alia he doesn't love her enough its only for brahmastra he will surely marry a beautiful outsider girl with same name of rk mark my words

Katrina cant be loyal to anyone. She got what she deserves.

Ranbir did the right thing to dumped this user, manipulative and a P.

User Katrina using Ranbir to stay in news.

Katrina broke rkdp and hit by karma. But she didnt learn a lesson and try to break ilulia relationship with her ex Salman so she can get him back but failed
Katrina succeeded in her mission to break vickey harleen. Such an atrocious soul Katrina is!wait for karma.

Gold DIGGER Katrina.

Katrina is such an embarrassment for her fans.

Katrina is acting so desperate for Ranbir and Salman

Katrina is dying to get back to Ranbir.

So is Deepika



Katrina deserved this. She broke many relationships and hearts to get her motives . How the hell on earth she thought she will be happy ? You cant get happiness by hurting others.

Shru hoga is ka Ranbir bhajan

Katrina cheated Sallu for Ranbir. Later madam, cheated on Ranbir with Hrithik. Thanks God he dumped her.

Publicity hunger Katrina.

Aunty kat wants sympathy.

Gosh! Kat is constantly talking about Rk. She is such an evil soul to project him as a villain. She is evil and a worst human.

"In an interview with Elle magazine, the Fitoor actress was asked how she managed to overcome her break up with Ranbir and give all her focus to work." SHE BARELY TOOK RK NAME EVEN AFTER THIS DIRECT QUESTION. HER ANSWER WAS JUST RANDOM.
get a life hater..

Katrina is speaking about him after 3 year to get publicity.

Attention seeker kat.

Salman Salman Ranbir Ranbir. Katrina is so desperate for her Exes.

Katrina is still not over Ranbir.

For how many times will she open up? This is 4th time in a month.

it's not her who wish to speak, but press guys keep questioning same things. You should curse press not her.

Do press only ask kat about her ex? Why kat fans bashed others when press asked them about their ex and current?

Her career took a dip because she was doing good till 2012 and then suddenly she stopped signing films, was only in news because of her relationships. She started doing 1 movie in a year and that 1 movie too was a film like dhoom 3 and bang bang, the kind of roles she did in 2007. She failed to maintain the pace she achieved with films like newyork,apkgk rajneeti, znmd, mbkd, ett and jthj. These were the best films of her her career and 2009-12 were the golden years of her career. But then she is still an A Lister and more desirable than priyanka and kareena and even younger actress like deepika, sonam, anushka because she is yet unmarried. Marriage is still a huge setback for Bollywood actress. Better she should do some good films now considering that her contemporaries are not getting enough roles because of their martial status.

She needs to stop talking about ranbir.what she done to salman she got that from ranbir KARMA. Salman wasted his 6 or 7years dating this hypocrite girl. The amount of love and support salman gave her is unmatchable but she never loved him thats why cheated him and dated ranbir. Still being large hearted person salman reviving her career again.Ranbir is dating alia and she still talking about him. Pls move on poor girl. U get what u serve.

Katrina's problem was she became very arrogant with success , not realizing that her success wasn't due to her own talent. She seems to have had the misconception that RK will never do to her what they did to DP. The acting was neglected by both Katrina (& RK) while other younger actresses who were beautiful and talented took over. The beauty is fading , love life shattered, were it not for Salman she'd be out in the cold & she is fully aware of it ....it's time to reflect over mistakes & mend attitudes.

She needs to MOVEON in her life. Sitting in the same room doesn't always helps. Sometimes you have to go out and see life from a different perspective. I feel everything will be okay in her life once she starts dating another guy. Only she needs to ensure that this time the guy is worth her time.

She was one of the biggest superstar in 2009 and had a tremendous youth connect. Audience flocked to theatres to watch this young, beautiful and carefree girl with a million dollar smile and accented hindi. She was the most desirable women in India.Ranbir knew dating her would make him desirable and also gave him the first hit of his career apkgk.So he switched from deepika to katrina. Katrina seemed to be in love and didn't care about the world. She left salman and even didn't care that ranbir was cheating deepika. Here I am not blaming ranbir for cheating her deepika because he is hopeless rich brat who don't respect anyone's emotions. But katrina should not have lost her sensibilities in love. She shouldnt have let down her morals. She should have valued the fact that God blessed her with a journey of complete outsider to the biggest superstar in country so she should have been a bit responsible towards her audience. She cared only about ranbir over her career and stardom and then this was bound to happen as a karma. Not saying anyone is saint. Salman don't deserves a decent girl because of his action towards his girlfriend. He deserves karma for torturing aishwarya's both physically and mentally. And deepika was the reason of rift between two best friends dhoni and yuvraj. But these people seems content in their life after facing their karma. They learned their lesson and are doing good now. So katrina too should be happy like salman and Deepika now after learning her lesson.

Clearly u r not keeping up with the news.. ever since her break up with ranbir, kat immiadetly jumped back to salman (after ignoring him almost completely when she was with rk) she tried her BEST to break salman and iulia but didn't work and she's been talking about him non stop.. she obviously was with salman for career only and wanted marriage with rk but she still should not have done what she did to salman.. and also rk was already with someone else and even back then said that he'd choose career over his partner so what made her think he'd choose her over career?!.. why doesn't salman deserve a decent girl?!.. apart from cheating none of his exes complained about being with him.. as for aishwarya, if he really did torture her then how come she's been trying for years to work with him?!.. maybe that means she learned her lesson AFTER she got her karma.. and also how come her husband always praises Salman?!.. and don't forget her actions towarfs her boyfriends.. salman is no saint but neither is aish.. and given how he was broken back then, maybe she tortured him mentally who knows?!.. this whole kat-rk thing happened more than three years ago so she really needs to let it go once and for all.. there r NO saints in bollywood, just like us, they also have their ahare of flaws, mistakes and crap (with some being completely garbage).

Everything happens in life for a reason..

Katrina knew that ranbir never loved her completely but still she was after him.In seven years they brokeup so many times and then patched up.she was aware of the problems,still ignored.

Kat you should thanks your stars you did not end up with womaniser drug addict RK.You deserve so much better, Like deepika got Mr right, you too will.Anyone who will marry RK,is the most unlucky girl.

Deepika got Mr. Right but she doesn't love him

Katrina PR stop. Deepika loves Ranveer. You are jealous of her that's why accusing her. She doesn't need to prove her love for him to you or to anyone. Ranveer knows better.

Rambir Kapoor is evil guy ..Alia must dump him and teach him lesson his family has bad repute from his grandfather to him character less folks .

What about Katrina and her family bad repute and dirty past?

Poor Katrina! She wasted 7 years of her life on this loser. DP was smart, she only wasted 1 year and moved on. Kat has moved on too but she wasted 7 years

Katrina got what she deserved.when she was dating ranbir,she was very rude to Deepika,media and fans also.The breakup was must,to bring her back to ground.At that time she was full of herself.

Deepika too got what she deserved. She too got her karma in form of ranbir and katrina. She played with feelings of many guys like nihar, dhoni, yuvi, upen. But she didn't learn any lessons from her karma and again played with Sid Malya and ran to ranveer when his company sinked . She constantly played pr games with katrina and defamed her in every possible way when it was her boyfriend Who should be answerable to her. But she can't mess with ranbir as she wants to get films opposite him and to make her look desirable by clinging on her ex.Who knows another karma must be waiting for her ahead in life.

Dont abuse Deepika. She didnt dumped any guy.. she started when she was single. Those guys were not saint either. Katrina played with feelings of many guys like kazid, gulshan, Terry, John, Salman, Rk but she didnt learn a lesson from her KARMA and again played akshay and now running to vickey and broke his relationship. She constantly played PR games with Deepika and defamed her in every way possible. She slept with Ranbir when she was dating Salman and with Hrithik while living with Ranbir. She cant mess up with Salman because she is nothing without Salman and needs work and look desirable by clinging on her ex. Another KARMA is waiting for Katrina for breaking vickey and harleen.

Dp doesnt need Ranbir to get work or to look desirable.

Truth should be posted pv plz be fair.

The girl has pleasantly become quite mature after breakup. She values her career and stardom.

Plus she is mor open to her fans now

I feel bad for her, but she cant really expect us to believe she didn't see this coming. She was with him for SIX years and witnessed first hand how shoddily he treated his exes. It takes a special kind of coward to dump a girl and leave their apartment when she is away or constantly release blinds about her personal life to tabloids via his mother. Best that can be said is that at least the escaped the Mahira level of bad treatment

Katrina PR stop. She is not a saint.stop projecting Rk as a prepatator. No one forced her to stay with him for 6vyears. It was her decision as she was desperate for Kapoor surname. She is a cowards and a ugly person to dumped her mentor and break Ranbir and Deepika . She deserves it.

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