Katrina Kaif opens up on her break up with Ranbir Kapoor: I had to break before I could rebuild myself

After Aanand L.Rai’s Zero, Katrina Kaif will next be seen in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat opposite Salman Khan and the film will hit the screens on June 5, 2019.
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Katrina Kaif’s character of Babita Kumari in Aanand L. Rai’s Zero won her accolades and awards, and during an interview, Katrina Kaif admitted that Babita Kumari is a character that has come out of her real life. “Everything that I bring to my work comes out of my life’s experiences. I try to find a way to connect it with something I have seen, heard or something someone around me has faced,” Katrina informed Mirror.

We all know that Katrina Kaif was in a relationship with her Jagga Jasoos co-actor Ranbir Kapoor, and after dating each other for a long time, the two called it quits, and when Kat was quizzed about how instead of breaking down she has come out as a beautiful person post her break-up, Katrina said that she had to take full responsibility and feel everything before she could proceed in life. Katrina said, “I had to break before I could proceed to rebuild myself. I had to unravel and feel everything that had happened...I had to take full responsibility for my part in the equation, what I could and should have done better and accept that the parts I was not responsible for were not my problem,” adding, “One thought that helped me when I was at my lowest, something my mom told me was, ‘So many women and girls go through the same thing, you feel you are alone but you are not.’”

Talking about love and relationships, Katrina said that it is beautiful to be in love but make sure that nobody else has the right to your identity. “I am not saying be guarded in love. No, love with all your heart. Being in a relationship is beautiful and I have a lot to give to a person. But I now know that nobody else gives you your identity,” Katrina Kaif elaborated. On the work front, Katrina Kaif will next be seen in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat where she will be seen playing the role of Kumud Raina and the film stars Salman Khan, Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff, Tabu and Sunil Grover in lead roles. Post Bharat, Katrina will be seen romancing Akshay Kumar in Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi, which will release on Eid 2020.

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Karma hit her back. She got the taste as once upon a time she came between a couple who was seeing each other

All the fandom have united against Katrina. See katrina fans what you have done to your idol by spitting venom and posting hate comments on each and every actress and actor.

Kangana is Queen of Bollywood.She don't give a shit about these nepo kids like hritik. I am sure she will win national ward next year and she will be the first Indian celebrity to bring home an oscar.

Ok kangana.

Bebola fans stop degrading priyanka and ask her to treat her step daughter Sara nicely.

Her step daughter is not a kid but a 27 years old woman. She can take care of herself.

Lol kangana couldn't tolerate that Katrina is getting so much of limelight so she started commenting everyone about her and hritik.

Kjo is it you and your nepo gang trying to defame kangana ? Be a man dude and do it openly. Don't be a woman. Though you are something in between.

The comments section of this post is my favorite of all times! all Bollywood heroines have been invoked!! PV, please please keep this post alive and buzzing for a few days. Hahaha. BTW, Katrina you don’t worry sweetheart, you will have your happy ending in due course... love

PV please post. The comments section of this post reminds me of mahabharat scene of Jane bhi do yaaron! It’s so hilarious!

Stop it shakuntela and pinkvilla girl. Go and die somewhere. Fans of flop hollywood wanna be.

Shameless ranveer fans don't leave a single chance to abuse ranbir hiding behind Katrina and Deepika. It's not ranbir's fault that these most desired women in India are after ranbir and not you. You are nothing more than a joker. Your wife is still desperate to sleep with ranbir.

Common hritik uncle accept that you were crazy after kangana and she dumped you.

Calm down stalker kangana. Accept it he never dated you. It was all in your head as you were mad about him. if you dumped him so why hell bent to prove your relationship with him.

Kangana never want to prove that. It was you hritik who said you will date pope than her. Those pics were real and you were running after kangana. In 2015 kangana won a national award for queen and gave an all time blockbuster twmr 2, she didn't need this old uncle to stay in news.

Kangana always wanted to prove it. She lied about engagement. The pic was photoshop and misused. Her emails proves who is running after whom. Lol hahaha wins national awards still that psycho old woman only get attention and headlines whenever she talks about her Phantasy. Her ex too exposed her. So calm down kangana.
Post the truth

That photoshop photo wasn't false. When kangana posted the photo she photoshopped the people in it. So other people don't get to be the part of the whole drama. It's not like kangana took a pic of hrithik n her n photoshopped it together. It was a real pic. Only the people other than hrithik n her were edited out. N the reason she posted the photo was to prove that she was close to hrithik n she was invited to his close friend personal party. Which further proves that she dated him.

Invited by a close friend at a party that too at a time when kangana working with her Phantasy, her photoshopping the pic later misusing it to support her lies and not providing her gadgets proves there was NO relationship. But him submitting his gadgets, providing copy of passport to prove she lie about Paris engagement, him releasing her emails and his family/ex/friends etc is enough to prove that he never dated or had any affair with her. Fear karma to accuse a man for no reason
Pinkvilla please post.

The pic was edited and misused. Invited by Arjun not Hrithik. That too at a time when both were doing a movie . IRS normal to party with your coactors. It doesnt proves that kangana dated her Phantasy. Her emails shows it was in her own head. He was there with his wife .kangana had similar pics with her designers and stylists. Does it proves an affair? Photoshop and misused proofs there was no realtionship. Why she refused to give her phone and laptop? Kangana lied about it. See how can she have 7 yes of relationship with Hrithik when she had multiple relationships with other men . Hrithik proved there was no Paris engagement, pic is misused to fool ppl and she changed her statements many times. Infact, she stalked ajay ,rk in the same manner. Dont accuse an innocent man.
Truth should be posted pv plz

Hy hritik uncle, the post is about your crush Katrina stop bringing down kangana. You don't have any guys to call her in public but all you can do is write bad for her. #_phattu.

Hi, stalker aunty, this post is about kat who dated your phantasy so stop trying to fool yourself that you dated Greek God. You don't have guts to speak the truth in public but all you can do is to take dig at all superstars and imagine yourself as Greek God's gf. #stalker
pv post the fact.

Glad that you accepted that this oldie hritik dated katrina. But nobody came to know about them dating during znmd. He also dated kareena but again their are not enough evidences.He is good at hiding his affairs. Same way he hide his affair with kangana. In public he pretends to be a decent married guy but he slept with kangana, Katrina, kareena and Priyanka outside his marriage by promising them of marriage. But kangana is not like other actress and she calls a spade a spade

So what? He is still single. He will marry your phantasy don’t worry..in her dreams although.

Sad you still not accepting that Kangana dated Hrithik in her vivid imagination. Kat and kareena were interested in him. Infact kareena left kjo movie after he left saying she only signed because of Hrithik. Kangana is good at lying and stalking he never had an affair with her and its proved. In public she acts like a string woman bir desperately wanted to sleep with Ranbir and Hrithik. Broke another woman house. He never promised any if these girls marriage neither these girls are saint. Kangana needs help. She lied and created stories.
Pinkvilla post the truth please. Its important

Kangana only speaks truth !

If she speaks only truth then I m Queen of England

That was sarcasm low IQ.......

Oh by the way that 'Greek God' was left by his wife. Poor Greek God suffered severe injuries during bang bang. Poor Greek God is all alone and running after young actress. karma is hitting Greek god very hard.

His wife had an affair with another man. Though she is back in his life. Dont make fun of injuries. Anyone can have it. Poor you. He is not running after any actresses but every young actress calls him hot and wants to work with him. KARMA hit kangana and you hard
Post this please

Why his wife didn't value Greek God, why she left him for some other man. Because she came to know about his cheap tactics only after marriage. She may again leave him for another guy .

Priyanka chopara is the biggest Bollywood icon ever. She is a matter of huge pride for India. Every American knows her name and respects her. She is a role model and she is still young and she will keep shining. Haters back off. Better concentrate on your favourite whose Hollywood career is done and dusted before it started.

Okay Priyanka, you are really make us proud that our Indian women is crazy and desperate married a gora. You proved Indians are obsessed with foriengners.

Priyanka's last film was way back in 2015. She played a supporting role in Deepika starrer Mastani . Nobody wants to work with Priyanka because she sleeps with every men from producers to directors to actors to crew members. Priyanka is old and given retirement from Bollywood. Deepika is the biggest female star and not that old flop priyanka.

Katrina never went to Hollywood . So how can her Hollywood career is done and dusted? They re Katrina fans who is bashing PC because Katrina is the 2nd choice for Bharat.

Fan war!!!

Lol how ranbir get badnaam because of Katrina. Badnaam hone k lye naam hona zaruri hota hai.

186 comments on kat posts are because of Ranbir. Surely he is popular and famous.

Strange that 3 posts of Alia on Ranbir could not generate as much traffic!

Okay ranbir now ask Neetu to change your diaper.

Okay ranbir we believe you lol

katrina stop talking to RK in imagination.

Third rate person Alia PR is in full force here leashing out on RK ex.

Third rate person Katrina PR is in full force here leashing out on RK current

Wish realtionship breaker and P Katrina would have spent more time in searching for her LEGAL father rather than chasing others boyfriend, breaking relationships, sleeping with ex and badmouthing other actresses and common people mothers. So she wont have to feign a fake father

How pathetic do you Deepika fans have to be? Seriously bringing her father along? You’re miserable and it is shown.this is why people have Deepika fandoms because of the shit things you guys comment on others personal life

These rk fans are the worst I have seen I'm not a fan of anyone but he's so puppy that every time he breaks up and move on like that doesn't affect him and throw shade over other person that they're clingy (ie) darling they're just being nice to you they're class ahead of you and your illiterate fam.during relationship he makes other person insecure I have seen many articles dp, Kat now alia is going through that. A spineless man is not worth a penny plus he did cheat dp with many models,when he was with Kat also he did make some moves kangana, mahira he hooks up with fans.. He is such a jerk modifies convo, twists it is that they're interested and hide behind bush so only kangana is calling out him and alia who is of course another cheater during soty she dated varun then jumped to rk. Not only rk,their parents also worst.

Wow, RK sounds so much like my ex!

Katrina stop accusing Rk. You and your parents the worst.

PV, thank you for posting some really sensible comments. Beautiful and successful people can have self worth issues coming from childhood, can make mistakes and do learn life lessons like everybody else. Katrina, by being vulnerable, is helping herself and all those who idolize her. I have been through this and I fully understand what she means. And I know for how long I had put up a brave successful front at work while being abused in a relationship. Bravo Katrina. You will heal and you will grow.

Wonder how Alia will handle all this when it’s her turn? Deepika was a little vulnerable in the beginning...and Katrina has been dignified so far....

Dignity and Katrina are poles a part . She is anything but dignified. She played a PR game and defame rk.

These comments are laughable and most of them written w the wrong grammar too. First off she was asked a question to which she replied and her answer was honest and elegantly point. Obviously she has gone through something pain and can share her thoughts on her experiences. That being said it was not negative or bringing someone else down like many others have. Everyone knows when ranbir and Katrina got together Katrina was the bigger star. This was 2007-08 and maybe the 12 year olds commenting weren’t old enough then to know but Katrina Kaif was the biggest female star in Bollywood. She was fresh off of namstey London which was her break through role and had a string of hits at that point. Everyone was Gaga over her looks! Ranbir included. Everyone heard the stories of him lusting after her. Think about it if she had cheated on Salman w ranbir do we really think Salman would still be this cordial to her ? Would Salman a family (his sis Arpita esp ) be this close to her still? Highly doubtful! Her and Salman had a cordial breakup evident from their friendship now. Salman was older than her and knew better. He knew he wasn’t getting married to her Bc that’s who he is. He made that clear and they ambicaly moved on. Ranbir led her on for 7 long years. He pretended to love her and maybe he did to some extent but not that genuine true love which is what she expressed for him. Ranbir when he first got w her won the ultimate prize. Hot superstar girl friend and was infatuated w her. But obv infatuation only lasts so long. I think the issue w Katrina was her unstable past upbringing and she prob did not have a strong sense of self so she kept taking ranbir back despite issues. She seems like she needed to go through this w him in order to realize her own worth. I think she came out a stronger confident person in the end. And there’s a diff btwn dating a random girls ex and your friends ex ala deepika and Alia ! Not saying what Katrina did to deepik was good Bc it was not. But she wasn’t friends w deepika at that time. Alia was katrinas friend. That is the worst betrayal. Though Katrina was shady to hook up w ranbir while he was w dpad. The worst in all of this and who often goes unscathed is Ranbir Kapoor. He is a jerk !

I am a 1998 born out I was in class 3rd when Katrina's song just chill chill came and it was so popular and she became everyone's fav with that song. Then I remember Singh is king, how everyone in my class discusses about Katrina then came my fav apkgk and since apkgk I have watched all her films. I remember her craze.

Point out where she was asked about Ranbir ? She did cheated Salman which is confirmed by him. He forgives her that another story. Salman never insulted any of his girl in public expect Katrina. . Also there is no smoke without fire. Google it and see the reason of their breakup. Infact he took a dig at her at an interview and in a movie too. Why would he do that? He said he wanted to marry her in an interview and at his sister wedding.
Katrina broke Dp so what she wasnt her friend? Alia didnt broke Katrina relationship with Ranbir. But Katrina is responsible for breaking rkdp . Who said you can hurt another girl if you are not friendly with her? Stupid logic. What betrayal? He dated Mahira before alia. Where it's written you cant date your friends ex? It's not as worst compare to what Katrina did to Deepika and Salman.

It’s comment like this that make me not even want to come to link villa
Any more. Illogical comments. The original poster made valid comments - there is a adiffernce in dating a friends boyfriend and someone who you don’t know well boyfriend. Katrina was friends w Alia , no matter how long ranbir and Katrina were broken up you don’t do that to another friend. Especially when you know the heartbreak behind the romance which Alia definitely knew! What Katrina did to deepika was wrong no doubt if she really did steal him from deepika and her not knowing deepik well doesn’t excuse it or make it better. That being said it’s still a hundred times worse coming from a friend (Alia), that’s someone you trusted. I think regardless Katrina deepika both got lucky. Ranbir is not a good person. And his family seems the worst. Alia should run while she can Bc whoever ends up w him
And that family is stuck

Totally on point. PV please post. This is a mature, experienced person, not some silly PR troll. Quite frankly, narcissists like Ranbir pay their price very very late in life if at all. Otherwise they keep moving from one shiny target to another Deeoika, Katrina, Nahira, Alia!

ALIA BHATT please stop posting anonymous comments.. You are just so insecure of Katrina.. You are writing stuff as you think Ranbir kapoor reads pinkvilla comments and gets in relationship based on that.. Read you tube.. How ill people think about Alia.. U are just a kid who wants to get laid with Ranbir

Its ranbir kapoor who is posting these comments he spend most time in gossips

That's too personal ahhh!!! I'm heartbroken

KATRINA TURQUOTE please stop posting comments abusing Alia. You are insecure and jealous of Alia. . Look what people think about you. A cheater and a user who is desperate for Ranbir
Post be fair

Thats so lame chopra.You are throwing dirt on other women character. What about your new year trip with ranbir in 2010. You both definitely shared bed in that trip.

Most of the hate comments here are by Priyanka chopara fans, they do it to start a fanwar between Katrina and Deepika.

It's funny how sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey, ritik, kangana, Anushka,virat, alia and even st/sc people are discussed here.

Hritik definitely dated kangana. If everything is in kangana's head then why she didn't spread those rumours about other actors like khans why only hritik. He wanted to have only a physical relationship with kangana and kangana dumped him.

Haha ok kangana. If it was true so why photoshop a pic and lie about engagement? In order to dumped one need to be in a relationship. Haha.

For people blaming Katrina’s past and why she is speaking now - other people who have been through abusive cheating relationships fully understand her. If she did not have the past she had and had a strong emotional backbone, she would have kicked RK out in a year! She went through what was her lesson in self worth and will only learn from it. She has a right to speak about it. Many many ppl who go through such things speak up, write blog posts, etc. it’s healing and it’s inspirational . PV pls post

Well written.so apt.

She is looking like a Barbie doll in that picture.

I am totally loving to see stsc people getting frustrated about Katrina. According to them Katrina is undeserving because she is not a very good actress. But if we can have undeserving stsc people in best positions then why shouldn't we have Katrina in bollywood. Katrina should be there for another one decade and may these stsc people get more frustratimed about her. The hate and frustration stsc people are feeling here for Katrina is same that we feel for you guys eating our opportunities.

It's only for media questions they act as emotional and that too when their film is coming. They keep dating new people everywhere and enjoy their luxurious life.

She is allowed to talk about her life! WHY NOT! Just because youindians can spew abuses she needs to shut up? WOW double standards. Your little shorty uglyslut alia can go around publicly saying she is sleepingwith RK but katrina can't tell her story? !

So Alia cant talk about her boyfriend but tall ugly skit kat can speak about her ex . Double standard. Why bash Dp when she told her story? Post pv be fair


Sorry to hear your pain of not marrying the Kapoor guy. To be frank, I personally never felt he was committed or in love with you. Shame you came in between Deepika and Ranbir. They were the best couple, completing each other. Even now we can see, feel something between them. They were made for each other. Hope you meet someone who will truly love you.

One - Ranbir did not love Deepika. He is only interested in her now coz she is successful as with his rival. Two - people like Ranbir easily convince their new lovers that they are broken up with an ex and she is being clingy. This is what RK did to Katrina convincing her that Deepika and he was long over. He let Deepika blame Katrina for years and kept his friendship with Deepika. He is a snake - asteen ka saanp. Pic pls post

Perpetrator kat acting like a victim. Slow claps.

Katrina is sunny leone of Bollywood.

Sunny Leone is the most beautiful women in India and one of the most sexiest woman in the world. Bollywood never had hot as hell stunning actress like sunny Leone. No need of dragging her down.

Is that a compliment or ??????

Katrina fans who are abusing Alia has forgot what Katrina did to Deepika and Salman. About her indecent past, her being an illegal child and how she tried to break ilulia relationship with Salman, how desperately she went for vickey breaking his relationship and how she two times her bfs. Lol
Post pinkvilla

Katrina! Don't milk this. Your silence is golden. It's the silence that gave u dignity. As a fan don't talk about Ranbir, Alia n Salman. Talk about playing cricket n the movie. The PRs r waiting daily to destroy u. One of the reason race 3 failed is be because the media created a negative perception before the release. N that is why Salman is surprising with bharat. Ranbir n KJo n Alia PR r just waiting any article on u to release n abuse u. Ranbir is facing his karma. So is Alia. You eat popcorn.

Look at the disgusting comment section.Some of the people are making fun of periods too.Not only Katrina but every woman gets that including your mother too that's why she gave birth to a jerk like you.

Guys none of them are saint. Ranbir cheated on DP, DP started dating RS when he was dating Anu, Katrina cheated on Salman and shamelessly went back tk him for work..aur Alia ki to baat hi kuch alaag hai. For the stars only money and success matters, relationships have no value in their world..
Post PV

Fyi Dp started dated Ranveervwhen he was single . They started in 2013 while Anu broke up with him in 2010. Googke the facts. Dont accuse

Bcos of rk,this post got more than 100 comments.power of my fav rk.

Katrina is really desperate lol

Katrina is really milking this breakup to sell her movie lol.... she soo calculating idk how people can’t see that about her .

It must have been horrible to find out that you have been dumped n your supposed bestie is now his new girlfriend. It must have been heartbreaking. It’s a betrayal of the highest order. But Kat has definitely come out a stronger person, u can see it in her persona and the way she carries herself now. It may have been a temporary setback but she gained a lifetime of experience n strength.

What about Katrina breaking Deepika relationship with Ranbir? Her cheating Salman and Two timing Ranbir with Gruthik? Isn't that horrible and heartbreaking? It's also a betrayal. So Katrina is caught by KARMA. Dont show her as a victim and bechari. Before Alia, he dated Mahira

Alia bhatts is poonampandey of btown Lol

Katrina turquote is sunny lenone of brown lol

Tell your mother to use some deo for her smelly V.....

Desperate Alia bhatts.. She is so desperate for him that she use to openly tell everybody that she loves him even when she was dating siddharth..guys u don't read YouTube comments guess I'll find really stuff about Alia there.. Nobody likes her.. She is a BITCH with a bastard..shedeserves Ranbir for that matter she can spread her legs for karan johar also.. He nepopapa.. She is a bhatts after all.. We all know their history

Your life must be so pathetic that you can only get satisfaction by calling people whom you don't know in real life names. Katrina is having her karma.

Katrina PR chill. Look at Katrina's and her family history of being a P in UK. Look how she slept with Ranbir despite being bhai girlfriend. Then spread her legs for duggu when she was with Ranbir. Everyone knows about Katrina's past and her not aware of her real father . She is a BITCH and a user soul . She deserves to be hated and can spread her legs for Ali.
Be fair to post

Pinkvilla Hates Katrina for sure

100 comments in an hour wow
Power and stardom of ranbir Kapoor.

Going Deepika’s way to find success by making emotional fool of everyone

It's about Katrina and Alia.. Deepika is happily married.. Andaliaisslutforsure.. Bhatts family has huge history of producing slits.. And raising them. She is one of the desperate slut this Alia.. Sucks

Deepika didnt get success and make anyone an emotional fool. She speaks the truth . She got successful because of hardworking and talent.


Everyone blaming alia but what about katrina and hrithik affair during bang bang? It's well known, katrina can't ressist successful man, vicky kaushal is now on her list.

That's a lie. From 2013 hritik is dating only kangana though kangana dumped her 'silly ex' in 2016.

Dont lie Katrina it's a fact. It's also proved that Hrithik never dated Kangana. It was in her imagination. Sallu confirmed your affair with Hrithik.

It's a truth Hrithik never dated psycho stalker. It was in her head. Lol at kangana dumped himhaha.
Rajeev masand and kangana along with Salman confirmed Katrina fling with Hrithik.
Truth should be posted

Katrina never dated hrithik. Even kangana said when she told the story that he was on a foreign shoot when she heard rumors in media. N I called him to ask him about it. N then she said I told him it's valentines day if you want to do something special. It's clear that he cleared her the rumors otherwise she would have attacked him about it. N would have bad mouth Kat. They wanted to create a buzz for the movie n so they started rumors of them dating. If you notice bang bang promotions Kat n hrithik look quite irritated with each other. But they look so hot together that they want to keep the pair working.
Also Salman just mentioned in kwk when KJo asked what will u advise Ranbir. He said have fun. Thrn what will you advise Kat n he said make sure he doesn't have fun. what would u advise hrithik. He said you stay out of it. When KJo asked Matlab. He said just made a knowing face. Cause hr PR was spreading rumors of dating n he advised not to interfere. Please don't speculate wrong.

Kat did had a fling with Hrithik. Kangana said it at aap ki adalat. Also there were blinds about them. Salman too confirmed it. Dont deny it. Recently Rajeev masand too said it. And according to kat fans Rajeev blinds are always true and authentic. HR pr didnt spread rumours. Dont deny the truth. Kat is not a saint. Accept the fact.

Exactly. At that time hritik was getting attention for kangana and he rather wanted to divert attention to the most desirable women in India Katrina. Also kangana would have given public statement against kat if she was dating her bf. And so does have deepika publicly badmouthed Deepika if rk cheated her with kat. It must be some other women.

Hrithik was NEVER kangana BF. Kat had an affair with Hrithik. He doesn't need a flop and other man girl to divert attention that too when he is still desirable man in india. RK did cheated DP for Kat . There are countless articles and proofs. THe big one is kat visting him in USA when he was with DP.

Couldn't agree more. Atleast Alia didnt started a relationship with a committed guy neither cheated her boyfriend unlike Katrina who went for Ranbir who was dating another girl while living in with Salman.

Pinkvilla when did she win awards for her average performance in zero? She bought zee award though she didnt deserves it. Screen and filmfare awards went to other deserving ladies.

Katrina it’s cool to do whatever it is that you are doing in personal life.
If you are sharing cool, keeping it a secret cool or throwing a bone at a lot of dogs to fight over your life even cooler..

You are reaping what you sow Katrina.

I am a die heart Katrina fan but have no sympathy for her when it comes to Ranbir.

Then you are not a fan of hers. You must because die heart hater, better go and die hard.

Dont need your approval. I am her fan and not blind to choose her mistake . People like you are her haters because you have no guts to say the truth.

Truth is its Katrina's way of dealing to not react to the rumours spread against her. If you believe those rumours and don't like her then why you claim to be a fan.

Her biggest achievement in life will be that she is the 7 Indian celebrity to be waxed in Madame Tussauds London. It is the biggest honour for any Bollywood celebrity. Ranbir and his family can only go and take pictures with those global icons. Hahaha....

A person who fails to be loyal to man who helped her in her bad days ,expecting others to be loyal to her. What an irony.! She was not loyal to Ranbir either and cheated on him with Hrithik. Kangana and rajeev confirmed it.

User Katrina always fell in love with rich and popular guys who have a bright future. She desperately ran after Rk when he was tagged a a next big thing. She was so keen to have his surname that she accepted his cheating and humiliation. Only a cheater like Katrina will accept his cheating ways. Later, she chased Rs when he becomes a hit and spread bff rumours and begging everyone to give her a movie opposite him. Now vickey is a star in making, so madam is flirting with him and broke his relationship as well. Rajeev masand confirmed Katrina cheating Rk and her past. He even said Salman and family has broken ties with her. She is known to break relationships and chasing successful guys. Truth should be posted.

Well Said!!

Katrina posts hardly have any comments. She took Rk name and see 70 comments in 30 mins. Rk is a big star and immensely popular.

Doesn't mean he is a superstar. He is topic of gossip. N people take him that way only. The Kardashians. He has no grace n no self respect.

This also implies to Katrina. :p

LMAO it's Katrina who is India's most googled woman from past 12 years. Ranbir don't even makes it to top 10.

Lamo. She isn't most Google for 12 years. It's also paid by her Pr. Rk doesn't need such things. See what people googled about her ; Salman, ranbir, boom, and her past. Haha

Tired of seeing these girls like Katrina and Deepika talk about their breakup. I have read 3-4 articles by deepika's pr this month that are almost 10 years old. Her pr is using them again to make her relevant. And then we have Katrina who promoted her last film on behalf of her relationship and again her new film as well. Poor ranbir. And then their is a pshcyo kangana who is annoyed that ranbir didn't give her bhav like ritik.

Wow it's great to see that in a time of evolution for women in this country, toxic masculinity is still supported by blinded fans. She has the right to hurt in whichever way she wants to. She's heartbroken too, give her time to move on instead of trolling and lathing her with hate, no one deserves that.

Why it only implies on Katrina? Why her fans abuse Deepika when she exposed Ranbir ?, wasnt she heartbroken and hurt? Why Katrina fans trolled and hated her ? Katrina deserves it. She is heartbroken because she broke many hearts and hurt people to get her happiness but no one stay happy by hurting others
Pv post

Katrina PR wishing for Alia movie to be a flop and talking about karma has forgot that Katrina movies are flop. Bharat and sorayavanhsi will be a hit because of Salman and akshay while KARMA hit her hard. She is left all alone and single at 40 with no movies and a list of flops while all her rivals are happily married and settled.

Haha I am Katrina pr and your mother is a R.....

RK tried his hands on Jaquiline, Kangna, and Anushka, did they fall for him? Just bcoz he gave you bhav, you shouldnt have left Salman. RK sab chin leta hai, Salman is a giver.
I dont like Anushka, but have highest respect for her that, she never in her life fell for RK or gave any bhav to him.

only person RK ddint try was kangana... she offered..

Jackie cudnt go to him because she is Salman’s mistress

In your dreams kangana

Oh cmon it was Anushka whowas after him...not vice versa

Stop lying ranbir have some shame, seriously you don't leave any women, even not leaving kids like alia. You shameless creature Virat is the most manly guy in India, why would his girlfriend think of leaving him for a tranny like you.

He also tried on nargis fakhri and imran khan's wifey.

Imran Khan wife was his first girlfriend....check your facts first

Imran and avantika are a happily married couple. Stop talking about her ranbir.

Woman who loved to be a doormat and a chaser dont have a right to complain.

Btw what does your mother loves. Chocolates or strawberry. Though I can give her the real taste as well.

Contact kat. After all her mother is P and had multiple partners like her daughter.

Karma will hit Katrina and deepika for ruining ranbirs name for their selfish agendas.


Dont drag Dp here . She loved him and didnt ruined his life.

Dying to get Ranbir.:p katty baby that ship has sail long ago. Have some dignity and leave him alone.

Ranbir is dignified and classy enough not to talk about breakup and not defaming kat and family like she did to him. That's is so graceful of him.

For how many times she will open about her breakup with Ranbir?

She stated Salman bhajan when asked about movies and now ranting Ranbir bhajan when nobody asked her about him. Desperate woman.

Bhajan???? Salman ne koi naya bhajan banaya kya?

Katrina hasn't move on clearly.

I am not aware of the truth but one thing is for sure that Katrina Turquote is not a victim in this case. How the hell she thought that he would be loyal to her? Why didnt she think even for a minute that what she has done to Deepika, someone else will do it to her? Why cheated Salman? You cant be happy by hurting other people.

she is going the deepika way but in a gracious way.Don't worry kat, kapoor family will pay their karma.Rishi already did, neetu and ranbir left though.

Copy kat copying Deepika? Deepika was fearless and have a spine to speak directly about it and on time . Kapoor tried to isolate her and she suffered .she did in a graceful manner. Katrina has no spine to talk about what he did to her directly and only speaking during a release of her movie and after 4 years. So there is a huge difference

Manipulative Kat ,you cheated RK with Hrithik while having a live in realtionship with him. Lied about your dirty past and played games which compel him to dumped you. Dont dare to act like a victim when you are not.

Someone said it finally

Katrina tried hard to break Salman ilulia but failed and shamelessly broke Vickey Harleen but she cant go for him as his parents warned him so now wants to break Ranbir Alia.

Katrina went to Ranbir on filmfare night and hugged and kissed him. Simply because she wants him back . Now, when he refused to take this cheater back, she is taking revenge by putting blame on him entirely. How sick !

Katrina always badmouth and slander Ranbir and his family indirectly (as she is a coward to speak directly)but her fans say, she never badmouth Ranbir and acts gracefully. Haha. Stabbing from the back is what she is known for. Its dangerous.

Go and take TOEFL and IELTS classes and then try commenting again with some logic

Go and learn some manners which your parents failed to teach you
Posting cheap comments and abusing mothers.

But my father taught me to insert banana in your mother's v......

Does Katrina has any shame? It's totally her fault . Now crying to get sympathy.

When you dont have anything to talk about your extended cameo in a big hero movie, defame your Ex, acts like a sati savatri and fool people by lying to them. #fake kat #userkat

She used Rk to promote her flop zero and now playing the same game to promote her Bharat.

Katrina , is on a spree to defame Ranbir. She ruined his career and image. Shame on you Katrina.

Katrina shut up.

Only fools will sympathize with kat.

I sympathize with her and I’m not a fool!

Ok Katrina.

USER KATRINA is the most fake, most manipulative, most cunning and a PR queen .

Since sallu is ignoring her and not giving her any importance, this manipulative woman trying to get attention by using Rk name.

1) she’s not manipulative
2) Sallu is not ignoring her since he just finished Bharat with her
3) taking RK name won’t give her attention because RK is a scum
4) you are an idiot!

1) she is manipulative. 2) Sallu ignoring her . Finishing a movie is a job 3) taking rk name do give her attention because she is a loser 4) you are blind.
Post it

Salman Salman Ranbir ranbir. That what talentless Katrina can do.

Why despo is talking about it after 4 years? Oh her movie is coming.

Badmouthing her Ex and portraying him as a villain to get sympathy. Katrina aunty is so cunning.

Ranbir kapoor chill and calm down

Gosh! This disprina is sick. Stop acting like a saint. Its you who chased him and stuck to him though he asked you to leave. You cheated your mentor and hurt Dp . Katrina you deserves it.

Kat is NOT over Ranbir.

Desperate Katrina, again using Rk name to promote her movie.

They really used to love each other... SMH!

Kat using her personal life to stay in news.Disgusting botox buddhi

Hi Katrina you are a fabulous actor and one of the best actress.And one thing more that just focus on your career and ranbir kapoor is a bull shit person he is not at all capable to you.so just concentrate on your career.

Hi kat, you are not a fabulous actor. Infact a worst actor and a person. Your career is over and you are a shit person who doesnt deserves Rk.
Pv be fair to post

Everyone is after whos successful and trendy..nobody talks about unsuccessful...Alia does not utter a word about Siddarth Malhotra here she was chanting, worshipping publicly Ranbir Kapoor within a months if dating ...Deepika dated Nihar pandya,bankrupt Siddarth malya but she didn't utter a word about them..but she has a lot to talk about short lived fling with Ranbir Kapoor even after 8 years..she didn't accept Ranveer Singh till he became famous...he only said she kept relationship open back in 2013 matalab she can date any other while dating him...atleast Katrina's was long, live in..even if talks in the beginning its fine we can understand but it's been 4 years..earlier she never talked about relationship with Salman but she is still referring th at relationship with rabbit is not making her no different from Alia and Deepika...these ladies thinks dating and becoming ex with Ranbir kapoor is trendy something great..what the heck is this?thisnguy Ranbir does not need extra PR his ex , ex ex , his current were doing PR, are doing, will do PR...Kya naseeb hai yar Ranbir ka

You seriously need English classes. Consider going to coaching classes for TOEFL and next time please spare us your horrendous grammar. PV please at least screen the comments properly before posting!

Why bringing Dp here ? She didnt bankrupt malays. She loved and accepted Rs much before he becomes successful that too when she was more successful than Rs. Katrina didnt talk about her fling with Hrithik, John and Akshay. Never talked how she broke rkdp. She bankrupt Salman. But still talking about her short fling and on and off relationship with Ranbir. Even after 5 years. Despo still talking about Salman after 10 years despite cheating him.
Be fair to Dp and post

Oh you poor girl

Oh you poor girl

Oh you poor girl

If any journalists asks about him please say I don't talk about it or date someone what f*** is this?kya strong strong kitna bar bologi?seriously you will lose your credibility nobody will take you seriously if you keep on talking about past...Here alia talks like wtf heart shining..Deepika will when she starts promoting chappak...these ladies seriously don't they have self respect show him his place don't talk like you give him importance...what kind of women empowerment is happening here..1 man is controlling 3 Women

Her boyfriend and best friend broke her.This is worst one can imagine.Hope brahmastra be the biggest flop in history, and karma is served.

Nobody broke her. She pretended to be a bestie with Alia for her motives. She broke many relationships. Please don't show her as a victim. The worst is what she did to Deeoika,Salman, Harleen and many others Dont wish bad for others. KARMA hit Katrina with full force. Hope all movies of her flops like they are from past 7 years.
Pv post

All these girls are mad about Ranbir because of his looks, status..but seriously he as a person big gossipy queen I would never want to date a guy who gossips in real life that's so girly even girls like Anushka don't do that...Katrina instead of giving this boring lecture just say past is past I don't talk about it...what is this you , deepika, alia all you are increasing girly, gossipy , cheater Ranbir's value high

Nobody has the guess to call out Ranbir..so he thinks whatever he does is right...If Kangana was ex insted of Katrina...Kangan Ranbir itna band bajadeti ki Ranbir will not dare to cheat any other girls

So what Alia has also slept with multiple guys, she herself said it main thodi Ho na kaam hoon. ??

STFU stop using his name in ur every flop movie promotion u dp now alu just behind his Kapoor tag n his money. Alu will end relationship like u or more worst than u.

So graceful! Shows a true class.

So desperate. Shows kat is a user.
Class complex fan

Falling in love with a wrong person makes a woman realise her true worth.
Well, now with Alia Bhatt Ranbir Kapoor looks hypnotised and sick. The problem is in the boy.

One who can leave a graceful lady like Katrina he can never live happily in his whole life. He will see world falling apart infront of him very soon.

What about being person Katrina? She is anything but graceful. She us not a loyal person and everyone knows that. Problem moves with Katrina. She left a loyal person like Salman so she can never live happily in her whole life. Karma hit her hard. Dont blame Rk alone.

I don't know why girls act so pure after a man breaks up with them and they're already sleeping around. Katrina had vicky rumours, deepika basically did anyone who was rich and available and yet blamed ranbir like he was the only man they put out for. You moved on slept with someone else now don't give me the sati savitri garbage and carry on with your life.

Katrina , it’s not about you. It’s insecure Neetu Singh and spinessless character RK. But you should have known important of Salman that he gives life and platform to succeed to his girl friend but RK uses girls friend platform to succeed and be in news and leave them when they are low. Don’t worry RK aur Neetu ke din ayenge. Karma bites the worst when u expect the least

Its about kat who is shameless and a despo. She desperately wanted Kapoor tag . KARMA hit insecure and realtionship breaker Katrina.

Katrina , it’s not about you. It’s insecure Neetu Singh and spinessless character RK. But you should have known important of Salman that he gives life and platform to succeed to his girl friend but RK uses girls friend platform to succeed and be in news and leave them when they are low. Don’t worry RK aur Neetu ke din ayenge. Karma bites the worst when u expect the least

all the best to you Kat! I watched the Bharat trailer just for your kick-ass dialogue. Mwah

Abe ja apni mummy k pass ja ke ro. Acting like a sati savitri has never slept with any other man than ranbir. Oh iam so pure. Ranbir break my heart. Bloody hypocrite.

Yes katrina, u r absolutely right

Be glad you're out of that relationship as he is a real douche bag.. I'm sure there are far better things on the horizon..

Before calling Ranbir a douchebag look at your cheater and desperate Katrina.

Similar statements from all the A-list girls in the industry during the past decade coz of one and only RK!

Poor girl ! But glad to see her maturing now.

Why poor? She deserves every bit of it.

Somebody has a movie to sell so now talking about RK relationship.

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