Katrina Kaif or Priyanka Chopra: Who will Prakash Jha sign first?

Prakash Jha will start working on his next directorial venture.

Prakash Jha’s last directorial venture was Jai Gangaajal with Priyanka Chopra in the lead in 2016. He produced Alanktria Srivastava’s Lipstick Under My Burkha which released earlier this year. He is now looking to start his next directorial venture.

A source said to an entertainment website, “Prakash Jha is very happy about the critical and commercial success of Lipstick Under My Burkha and now he is ready to start work on his next. Last week he registered two titles – Raajneeti 2 which is a sequel to Raajneeti (2010), and was co-written, directed and produced by him and the other is Jai Gangaajal 2, a sequel to Jai Gangaajal (2016), starring Priyanka Chopra and himself and directed by him. While Raajneeti, a political thriller film, starring Ajay DevgnManoj BajpayeeRanbir KapoorArjun RampalNana Patekar and Katrina Kaif was a big hit, Jai Gangaajal had done average business and broken even.”

“He will begin whichever story gets ready first. Buzz is Katrina Kaif may be a part of the sequel. In Raajneeti, she had starred in a pivotal role. Prakash Jha plans to introduce a new set of actors as most of the characters in his first film are dead. As of now only Nana may be a part of it but it all depends on how the story shapes out. Prakash has always expressed interest in revisiting Raajneeti as he finds the politics in the country fascinating. The writers are still brainstorming on whether it will be from where they left the last story (Ranbir leaves for USA) or if it’ll be a new one,” the source added.

“It’s unlikely that Ajay Devgn will come again in the sequel as SP Amit Kumar as he has many films lined up for next year. Priyanka may reprise her role again as IPS Abha Mathur so now it remains to be seen whether it is Priyanka or Katrina in Prakash Jha’s next,” the source concluded. 

Credits: Bollywood Hungama

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Deepika fans burning!

If Salman recommends, they will take Kat. Else, they will go with the finer actresses.

Salman has huge gang of people like Jacqueline, Daisy, Somi Ali, Sangeeta, Amy, Suraj, Zareen, mouni, etc etc but why from this gang only Katrina is superstar. Fact is why Salman recommendations didn't made his other known people superstar like his own brothers, his own girlfriend lulia, his brother in law, or Jacqueline or Daisy etc etc etc. Gorgeous lulia vantur too did music videos but she didn't become a pop sensation and huge superstar. So Salman can never knock door of each and every individual and audience and force them to like his known people. Katrina has done films with every great directors from KJO to Anand L Rai to Yash Chopra to Ali Abbas to Aneez bazmee to vipul shah to kabir Khan to Farah Khan to Prakash Jha to Anurag basu to RajKumar santoshi to zoya akhtar etc etc etc etc etc etc but deepika does film with only SLB so everyone knows deepika works only on Sanjay Leela Bhansali recommendations. If you say Salman recommendations to Kat then go to all great directors or ask media to go to these great directors and ask if Salman recommended them Kat and come with record and valid proofs. Only saying is nothing so let evidence speak.

deepika fans are unimaginable, go and see deepika has finished shooting of her cameo in padmavati, yes actually already flop padmavti has Ranveer Singh and Shahid main character, deepika has nothing rather than doing a item song in padmavti. So much delayed padmvti has already lost audience and interest. Mainly SLB is doing a BIG SIN by casting a illoyal and not at all loyal deepika in such loyal queen character to her love padmavati that's why the film is hurdles, problems, and delays, mainly it's karma and universe is denying and upset with such a SIN, as even after having RS deepika CHASES Ranbir Kapoor for the KAPOOR title, she has been chasing the KAPOOR title since 20 years now, that deepika aunty always surprises by going down always. And Ranbir Kapoor done with deepika. Deepika is extremely bad example for woman, she has NO dignity and respect and doesn't come across a strong woman. Mainly deepika is nothing without boyfriend highlight, Universe and nature will make Padmavati a huge FLOP bcoz deepika again trying to publicize padmavati with her boyfriend intimacy and no hard work she is doing. Deepika the boyfriend snatcher does lots of botox and white skin treatments for the purpose. Remember her recent visit to London.

only katrina

Katrina used to look beautiful till 2015 but once she started dating Rk and moved in a apartment she became so insecure of her looks. She realized Rk was only attracted to her beauty and the day she starts loosing it she will loose him too and then she started to take botox heavy doses and ruined her angelic beauty. I cant see her eyes because of botoxed puffy cheeks. The only thing I liked about her was her beauty. I was a fan of her beauty and could stare her all day but imagine now she herself ruined the thing which made her see the high waves of superstardom for a man. She is a bad example for women. She lacks self identity thing and doesnt comes across as a strong woman.

Yes jealous heart, you are still soooo jealous of Katrina and Priyanka beauty. And can't stop yourself from coming to Katrina and Priyanka article page just to stare at them. Wonder when deepika fan and over enthusiastic PR will stop downing other actresses with their fake stories. Ask that Robot deepika to act and do hard work than paying for downing other actresses for saving herself. Big joke of world that illoyal deepika doing a loyal character padmavati. Can't stop laughing. Even deepika over demand for fees and money from her godfather SLB has made Padmavati extremely over budget. Shame. Katrina never demanded such huge money from Ali Abbas to make Tiger Zinda hai over budget. Priyanka never demanded huge money from SLB to make films over budget. Katrina And Priyanka and Rani is never greedy.

PC or DP for the main lead. Kat for a 5-minute appearance!


Why would anyone pick Katrina over PC?

Seriously Katrina? Why

Katrina in rajneeti and pls opt for Ranbir!!! Can't wait to see them together again!

Sonam kapoor will be good!

Deepika comes in as Ajays(Dead) girlfriend to seek revenge.How about that for starters as a storyline?And DP and Kat can fight it out.Sure shot hit with DP and Kat -casting coup!

he can try, i think neither will say yes.

Both are bad actresses! Take Deepika!

Priyanka doesn't have time for this

Run away pc run baby

Definetly not Katrina. Maybe Priyanka, but it will be a another actress.

Oh god! So he is basically giving us an option between botched-botox-queen Kaif and a Faker-than-thou Chopra.
Its like Sophie's choice, except here its a tough battle between who's gonna ruin the movie more! :P

Since you have such strong opinions on this, why don't you try for the role and let us all judge you.

why so butthurt, katrina? the truth hurts you?
post pv! you have been very biased lately

Not again flop Chopra for sure. Jai Gangaajal was a big disaster!

it made more than it's budget. that's not a disaster. average grosser despite Priyanka not even coming to India to promote it.

Hope katty

Say no pc

Priyanka will say no

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