Katrina Kaif to reunite with Salman Khan in the 3rd instalment of Tiger, shooting preponed for the actress

Katrina Kaif who was paired opposite Salman Khan in Ek Tha Tiger will be seen with him in the third instalment as well
News,salman khan,Katrina Kaif,Ali Abbas ZafarKatrina Kaif to reunite with Salman Khan in the 3rd instalment of Tiger, shooting preponed for the actress
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Katrina Kaif is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the Hindi film industry. However, her films have not been doing as well as before. Fans had high expectations with her last film Zero, directed by Aanand L. Rai. The film, which also starred Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma, did not do great at the box office. However, Katrina’s films with Salman Khan have done wonders for her career.

According to the buzz around, the third instalment of Salman Khan’s film Tiger has been preponed so that Katrina can be a part of it. The first two parts of the film, Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai, had fared well at the box office and the audience went crazy over the on-screen chemistry between Katrina and Salman. A while ago there were reports that director Ali Abbas Zafar had found the story for the third Tiger film and had discussed the idea with producer Aditya Chopra and the actors.

Ek Tha Tiger, released in 2012, is about fictional characters Tiger and Zoya. Tiger, an Indian spy from RAW fell in love with Zoya, a Pakistani spy from ISI during a mission. The sequel of the film, Tiger Zinda Hai which released 5 years later in 2017, is based on the 2014 abduction of Indian nurses by ISIL.



Bharat Promotions पहला दिन

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Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan will next be seen in Bharat which is a remake of Korean drama Ode to my Father which is set to release on 5th of June.


Why is ranbir labeled as Casanova when almost all Bollywood stars have multiple affairs including deepika Katrina Salman shahid. Salman has physically assaulted aishwarya. But only ranbir is being labeled as a bad person. Why this double standards because he's from kapoor family and people are jealous of their success.

Cheaprina, cheapika... ppl here need to get a life...cos if ur taking all these names, U r outright cheap n pathetic.

Just first was good. Second was boring

WOW..they should get married

Okay so I don't understand. Where is Katrina going that they r preponing the movie. The statement says "they are planning to preponed the movie so Katrina can be a part of it"
They should just make a trilogy like for batman. N then leave the movie alone. N nobody should even dare to make a remake of it after 20 yrs.

Lamo katrina is cheaprina and relationship breaker unlike Queen Deepika. This is a reason she is called CHEAPRINA . Because of her Ranbir and Deepika broke up.
be fair to all and post.

katrina is cheaprina and relationship breaker unlike Queen Deepika. This is a reason she is called CHEAPRINA . Because of her Ranbir and Deepika broke up.
be fair to all and post.

Deepika fans are burning, haters keep burning n katrina keep rocking.

Why would deepika fans burn ? Stop assuming and blaming Deepika fans . Katrina fans are burning while deepoksvis rocking and happy.



How can kat be Salman's current when Iulia lives in his house.moreover Salman will not allow his gf to pose in bikini which kat does.Salman is happy with Iulia. He doesn't invite kat for their family functions like ahil birthday.

Keep dreaming Kat.

Time to wake up katirna :)

Salman is her Ex not current. You need to accept the truth lover girl. Salman dating ilulia aunty. You remain delusional and barking.

Working with ex and sequels,all that is okay but what has katrina done to her face.i dont want to demean her but she doesnt look nice at all.i dont know abt others,this is what feel.

I don't like salman katrina pairing much but I really love Tiger and zoya love story. ETT was superb movie.A heart aching love story. Tiger zinda hai was more about mission. I hope third part focusses on Tiger and zoya love story.

Okay katrina was in Tiger zinda hai only because of salman, and will be in sequel too because of him. The makers wanted to cast a new actress as zoya in film. They were going to show that zoya who looked liked katrina in first part started to look like Deepika/ alia in Tiger zinda hai. May be zoya went for plastic surgery . But why ? Lolz.....give me a break. She was in first part and then in second part and then she will be in third, fourth and fifth part.

Jealous aunties did you look at yourselves in the mirror? i bet you all look much worse, keep hating on Katrina as much as you want, she remains unbothered and doesn't give a rat's as* about your stupid opinions about her, remember that no matter what you say she will keep being cast in big budget movies and earn millions, instead of saying the same thing over and over again on her posts, worry about yourself and do something productive with your time instead of wasting it here on pv commenting irrelevant sh*t

I don't understand the hate on every damn post about her, katrina has never talked badly about any actress, she may not be the best actress but at least she works hard and minds her businesss,trust me people she is a sweet angel who can do no wrong in my eyes. Please stop hating on her please please please please please please please please

If you want people to stop hating Katrina so her fans should stop hating Alia, Rk, Dp, Sallu, jacky, ilulia, neetu ,PC and all. Its tit for tat.

She should be happy and grateful with the films she has lined up.

It's gonna flop so hard. She's floprina kaif after all rofl :))))

My dear dp fans when people raise fingers at her for being cosy with her ex or doin a movie..its very different..She was dumped in that relationship..n She shouted n cried over it..katty's case is different..She didn't got the hurt thats y people call her desperate.She is again n again going to a guy who rejected n dumped her thus she has no self respect.. katty was not the one who got rejected.she cannot be called desperate..she is getting good solis roles opposite salman..y should she say no..if at all anyone should have problem that is salman khan not u people n Salman is good to her..Can u all see the difference..blind fans

Dear kat fans , its only kat fans who raises fingers. Its not different from kat working with her ex . Salman insulted her many times not to forget beaten her too. She dumped Salman and was dumped by Rk. Dp spoke the truth and on time . While kat crued through her PR and now giving statements and blaming him after 3 years.. Kat is going to a guy again and again who insulted her thus she has no self respect you are just a hypocrite who is defending Katrina desperation for Salman and Ranbir both . Lol at good solid roles. She is getting small and useless roles opposite her ex . She can say no but kat has no self respect and has no value without Salman. If anyone who has problem with Dp working with rk is Rk himself not you, kat or her fans . Yes difference is visible. Kat fans defending her fir working with her ex while bashing dp for her ex.

Truth should be posted pv plz

She respect work. N I respect her for that. It is very hard to work with an ex who has disrespected you alot. Yet she is working with him. Imagine the helplessness. You might say she can say no to Salman film but she isn't getting work. N if she doesn't work how will she earn. If she go against Salman she would not get enough work specially since Ranbir has also boycotted her from his media contacts. I remember during jj promotions hardly anyone asked Kat any ques n it was quite visible that they were instructed to ask Ranbir only. Which isn't fair as they almost had same screen time. He released blinds on how n why he rejected Kat. That her background was not good n his parents sent him this on Christmas. This is where I completely lost respect for Ranbir.
So I consider her a v. strong personality because despite all this she hasn't said a word about anyone. N şar jhuka kar hard working. N for that if she has to hug dp or Ranbir n be okay with Alia then she is even doing that. And I respect hard workers.

Strong women dont surrender like kat. According to her fans she is self made, dont need sallu, and directors are dying to work with her. So what's the problem? Please she is not a saint. She releases blind how he has an affair with a makeup girl ,and about him being a gay. Kat did said a lot about every one but indirectly. . She lost respect the day she ditched Sallu for Rk, hurt dp, uses her PR against Dp and Rk now broke vickey and harleen. What's the proof that blund about her past was by Rk? It could be her PR to show him as a bad person. . Point is not whom she works with. Point is her fans abusing Deepika for working with Rk and troll Alia whenever she talks about him. See how her fans bashing Dp for meeting Rishi. She met her seniors like PC Aamir etc did.


It is not a matter of surrender. It is a matter of priority n her priority was to earn. Everyone who has been an outsider has a God father. Dp had slb. Priyanka had srk. Anushka has virat. Kat has Salman. N btw Salman launched alot more other talents n better than Kat n yet only Kat went on top of her game.
Regarding rumors n PR games then I did consider that maybe it was Kat PR who could have leaked. But it doesn't make sense that why would she say n make her family honor a joke. N Ranbir being a Casanova n gay is not something new. Audience sort of almost knew this about him. The way he is too close to Ayaan. Also Vicky n harleen thing is just rumor. N abusing dp n Ranbir is vice versa. Even they abused Kat alot. Recently one of the fan said her mom is P n she is illegal child. Is this how u talk in fan war. This is utterly disgusting n shameful as a human.
Regarding dp n Ranbir working, ppl still say she loves Ranbir. N Ranbir being a Casanova can two time. This is the reason they were bashed. Kat n Salman r exes n ıulia is still with Salman n promotes salkat for their onscreen chemistry. No matter how much PR say Kat breaking ıulia n Salman they r still together. Recently I have noticed Kat has started keeping a distance with Salman.
N dp posted the pic on mothers day with them. Which is weird. I'm sure she might have met before but Ranbir the broadcaster selected to be this day only. N why I say it was all Ranbir cause alot of people have said that of u want to post a gossip contact Ranbir.

Salman is an ex whom Katrina cheated. Her fans accuse DP for not moving on and still loving Rk. Proof? She has move on and loves Rs. The way Katrina is clinging on to her ex Salman and her PR and fans advising ilulia shows she wants him back. Didnt Katrina said about maintaining a distance from ex when Rk worked with Dp? What happened now? Vickey and harleen thing is true . Many of your fandom to believe that. There is no smoke without any fire. Katrina is known for breaking rkdp and chasing successful people.
That Katrina fans start abusing, calling people mom and sister a P, wishing for someone's family death. Dont complain.
DP posted a pic with her seniors who is ill how is this weird? Something is called humanity. People looked at this sweet gesture as a PR, desperation etc as they haven't move on.

Katrina is not a saint neither a strong woman.

Salman is no Saint. He hasn't forgiven vivek but has forgiven Katrina speaks who cheated who. Rk n dp can work as long as dp isn't talking about rk boxers. Salman n ıulia r together. Proof of Kat remaining distant to their relationship. Despite Salman whole family trying n their friends. Arpita posting SaaS bahu pic or alvira being with Kat throughout the movie bharat. Where is the proof of Vicky n harleen since u like giving proofs. They started the death thing when Kat mom n she was called illegal. I'm not saying they r right. Both r wrong. But you should know who to blame for it. Actually dp havent posted the pic with senior. A picture surfaced online on mothers day of the 3 of them. N we know who would have posted it to create a controversy. Ranbir ur negative news creating formula is bad. You might be a gossip for some people but nobody will respect u. That is the consequence.
Lastly nobody is Saint. But some people actually try to change their coarse of action. N that is where they win the audience. Salman might have killed people with his car but in return he is saving millions of life with his being human. Katrina might have cheated n then got dumped but she accepted it n decided to remain quiet n take the heat of it. This is where she wins in the eyes of audience.

PC is not senior of deepika okay, priyanka and deepika are of same age and got married at same time though priyanka is a much bigger star than deepika.

First PC is older than Dp. Second being senior doesnt mean in age but in terms of experience

PC is only 2 years older than deepika. Don't try to make a fuss out of nothing. They play the wives of same hero. And it's not experience but talent and acting capabilities. Deepika is where priyanka was 15 years ago. Priyanka as newcomer had the level of acting that Deepika is showing now.

You are making a fuss for no reason. Senior is senior. A woman who marked her debut in 2003 is definitely senior to a woman who came in 2007. DP reaches to top in just 5 years and is highly capable and talented. You are just twisting and starting a war.

He has Dabangg 3, Inshallah, Veteran remake and Kick 2 on the pipeline. So he is not preponing anything for despo Kat.

lol salman has also no toher movies guys he is not doing her a favor! at this point either he is retarded or wise man

Why is Bollywood still so confused by the concept of sequels? Indians are so stupid, they don't want to watch acting and movies, they just want to watch actors. Katrina was the star of Ek Tha Tiger. That's simply a fact. Thus, she will be the heroine/star of ALL the movies in the franchise, especially since both made a lot of money. Props to the SK team for not being like Akshay or Ajay or whoever and dumping his heroines (especially since they are bad actresses). He has kept Sonakshi in Dabangg for 3 movies too. You gotta assume Jaqueline will be back for Kick 2.

She has worked hard and was good in tiger zinda hai

No please. Cast some new face.

Salman Salman Ranbir Ranbir vickey vickey . Katrina is only in news for her Exes not for her work.

Dumbest statement ever! Isn't this for work? It just happens that Salman is the coactor. And also Vicky isn't her ex none her boyfriend! Have a good day!!!

What work? Vickey is her current partner .she broke Vickey and harleen.

Is ne Salman ki jaan ni chordni. Despo.

Katrina PR strikes again.


Bollywood has never and will never see a person as desperate, as manipulative as undignified as cunning and a user like KATRINA.

Bollywood has never and will never see a person as desperate, as manipulative as undignified as cunning and a user like KATRINA.

Opportunist katty.

For how long will she rely on her ex Salman and skin show?

Then her fans has an audacity to slutshame and troll Dp if she talks about or work with her Ex.

Lol no actor is interested to work with flop Katrina.

Katrina is not over Salman. Period.

Salman Salman Salman. She is absolutely worthless without her ex.

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