Katrina Kaif REVEALS ex boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor taught her Instagram: He has a fake account to stalk people

During an interview, Bharat actress Katrina Kaif revealed that ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor taught her Instagram. Read on!
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It was only a few years back that Bharat actress Katrina Kaif made her debut on Instagram, but little did we know that none other than ex-boyfriend and Jagga Jasoos co-actor Ranbir Kapoor taught her how Instagram works. That’s right! While speaking at Arbaaz Khan’s chat show Pinch, Katrina Kaif was asked if she has another account that she uses to stalk people and to which, the 35-year-old actress had said, “No, no.”

Not just this, Katrina went on to inform everyone that it was Ranbir Kapoor who taught her the ropes of social media as she said, “I know Ranbir has. And Ranbir, by the way, was the person who showed me how Instagram works.” Well, for all those who don’t know, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor were in a relationship for over six years and although the two called it quits, in a recent interview, when Katrina was asked about her break-up, she had said that she takes full responsibility for her part in the equation, and that she had to break before she could proceed to rebuild herself and well, we must say that Kat has come out as a stronger person and that is quite evident from her films, having won an award for Aanand L. Rai’s Zero.

On the work front, Katrina Kaif was last seen in Aanand L. Rai’s Zero opposite Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma and next, she will be seen in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat opposite Salman Khan. Thereafter, Katrina will soon start the shooting of Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi opposite Akshay Kumar.




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Ranbir comes across as an aunty type!

Haters can say whatever they want. But I was her fan 10 years ago and I am still her fan. Love u kat.

I totally adore Katrina. She has all the rights to talk about her ex. Other women like Deepika have it too. Most of her fans don't care about Deepika. I wish the lady happiness in her married life. Coming back to Katrina she must be asked about her Instagram debut as she is the fastest Indian celebrity to hit 20 million mark on Instagram. She never speaks without a reason. And if she wants to speak about her breakup I am there to listen. I am sure there are many more fans like me. Why should she keep her mouth shut for some random haters. After all she is a superstar. She was all classy during that detective film promotions.

Some people are very mean, they are siding RK, the drug addict , womanizer and thick skinned guy who treats women as object and moves on shamelessly displaying his love in front of exes
Now when a Martina simply uttered a single sentence and you guys are bashing her?? This is typical regressive Indian mentality and you deserve such guy as Superhero, puke!!!

firstly i agree with you.
but martina is that katrinas sister?

Wow she is giving sleepless night to haters

If RK and Alia can display their emotions on a stage for publicity , why so much bashing for Katrina, why u expect women to suffer in silent. I like this version of Kat

Rk and Alia are a couple. Why you bash them? Why bash a woman who expose Rk ?

Katrina fans again taking digs at Deepika. If she talks about Rk ,so she is not over him and running after him but if Katrina devi talks about him when even not asked so she is not after him ,honest and moved on.
Deepika spoke the truth and on time . Didnt call him a beast or gave false statements unlike Katrina who gave false statements about Rk ,uses her PR to show him as a beast and a worst person, went for him despite in a relationship with Sallu. Shame on Katrina fans who still have a face to bash Deepika for moving on,and speaking the truth. You guys will never learn a lesson.
Now I feel Katrina deserves the hate. Earlier I was defending her here .
Pinkvilla post this please.

U havent watched the episode,she might have asked some queastion

Jeez Alia seems to have lost her mind

Gosh! Despo Katrina is jealous and drunk.

I think she is being true to herself in revealing things in her life; just because she talk does not mean she is running to him. may be she got over and moved on to the point she can openly speak about ranbir again. at-least she does not give false statements like DP and claim ranbir is the beast while being in another relationship.

Why bringing Dp down to lift Katrina up? She never claim him being a beast and spoke the truth (your idol too said what Dp said)when she was not in a relationship. If Dp talks so she is running after him but if Katrina talks about him so she is over and moved on. Double standards of Katrina fans. Katrina called him a beast and went for him when was in another relationship. She is not over him. Giving false statements about him.

P.s you guys haven't learn a lesson. Still bashing Dp for speaking the truth . That's a reason Katrina is getting bashed here for talking shit about him.
Pinkvilla post this please

People are now fully aware of Katrina's true nature and her desperation. Comments here proved it.

U guys only saw the teaser and this is getting a hella Buzz hahahaha Katrina Is seriously preventing some folks from sleeping. You go Queen! Love you with all my heart mouah!

All the comments here proves Rk popularity.

And your account was the same too, then you decided to make it an official account. So, what are you dragging Ranbir for when we already knew he did this?

Ranbir Kapoor has a twitter account in another name.

All these comments show her popularity as a celebrity.

All these comments show jer desperation for an ex.

How the comments showing her desperation when its showing haters desperation

Lol, she didn't need to tell us that. Kareena already said RK reads and probably comments on PV, it wouldn't be a shock if he has fake social media accounts on every site to read and comment about himself and other people. It's probably a female name too - RanbirLover11 or some crap like that. Can't tell if he's insecure or just a gossip.

Why promoting her EX and not her movie?

Someone said “ Its disrespectful to talk about your ex when they are in a relationship with others.Walk the talk Kitty Kat

Well she didnt talk about how close he is to her still and that he wont do something without consulting her blah blah etc. She didnt use talk provoking words which could mislead the situation all to together which btw happened with DP as she despite being in releationship with RS talked about RK as he is the closet soul to her, which is very wrong to RS.

Kat loves to talk Great things but don't apply anything in her real life. Btw ranbir is not in relationship with alia. That's a PR stunt by Kjo to save the upcoming disaster brahmastra.

In India because she’s white you guys are giving her a lot of importance. Otherwise in Europe or America mein kuta bhi bhaav nahin dega.

Dont blame them. I know exes are always special. They are part of life

Question was "kat do you have another account that she uses to stalk people?" but madam drag Ranbir into it unnecessarily. No one asked about who has it if she doesn't? Shame on you kat.

People will get to see Katrina manipulative behavior pretty soon and I’m saying this because I’ve grow up with people that act exactly like her !! Your uplift her while the internet bullies Alia and body shamed her for doing something she loves doing all because she’s a star kid !

Liar woman. She joined Instagram after 6 months of her breakup. She is just wants attention which she gets only when talks about Salman and Ranbir never for her work.

Yes it is Alia for sure!Who has the time n energy to hate someone this much...Alia n karan relax!by the way u cannot duslike any hate comment here.u press the dislike button n nothing happens.Alia has paid PV...

Yes it is Katrina for sure who has the energy to hate someone Katrina relax Katrina has paid pv
Post this

Why this jobless bimbo started taking too much about our Ranbir?

All the comments in Katrina favour are by same person.

I agree, I think it is the same person writing all the hate messages.

Why are you posting the same comment again and again?

Seems like a lot of comments from the same person! Ranbir or Alia sitting there commenting? Hmmmmm.

You are the same person . Calm down. Alia and karan arent free and jobless like Katrina.

who huged her filmfare, is it she hugged him or he came and hugged her

Kat hugged and kissed him at filmfare. She went to his gf and desperately looking at him . Pic is there.

wow got to get a life, go to your fav page and have a happpy browsing, why spoil your brain on the person you dont like

Get a life Katrina. Dont cry. You spread hate on other stars.

Karan and alia needs to chill,they are posting hateful comments here.frustrated souls,kalank has hit their brain.

Calm down kat. I guess zero and thugs failure hit you hard.

Lol someone’s machinery at work in these comments. Clearly either the same person or camp. Shallow people lacking sense.At least be less obvious in your attempts.

Sad, kat PR machinery cant defend her desperation. Hypocrites calling people shallow and senseless. You brought this on her.

Ranbir ran away after seeing her ugly botox and manly face and to see her ugly soul and nature.

Yeah Ranbir ran away after 6 years to fall into a mouse trap

Rk ran to save his life and thank God he escape P Kat trap.

Run Rk run.

Wish Katrina team and fans wouldn't have bashed Deepika for Ranbir. See Katrina is getting it back whenever she talks about Salman and Ranbir.

Poor Katrina. Dated 2 most eligible bachelors but still single as both refused to marry a woman who was p---r and a disloyal soul.

Katrina deserves all the hate and bashing.

She wont leave bhai and rk alone. She knows that her only way to survive is link herself to them.

No.1 article no doubt

Because of Ranbir. he is popular after all. She knows that .

Katrina has given upon Salman bhai after he rejected her and fails to break ilulia relationship with him. Though she succeeded in breaking Vickey's realtionship but his parents warn him against her. Now madam trying to get Ranbir back.

How do you know that?

She cant promote her flop without slandering Ranbir.

One word for Katrina:Shameless.

What the hell? Why is she inviting here on her by cheap attention seeking ways?

Kuch tu sharm kar l kat. Jaan chord de .

Pretentious and fake woman.#desperatekatrina

Katrina is again eyeing the coveted Kapoor surname.

Katrina is again eyeing ghr coveted Kapoor tag.

Salman Salman Salman, Ranbir, Ranbir, Ranbir, Vickey, vickey and vickey. Once a P us always a P.

When you are single at 40 and dying to have a man, you start doing cheap tactics and speaking useless stuff avkit your exes.

Did anyone asked about Ranbir? This despo started taking about him on her own.

Katrina is the only actress who is in need because of her relationships not work

Aww jobless and flop kat aunt's desperation for her Ex knows no boundaries.

Katrina is the most fake, most manipulative, most cunning and A PR queen who plays dirty games.

At filmfare, desperate woman went to Rk, looking at him while hugging his Gf, then hugged and kissed him. Now, talking about Rk continuously. Proves she wants to break Ranbir And Alia like she broke Ranbir and Deepika, vicky and Harleen.

Looks like Alia, Ranbir, Vicky, harleen doodh peetay bache hain jo kat nə torhne ka boldiya tou torh diya.

Kat knows how to beak people. She is cunning and loves stealing. Its common that 3rd party is always responsible for the breakup. Your relationship breaker kat too said this.

Katrina lives, eat, breath Ranbir. She cant digest that he left her after knowing about her dirty past.

First she uses her PR to defame him , post nasty lies about him, bash his family, ruined his career and image and now talking about him and calling him a stalker . Katrina is the worst and a cheap person.

Katrina obsession with Ranbir KAPOOR continues.

Katrina is a liar. She cant be trusted. Ask her to prove it.


Desperation to stay in news. Kuch bi.

Does she has any shame and self esteem? First went back to a criminal who mistreated and insulted her.(she cheated on him too)for career. Now obsessed with another Ex who left her in the most insulting manner and his family humiliated her. She deserves to be treated like that.

Miss opportunist.

Instagram is not a rocket science. Katrina is so dumb and illiterate who dont even know how to use it. Even a 5 year old operate it without any help.

Then kat fans claim that she is over Ranbur and is most dignified. Hahaha. On your face.

Bharat promotions: salman and Ali talking about PC and taking digs while flop Katrina cant stop talking about Rk. Wow. Imagine how bad the movie is.

Katrina Turquote has no self respect, no dignity and no class.

Katrina is a PR queen for a reason.

Katrina is a shameless and a manipulative woman.

Katrina aunty leave him alone.

When you dint have anything to talk about your work, barmouth your ex and link yourself to young actor. How cheap kat is!

Disprina trying hard to get Rk back after sallu refused to take her back. #fake kat

Katrina is such an embarrassment for her fans.

User Katrina using Ranbir to stay relevant.

Why is she talking about Rk? Where are her Fan's now who troll Dp if she talks about him?

Ranbir Ranbir Salman salman. She is so desperate.

Despo Katrina.

Katrina is not over Ranbir.

Attention seeker kattu.

Despo kat continuously talking about her ex Ranbir.

She is a pretense queen

Exactly you don't exist for RK anymore so get over him. Seems likes you find a way to pull something on him, go find some1 n please grow up

Ranbir is such a gossip monger stalker kind of guy...also he sometimes talks so cheaply about women. What do gals see in him?

Haters have no job than commenting negative one every articles on PV

Irony die 1000 times. Katrina fans spread hate on every post . Its KARMA.

Ranbir is brother of gosspi and pout aunty kareena.Noth kareena aunty and buddha ranbir kapoor also puts self praising comments on pinkvilla.

Gold digger changed her surname, became dusky to fool Indians and take their money.

A couple of years later, Alia will be telling what app RK taught her to use.

He’ll introduce her to therapy doctor

There is nothing to be taught. It's so easy dumbo

Would have thought RK had better things to do .

kuch kaam nahi isko....PR relationship with RK and now talking about him simply. fool

Katrina why name drop your ex boyfriend?! Other than to grab eyeballs, move on he has.

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