Katrina Kaif on Salman Khan: If something happens to upset me, he will suddenly show up

During an interaction with a leading tabloid, Katrina Kaif spoke at length about Salman Khan and how he has been a guardian angel in her life.
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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's friendship goes way back in the year 2005 when they worked together in David Dhawan's directorial titled Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya. Since then, they have been rumoured to be dating but neither of them confirmed or denied the news. It was also said that when Katrina started dating Ranbir Kapoor, her friendship with Salman severed. But that wasn't the case, the duo went on to work in Ek Tha Tiger which released in 2012.

Salman and Katrina have worked together in movies namely Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?, Partner, Yuvvraaj, Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai. Currently, they are shooting for Bharat which will be hitting the screens next year. Recently, during an interaction with Mumbai Mirror, when Katrina was asked about Salman being a guardian angel in her life, she stated, "Of course, Salman is a dear friend, and the best, seemingly bizarre thing, is that we may not speak for weeks, even months. But during this period, if something happens to upset me, he will suddenly show up. It's strange because, at such times, I haven't confided in anyone for him to know yet he's there..."



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Katrina was further asked if Salman would know that she's upset even if she doesn't share it with him. To which the beautiful actor replied, "No, he doesn't actually. It's just a strange coincidence and yet somehow comforting. Nothing needs to be said or done, but just the fact that it happens is reassuring. Beyond that, I also feel blessed to have my six sisters and mother who are a great source of support."



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Katrina should marry Hrithik as Varun suggested on KWK. HR is vulnerable but successful and Im sure meeting a sensible person like Katrina would be a much needed change after the psychos he's dealt with in the past. Good change of pace for both. Also Cancer + Capricon = Great match (like RSDP)

kat should propose to salman..with a ring

Ranbir has scarred so many girls for life!! Karma got back to him already as he’ll most likely end up with Alia!

Thank God Salman is in relationship with another woman and Ranbir is with Alia. Katrina can not even promote her movies without taking her exes’ names.

Kat did you followed back Dp ??

Ranbir screwed her for 6 long years and left overnight without even a closure.. it’s the most disgusting and inhuman thing anyone can do. That guy lost respect in many people’s minds. One cannot stoop so low, even if this was out of pressure from your parents. Katrina is only speaking of what she’s gone through since somewhere such acts will leave people scarred for life. Give that girl a break.

When deepika spoke what she went through ,Kat fans call her an attention seeker who wants sympathy and damage rk image and career. Wow double standards.

Ranbir was with Katrina because he wanted to be with her ,he left home regardless of his parent's feelings . During the first flush of romance he constantly praised her, it gradually faded away (all that enthu was over too) & he left because he wanted to leave . I am sure if he really truly cared , he'd still be with her without a care about anybody else's opinion. Agree with everything else u wrote.

Ranbir should break up with Alia and go back to Katrina.

katrina has tried in the last 2 years to dislodge Iulia from Salman but he has definitely moved on emotionally, Salman is not a kid that can be easily manipulated, Katrina left him because he would not settle down and have kids, so she tried her hands on Ranbir but he is more manipulative than her, bedded her and bolted, he will marry but being the selfish Kapoor he is, he will not marry any guy's left overs. This interview is quite insensitive, she should be satisfied with what she is getting now and stop trying to imply that Salman's still has the hots for her, she is now sounding stupid and desperate.She believes she is God's gift to men, that she deserves the most successful men in Bollywood. Hanging around Salman will not sway him, I know for sure he is not marrying anytime soon.

And you know this HOW? Katrina has always been friends with Salma n and his family. If she cheated on him would his family be friends with her? And if she wanted him back is his family going to be friendly to her still? They would keep her miles away.

But does Salman love iulia? If he really does why can he acknowledged her in public or to walk hand in hand as his brother does with his girlfriend. It seems she started getting on his nerve. It's is what it is. He still deeply for Katrina.

Yes he does that's why she lives in galaxy apartment and go on holidays with him and family. It's his personal choice to keep his love live private has he ever acknowledged Kat as his gf? No. Kat should respect Lulia and leave gracefully. He is not into Kat. It's Kat who is after Salman for career and benefits.

We all know Salman doesn't like PDA..has he ever done that before with any other woman he was with?!..including Kat?!...he didn't do that in his 20s and 30s u think that now that he's in his 50s he'll start acting like a teen?!.. many celebs show PDA in public but does that mean that their relatioship really is strong and happy?!..no..we all know that many of these stars only act in public but behind close doors it's a whole different story..personally i think it's a good thing that he's not talking about iulia in public (just like he never talked about others before) so now if it works they'll get married and everyone will know but if they don't then they won't face huge backlash from people after making such a huge deal of their relationship..i like that Salman keeps his personal life private..all other stars get bashed for talking about their personal lives too much especially since these stars scream about privacy, atleast Salman is not playing games with people about his personal life (just because someone's pr constantly spread lies about him, it doesn't make it his fault)..Kat should stop using Salman's name for publicity, it's been 3 long years since her break up if the man wanted her back he would have already so Kat back off and find yourself someone else who doesn't have a woman already..pv please post.

Very true.Kat should find a worthy single guy instead of chasing others bf.Salman is not interested in her.Otherwise Iulia would be in Romania and kat would be in galaxy. Salman is with Iulia.Kat should back off and not attach her name with Salman.

True. As he fondly mentions kat. I have never seen him speaking about Iulia.

Katrina does not want salman in her life... she just thinks of him as a good friend... plus there's an 18 years gap between them.

Oh plz, she's 44 years old. That's why DP asked for her passport in KWK.

How is she the same age as aishwarya. She's probably 37 and not 35. She's definitely not 44.

And even that is not enough for you to show some loyalty.

Same Katrina who told its disrespectful for her relationship with RK even if she takes Salman’s name...we’ll, she learnt her lesson but the hard way!

Katrina talks about certain things/people when she has to promote her movie that's what she is doing.

Katrina will never marry Salman she is very stubborn that way she had mentioned the age gap is too much between them.

Also, why buy the Cow when you can Milk it for free.

Katrina and Arpita are very Lucky to have Salman in their life
He has provided mega help to both of them financially and giving expensive mega gifts.

Guys, get married. You two are truly made for each other. Should have never broken up with him in the first place . And its true, He does adore her.

It is what it is. There is still love there. People can say what they want to,.there is something magical about Salman and Katrina.

They are still together. They never broke up.

I so wish!!! My favourite couple.. why do u think that they r still together??

For some reason Salman adores her.Even in a gathering filled with other women he focuses his attention only on her

That is true. I have made a similar observation. He really likes Katrina. On Sonam Kapoor wedding, Salman entered the reception welcome area and went to greet people standing at the door. The group included Boney Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Katrina, Jacqueline, Katrina's sister, Athiya Shetty, Daisy Shah, and about 4-5 other men and women. Salman talked to everyone but his eyes were constantly fixated on Katrina. It was very amusing to watch.

Wow he even spoke to Arjun Kapoor!


Her desperation for Salman knows no boundaries. This is a reason ranbir dump her. #user Kat #manipulative Kat # shameless Kat

RK is a mama boy,his mother hated him dating deepika and kat,so , even though she is a women and has a daughter and grand daughter they told him to leave her by not even telling her after 7yrs live in relationship! No respect for women ,is what RK was raised with! Karma bus has hit RK and family now!

Once a user is always a user.

I feel so sorry for Katrina fans who scream at the top of their voice that she is dignified, over salmon and is here bcoz of her hard work and talent. Once again its proven that user flop Katrina has no worth without Salman who is her EX boyfreind.

Katrina wants everyone to respect her relationship but this woman never respects others relationships. First, she broke Ranbir Deepika now her next target is Ilulia and Salman. Where are her fans now? Why asked Deepika and others to respect Katrina and her relationships?
post it

Katrina is a user and a fair-weather friend. Such an ugly soul Katrina is!

Salman and Katrina’s wedding will happen soon enough.

How do u know? Wow❤

Hi Katrina. How can you marry our EX whom you ditch? He is ilulia BF. Leave them alone.

Kithani baar wohi bologi, bol chuki ho already TZH time pe, kuch aur dhoondo publicity keliye other than salman, boring dumbo!!!

Kat's comment about Salman indicates that they are indeed a soulmate. Why waiting...You guys should just marry

They cant marry because he is dating another girl. Keep waiting. EX ka meaning dekh lo yar app

kat knows he is the only man in bollywood who genuinely cares for her.

Still, she cheated and hurt him. Now back with him only for BENEFITS. Shows how she is as a person.

Kat wants to breal Salman Iulia.Such a shameless woman.Karma is hitting her and will hit her bad in future also.Cunning botox buddhi

Ya we know how you use people for your advantages .User kat

Kat is showing her true colors..she WANTS SALMAN AND WILL GET HIM AT ANY COST..post pv

and for that she will once again break a relationship of another woman.

Katrina is such an embarrassment for her fans.

Kat n Salman ki jaan ni chordni wali. Iluia should kick disprina out .

Kat is the one who gave long lectures on how exes should behave and maintain a distance when rk worked with his EX deepika. Rules are only for others.

marry him

As he cares. .

Katrina can't even promote her movie and herself without EX Salman. Prove she is nothing without EX Salman.

Then kat fans troll dp when she talks about her equation with ranbir . Hypocrites

Katrina has no self respect and dignity.

Now salman is a dear friend. How this woman changes statements and loyalties according to her conveince. She openly addressesd him as ANYONE SOMEONE.

Now Salman is a dear friend. How cunning user Kat is! She openly assessed him ANYONE SOMEONE.

Katty is truly shameless and manipulative person.

Katrina is nothing without EX Salman. She cheated Salman for ranbir and now back to him only for career.

Kat is on a spree to break Salman ilulia.

Katrina is still not over ex boyfriend Salman. Despo

Katrina is still not over ex boyfriend Salman. Despo

She is so desperate for Salman.

i love you Katrina but please respect the girl he in in relationship with, people shouldn't talk so much about their ex boyfriend it must make the other person uncomfortable and insecure.

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