Katrina Kaif talks about the success of Bharat; says I felt confident that people would respond positively

Katrina Kaif gets talking about the success of Bharat and says how she felt positively about the response to her character since she enjoyed playing it as well. Read on to know what did she say.
Katrina Kaif talks about the success of Bharat; says I felt confident that people would respond positivelyKatrina Kaif talks about the success of Bharat; says I felt confident that people would respond positively
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Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan's Bharat has managed to wow the audiences with the story, and Katrina has been receiving a lot of love from her fans for her role in the show. While the film is inching towards the 100 crore mark, looks like Katrina is sure happy about how things are going and she also spoke about how is the feeling, and she revealed how was it like shooting for the character, and more. Katrina got talking about the opening numbers and she had quite a happy answer to give.

Katrina told DNA how everyone is happy with the response and how the film has been a team effort. She said how everyone has put in their best including Atul and Alvira Agnihotri getting the rights for the remake of Ode To My Father. She added how everyone has been passionate about the film and that she loved the script since the very first day and enjoyed being on the sets. She also added further how she had such a good time playing her character that she knew that the response would be positive given she found enjoyment and connection with the character. 



आप सबको चाँद मुबारक

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Meanwhile, Katrina's happiness is bound to be sky high given the numbers the film has made in the first two days itself. The film also went on to be a record-breaking one for Salman and the actor also thanked fans through a post on social media where he expressed his happiness and gratitude.

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Very mediocre film

Dumb, opportunistic Katrina, useless and worthless, that's it!!

It's beyond me how Thugs of Hindustan bombs at the box office but Bharat is a blockbuster. Both movies are equally horrid.

Katrina was the weakest link in Bharat. It's been so many years but this girl is still as wooden as a tree

Ali is fed up of Katrina and wants to get rid of her. She is using him and refusing to let him go. We are fed up of katrina turcotte too.

Katrina begs movie from Ali and Salman! Ali said that on his interview with Atika and He mentioned that Katrina asks him to increase her role too.

Watch the movie with blank mind, No expectations, no hate no likes and dislikes. Movie is okay not as good as critics are making it out to be. A one time watch. High on emotions, zero humor, Sunil talent is wasted , Salman was good especially in middle age . Katrina looks and hair are horrid, but her getup is different from her other movies with no item songs but Katrina was ok not outstanding or brilliant as her PR, fans and paid critics saying she is. She was weak in emotional scenes, bad dialogue delivery and hindi accent horrible. I thought she will be good as she was damn awesome in Zero. But she has one expressions through out. Her role is meatier than usual ] but poorly written character. Love the scene and cry where Salman meets his sister Tabu in the movie and the partition part is shot greatly.

"A hater doubled with a liar" paid critics han? just go and watch anupama ji's review on film companion. She didn't like the movie at all, but was all praises for Kat and Sunil Grover. Especially Kat as the way she portrayed kumud was fantastic. Now tell me you son of a liar, if she was really paid why didn't she praise the movie and most importantly Salman?( she was merciless with him). But it doesn't matter, we all know u can satisfy a hater only by failing and Katrina of course is not giving that joy lol

Aww Katrina aunty PR is here. Rajeev masand and raja sen even didnt mention Katrina average performance. World knows Katrina is a liar and paid critics.

A lover who has been heavely paid. . Not everyone is a liar like you and Katrina . Katrina was decent in the movie not fantastic. Her hindi was bad and has no expression on her face. You are a son of a liar who can't digest the truth. Critics are paid by her ex . We all know salman paid critics and blind lovers like yiu are satisfy with her average performance making it look like some great. Katrina has proven her haters right. Once again.
Truth should be posted pv plz post

Ali Abbas clearly mentioned that Katrina always asks him to increase her role and begs to be in all his movies. She is after him and he wants to get rid of her. watch Atul Agnihotri and Ali abbas interview with Atika durinb Bharat promotions.

You can never satisfy a hater. Even if you bring them the moon they'll always have something to say against it. So QUEEN keep doing ya things and let them here barking. I know y'all are heart broken because she was phenomenal in Bharat so, I suggest you to Find you a small corner and cry your heart out it will help trust me!

Lovers are satisfy with paid reviews and below average performance. . So called QUEEN cant act. You keep delusional and blind to think she was phenomenal in Bharat when she is below average. I would advice you to go and hide in embarrassment as your idol is a flop and terrible actress whose Ex paid critics just to satisfy his ego to drag PC down. Pity you. Worthless without ex Salman.
Post this

I pity you all for not supporting Salman. He is the only bankable guy in bollywood n u r bringing him down with bad comments. He brings money. The more the money the more movies will get made n so many people will get work. Even srk n aamir went down. So now besides Salman there isn't anyone who can actually bring money. Raju hirani has metoo case against him. Slb makes alot of money but usually his production cost r 150 to 200 crore. Only rohit is now joining the league of 300 crore. Otherwise most of them r 100 crore. Atleast support the guy who can potentially keep the bollywood running.

This film officially declares sallu chacha as the king of trash. Shame on everyone involved in making this film. I hope you all were well paid enough to perform such a crude act onscreen, well done, you did a great job in showcasing your cheap acting skills

The craze the loyalty the Indian audience has for their superstar Salman is so worth seeing...

Kya phookti ho aunty?

Salman Khan is a guarantee success. Katrina aunty you are a flop. So dont fly high.

Katrina ,every one knows it will be a hit because of Salman Khan. Infact rohit film will be a hit because of Akshay. Stop acting like some jotshi.

I like Katrina

hatt beyy .expressionless botox buddhi nobody is talking about you .bhaag yaha se

hahahaha.Sucess ?? Kaunsa sucess ,kesa success

Audiences craze for Salman is so evident...it must be overwhelming for him too to see so much of love for him....their loyalty, their enthusiasm their bond towards him never fades, never drops.

The story is very heart touching and it sticks with you even after leaving the hall.

Salman Khan leaves his charm.He makes Bharat's journey even more interesting.Unlike Tubelight,this time he beautifully portrays emotional scenes.u'll feel for him in the climax. (2/n)

Finally watched Bharat

The story is simple but charming. It's a complete family film with lots of emotions which makes u cry sometimes & time to time It also gives big smiles on ur faces.

I already watched Ode to my Father but still this movie makes me Emotional. (1/n)

Kar was great in the movie! Love you Kat

Ufffffffffffffffffff when both of them will marry.

Never ever

Salman looks good with every actress but with Kat there's always something special after so many times they still look fresh nd real on screen.


Jealous Katrina, we dont want you in Inshallah.

I wish Salman and Katrina get married.

Keep wishing desperate Katrina.


Dear despo Katrina stop begging your ex to marry you.

Blockbuster jodi

Salman and Katrina’s wedding will happen soon

In your dreams desperate Katrina

Salman make babies with Katrina please

Wait, Katrina will soon start begging her ex Salman to marry her and make babies with her.

Salman make babies with katrina

Salman get married to katrina

Katrina stop begging your ex to marry you.

Get real trollervas Katrina deserve better than salman I feel

Salman deserves better than Katrina the USER.

Love love n more love to u gal

Well deserved... for all your hard work and all best for sooryvanshi

In her mind, she thinks it’s because of her bharat is successful hahahaha. Gal STOP! All this because of Salman khan stardom and that’s it. The film is boring. They should be grateful to Salman khan stardom.

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