Katrina Kaif thinks Salman Khan won't clash Inshallah with Sooryavanshi; says he loves Akshay Kumar

In an interview, Katrina Kaif was asked about her film Sooryavanshi's clash with Salman Khan's Inshallah. The actress stars alongside Akshay Kumar in Sooryavanshi. Read to know what she said.
News,salman khan,Katrina Kaif,akshay kumar,Sooryavanshi,inshallahKatrina Kaif thinks Salman Khan won't clash Inshallah with Sooryavanshi; says he loves Akshay Kumar
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Katrina Kaif will be seen alongside Akshay Kumar in the film Sooryavanshi. The actors will be seen on screen after almost 10 years. Directed by Rohit Shetty, the film will hit the screens during Eid in 2020. When the makers announced the release date, everyone was amazed as Eid is usually reserved for Salman Khan. Salman and Alia Bhatt starrer Inshallah will have the same release date.

In an interview with DNA, Katrina Kaif was asked about the clash between Sooryavanshi and Inshallah on Eid 2020. The actress is quite positive that Salman Khan won't let his film clash with hers. Katrina said, "Salman loves Akshay, he loves Rohit. He will always be supportive of me in the work place. So, I don’t think he will let his film clash with Sooryavanshi." 

About working in Sooryavanshi with Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif said that she is happy to be back on sets with Akshay and Rohit. The actress added that when she was standing next to Akshay on the terrace to shoot the photo they shared on social media to announce the film, she was genuinely happy.

Currently, Katrina Kaif is busy with the promotions of her upcoming film Bharat. She stars alongside Salman Khan in the film.

Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Bharat also stars Jackie Shroff, Sunil Grover, Tabu, Disha Patani in pivotal roles. The film will hit the screens on Eid this year.


this wonam knows how to use but6 sadly only salman sir is too nice and always used by her.
she didnt mind that akshay working with rashma witout thinking of my sallu?

What immature people..Yup I am a big kat fan..Haven't ever been to Deepika's page coz am genuinely not interested...Do u have so much free time in hand that instead of admiring your fav..you r bizzy trolling other actresses...I love kat n sorry darling am way more educated n elite than some of jealous dp fans who themselves feel inferior n in their complex try to pull other's down..Comeon darlins go n buy fair n lovely ,apply n relax..

Stop lying kat fans. You people always visit Dp page and troll her and other actresses including ilulia. You also drag Dp on kat page as you cant praise kat without bringing Dp down. Dp fans are more educated and classy than jealous Katrina fans. See what kind of words they have used for other actresses and for Disha. Kat fans are jealous , insecure and always try hard to bring others down. Come on dear go n buy olay natural white , use botox and relax.
Pv post. Dont be biased towards Dp . Be fair to all

Salman is more over man than Ranbir will ever be and DP fans will always feel salty towards Katrina

Lol Katrina fans changed their tunes. You called Salman a criminal and a murderer. Kat fans always salty towards Dp
Be fair to both the sides and post

DP fans love coming to Katrina's post they can get over Ranbir just like DP can't even though she is already married

Katrina fans love coming to Dp post and bring her on kat post. They cant get over rk and Sallu just like kat though both men are committed to other women.
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Kat fans loves coming on Dp pisrs they cant get over Salman just like kat even though he is dating another woman.
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DP fans love comparing apples and oranges. For one when people question DP about Ranbir it is because it doesn't seem mutual as she seems to be the only one clinging to him. I can't imagine Salman snapping Katrina's wedding like Ranbir did with DP and two unlike Katrina Deepika is married. Also Salman genuinely cares for Katrina even if it is not romantic.

Its kat who always clinging to Salman. Lol kat will never marry so no point of snipping the wedding. Salman doesn't care about loser kat. Rk is friends with dp and Rs

Wish Katrina fandom would have behaved maturely and sensibly and wouldn't have bashed Deepika about Ranbir. So Katrina dont have to face the music now. Infact Katrina too created a big issue about Exes working together. Now facing its consequences.

Katrina deserves all the hate. She and her fan club always spread negativity and spit venom on other women.

Salman probably is scared!

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haters are burning as she is working and happy in life unlike despo DP

Deepika is not a despo like Katrina. She is happily married and also working.

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Ppl commenting her on PV need to get over Bollywood relationships. like the Bollywood stars care about anyone’s opinion. Shut up ppl her on PV and live your own lives as if these stars have personally done something bad to you idiots.

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Katrina: I am a sucker, I am a sucker of my ex-lover!!!
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She should first leave suryavanshi then to prove her love,friendship and loyalty to salman

She is doing a movie with Salman. Why wouldn't she talk about him. N usually its the media n press who ask her this. Just like media always ask Salman bhai ap shadi Kab Kar rahe hain. For a change media should start asking this to Katrina. Kat n Salman eternal bachelors for life.

Media asked her about the clash between the movies not about Salman. But she said he loves Akshay, he loves and support me blah blah. When Dp talked about Rk when she was asked about him and working with him, you guys have issues. Alia is working with Rk and media too asked her about him, you people bash her. So its KARMA.

Clash btw Salman+slb n rohit+akshay+kat?! Right!? She did answer appropriately then. She mentioned all the people in the clash. N ppl should get over the fact that Kat went back to Salman. Yes she did. She had no option. Ranbir planned to isolate her n she wanted to continue in the film industry. N if Salman was ready for the rescue then she took a sensible decision. Yes she had to kill her ego. N yes she had to take the burn of coming to Salman. Let's move on now from this. It's not like she is defending it. But she is mature enough to deal it.

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Uhmmm no. I said Ranbir n nepo gang wanted to isolate her. N Salman was a big enough name to stop that isolation. Nobody would have dared to take panga with Salman hence she could continue in industry. Of ure saying oh Salman nə hi bachaya then yes unfortunately bollywood works that way. No merit. Only the powerful survives. Even anushka went to virat cause she knows nobody would mess her name once she is with virat. The world number one batsman. So if u remember how Ranbir was mansplaining Kat in every interview. This was in front of media. Imagine behind the scene what he would have done. N Katrina is not a v. Smart person that way. More of a heart person. Even then she use to be quiet. Never gave him back like kangana. Which actually worked in her favor. People concluded Ranbir to be the bad one.

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Yes. Its shameful for bollywood that an outsider needs a godfather to survive. Only kangana is fighting against the odds n look what everyone is doing to her.
If Kat is such a chess player then why does 80% of the industry is friends with her!? Rohit, ranveer, Alia, aditi, shradha, varun, Aditya, arjun, Akshay, Vicky, Neha, Priyanka, Saif, kareena, sid, Sonam, anushka n alot more. N these r just celebrities. Behind the scenes people like Yasmin, anaita, Daniel n alot more r in praise of her. U r deluded if u think people don't like her. Yes she is professional in her work. But she is friendly. Anand L rai use to say Katrina lights up the spirit on the sets.
Anushka name could not be bad mouthed as she is married to virat. That is what I meant. But if u remember when she was dating virat n hadn't disclose it KJo on kwk tried alot to bring her down with her lip suction thing. That is the problem with bollywood. Always target the outsider. She is protected by virat. Kat by Salman. Dp by slb n ranveer. Only kangana n Priyanka r true survivors. Usmai bhi Priyanka had srk to support.
Kat was brought into the industry by Salman so naturally he has a major role in her career.
N it was the behavior of Ranbir which irritated the audience that he keeps mocking her. Thrashing her. Acting as of she is dumb n a liar n bad person while Kat remain silent.

Miss opportunist.


Bhansali has yet not started the shooting of his film and he usually takes almost 1.5 years to complete his films. At earliest best he will atleast need one year of film. Bhansali is not a director who runs to complete films in time limit. Most probably Inshallah will release on Christmas next year or Diwali.

Can't understand why women get bashed ? If Katrina talks about Salman, she is trolled. If Dp talks about Ranbir so she is abused. Whenever Alia speaks about her man, people thrash her. I am aware that this bashing for Exes started by Katrina fan club. They mercilessly troll DP for Ranbir,later her fans reciprocated it when Katrina talked about Salman. Grow up guys. All these women are at peace with each other and with their Ex. Why nobody trolls these men when they say something about these women?

Katrina fans had problem when from deepika talking about ranbir because katrina was dating ranbir and deepika talked about his boxers, smell, said she will always be special for him and he won't marry without her permission and his wife has to deal with their special bond forever. Deepika used to talk about dhoni and yuvraj too but kat fans didn't had any problems. Now that katrina isn't dating ranbir anymore they don't have any problem with Deepika talking, hugging, kissing or sleeping with ranbir.

Katrina fans still have issues if Dp talks about rk. Recall how kat hugged, slept and kiss rk when he was Dp bf. Also, rk called dp his saal chawal, special person, wants to be a god father of her kids, and raj nargis of this era. Kat too said whoever's marry Salman has to deal with her presence in his life. . You dont have issues about kat sleeping with ilulia Bf and her ex neither had one when she slept with rk who was Dp Bf at that time.
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Being a kat fan ,I feel she should stay away from Salman and stop talking about him. She gets a lot of hate because of Salman. I know it's due to few kat fans who bashed Deepika for talking about Ranbir but her fans should realize that Deepika's happy with her hubby .

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Question was about movies and she started Salman bhajan.

Oh behen ab to bhai ki Jaan chord do.

Bhaijaan, I am a autowala at bhayendar, bhaijaan apne ko katrina hi bhabhi lagegi.

What she means really is that salman's her puppet. She dumped him for RK got him humiliated and he still pays her rent and keeps her career afloat.

She is not over Salman.

Question was about two movies . Inshallah is produced and directed by Bhansali ,but desperate woman start talking about Sallu.

She could have said makers as its SLB film but no . She cant stop talking about her ex. Disprina.

Salman Salman. Despo Katrina

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