Katrina Kaif thinks working back to back with Shah Rukh, Aamir & Bharat costar Salman Khan is a coincidence

Katrina Kaif's huge film Bharat alongside Salman Khan has been released today. The actress has worked with all the Khans of the industry. Here's what she said about her experience.
News,salman khan,Katrina Kaif,aamir khan,shah rukh khanKatrina Kaif thinks working back to back with Shah Rukh, Aamir & Bharat costar Salman Khan is a coincidence
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Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan starrer Bharat hit the theatres today. The movie is an official remake of the Korean film 'Ode To My Father'. It is based on the history of India through the life of an ordinary man. Fans are really excited to watch their bhai's big film. Katrina is one of the actresses who has worked with all the three Khans (Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman) of the industry. The actress was asked about her experience of working with all the Khans. 
In an interaction with Zoomtv.com, she said, "Love your work, passion for your job, it's cinema. It's the love that they have for their stories and their story-telling, that's my biggest takeaway." Kat further added, "They are all doing phenomenal work. I mean, you never know. It's just one call away, right? I am keen to work on a good script and with a good director and that's the same way it goes for honestly, the fact that I have done films back to back with Shah Rukh, Salman, Aamir is a pure co-incidence. It's the call that comes, you like the script, you like the role and you take it up. It's not like I have said no to a film with someone else to do that film."
Katrina also said, "Now what I see after Bharat, my first focus is that I hope the audience has the same reaction to the film that I had to the script, the way I really loved it and I am very open to hearing any script. You know, it does not matter to me who is in the film, that's not the way I have ever chosen my films right from the time I did New York with Neil Nitin Mukesh to whoever is in the film is not my call. It's the director's call you know. I want to do characters that are new to me now because I feel that I have done a lot of the showmanship and the glamour." 



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Wasn't babita kumari a glamorous superstar role ?Kat did that role with a kind of perfection but it was not some out of league role.

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She's right, it is a coincidence, she happened to be the only one available at the time. Salman wanted Priyanka, SRK wanted Deepika, and Aamir probably couldn't care less, she was an item girl.

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