Katrina told me I should take up an acting course and see for myself if I enjoy it: Isabelle Kaif

In an interview with a leading daily, Isabelle Kaif spoke her heart out about her Bollywood debut and how Katrina Kaif helped her choose this career.
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Katrina Kaif's younger sister Isabelle Kaif is all set to make her debut opposite Sooraj Pancholi in Stanley D’costa’s directorial Time To Dance. In an interview with a leading daily, the actor spoke her heart out about her Bollywood debut and how Katrina helped her choose this career. 
"There were some offers that weren’t so great and others where the makers wanted to start immediately, but it wasn’t possible for me to leave everything and shift here within a month," she started off her conversation with this note when asked how many project was she offered after Dr Cabbie. 
On the rumours about acting in a Hindi film that have been in the limelight for long, the actor said, "I would be so confused about those reports. I would be like, ‘Which are these films that I’m doing and why don’t I know anything about them?"
When asked about taking up an acting course before entering the showbiz, the actor said, "I liked acting, but I was always shy. So, Katrina told me I should go to college, take up an acting course and see for myself if I enjoy it. That would help me get rid of the shyness too. Because getting on set and finding out that I don’t want to do this would be a little too late (laughs). So, it was a conscious decision."
"It was after I did my first play. At that point, we were just a week or so into the course. When I acted on stage, it was a different high for me. We were hitting every line perfectly and ended up getting a standing ovation. I just knew this is what I had to do, in whatever capacity I’m allowed to," added Isabelle. 
Isabelle also is drawn towards action just like her sister Katrina. "I don’t think I’m the funniest person in the world, so comedy scares me a little. People laugh at me rather than with me (laughs). I have always veered towards drama, maybe because in theatre, it was so much prevalent. I have done epic love stories, classics and I have enjoyed that space. I’m also drawn towards action.  One of the first classes I had signed up for was action. There was stage combat where they teach you how to fight, sword fighting and stunt training, etc. Katrina is amazing with action."
How did she come on board for Time To Dance? On this, "Discussions started when I was in the US and had sent some audition tapes. The makers asked me to come over to Mumbai. Around the same time, a leading cosmetic brand was looking for a face and they signed me. Later, I met director Remo D’souza and everything fell into place. That’s when I decided to commit full time to the job and shift here."
"Sooraj and I train for almost 10 hours a day. We are doing 12 different dance forms and each of them has a different musicality and technique to it. I’m excited because we are trying to do some cool drops and spins in this film. And I am like, ‘Sooraj, you better not drop me because if you do, I am going to limp back and kick you!’" added Isabelle.
Isabelle said, "As a kid, I was drawn towards Jazz, Modern Ballet, Hip Hop and Tap Dancing. Today, I’m definitely a better dancer as compared to my school days. Hip Hop makes your moves sharper while Bollywood dance gives you fluidity."
"Although we dance in every single film of ours, we don’t have something like the Step Up franchise. It was Remo sir who created the ABCD: Any Body Can Dance series and his movies have done so well that I feel now is the right time. People are interested in the genre, so it’s just about delivering a good film that they can connect to," Isabelle said and signed off. 
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Katrina is looking beautiful.

Yaar mera bp na badhao! Behen Issabell and maata katrina, jao yaar yahan se. Lisping queen, hindi to seekh nahi paayi aajtak. Jacqueline se seekho kuch. Kitni jaldi seekh gayi wo.

Why didnt her sister then try for Hollywood? After going to such a prestigious school? I am sure she didnt have any visa problems like Indians do cause she is not Indian.. She could have gotten her GC and stayed in LA and worked there..

She tried with Dr. Cabbie, which Salman gifted her. Then she tried her hand at being a model. Both of those options flopped in the US. Now she is going to piggy back off Salman and her sisters name to make it in BW *but I highly doubt she will taste success* Her sis and her just need to move on to something else.

Lol Kat fans calling rk and others a nepo kids. What is Kat and Isabelle?they are products of nepotism as well. Kat is here die to her Ex Salman and her sis coz of Kat. They are nepo products too.

Oh HELL NO!!!!

Please dear lord, take these untalented people away from Bollywood..I keep repeating the same thing, white skin just doesn’t work anymore..we need some real talent..I saw Isabella s movie mr. Cabbie...acting simply isn’t for her..

she is ughhhh....

I hate to say it but I would much rather have Karan debut someone than have another wannabe Kat. She is already enough and her sis can't act either.

lol so Kat is telling her sister to act when she herself never took any acting classes but did workshops for the first time during Fitoor. Hhahaha both of these sister are the same. Giving interviews and acting like we are so private yaar. Whatever. Salman should have stopped after her first debut, Dr Cabbie as she was bad in that. He should have let Kat's career flop too. Both are NOTHING without him and seriously have no talent. Let the real desi girls come in.

My thoughts exactly. How I wish the directors and producers would take into consideration your comments. Gosh Bollywood..stop with these sisters already. So tired of seeing Katrina all over..and why does she STILL get the big films?!

She is still geting big films because of Salman

It’s bad enough for her that people will for sure compare her to Her sister, but debuting with Sooraj as the lead will not get her far...besides I did watch her one movie with Kunal Nayar and it was awful...sorry no thank u!

Haha katrina advising isa to take acting classes lol!!! Joke of the day ,,,,User sisters she didn't even took salman's name ,Where salman will redo his best song in her movie and still trying make people .This really shows how manipulative they are .

Maybe Katrina should have joined acting classes too. So funny!!

The University she went to has an extensive acting course, but many star kids or people with connections like her and Ranbir will throw money at the uni, not attend any classes, do drugs, party and return to brag about 'studying' acting at college. I call bullshit on this.

Ranbir is a good actor, could have given other example

Ranbir is a meh actor with a string of flops. try harder, rk PR.

She is a storyteller. Why would anyone call a white talentless girl in the USA to work in BW? means who is she?

Agreed, all actresses from BW are nothing in HW.. maybe used as pretty props but they don't matter there much. Each Indian girl in HW is used just to attract Indian audience and revenue.

I wish Kat practised what she preaches. 10+ years main bhi she hasn’t been able to act at all !

Yeah, like RK who promises no more 'college boy' 'cryboy' type yet he's doing that skit in most of his movies. Or lies about stopping cheating and boozing, doing some white.. gold. Constantly promising to change his 'acting'.. to be a 'better man'. Laughable.
As for kareena and kjo and their gang, I wish they stopped promoting zero value nepo kids and hounding every outsider out because they so jealous and fake.
They all promise better things yet the gullible people swallow their lies.
All RK followers are like 'cutiepie' 'hottie' etc..lol, but if they'd every get with him and get an ..illness, get cheated on or become depressed like DP.. then what would they say about nepo kids and their lies?
All nepo kids are a lying sack of nonentities, pushed on to the gullible cinemagoers by these nepo gangs.

Nice lecture Katrina.

Isabelle doesn't look too Asian & I do think she's left it a little late for a Bollywood career where youth is queen for the actresses.

Is this one also a Kaif with the invisible Kashmiri father. I thought this one is a Turcott.

I tried researching hit wall of vagueness. A lot of kids, close in years, no specifics about whose father is whose, Kaif phantom where, yikes

One report said Mom taught ESL in different countries; bevy of children close in age; story vague who fathers are; one report said Kat is the only one w dad a Kaif; Mom seems nice; I cannot figure out Turcottes; I give up

Yeah her mom was also some NGO and lawyer, Harvard graduate, and social worker according to Kat. I think the NGO thing is right but I also think their cult has some part to do with it. I don't trust this family.

According to Katrina she was 17 and was studying engineering then quit to become a model. The reality is she never finished school and on Koffee with karan she couldn’t even do simple maths. If was studying engineering she should have been able answer such a basic question. She lies and then belives her own lies!!

Which proves she is full of lies and can't keep up with her own stories. She even said she was about 8 when the Berlin wall fell in 1989 so she should be about 36-37 years old already. No way a 17 year old would be allowed to do Boom. And what irks me is no way her parents would allow her to come to India at that age when she has no relatives to stay with as she is not even Indian. She is so shady.

According to Kat she never went to school but home schooled in an interview during znmd.

Lol! This is hilarious. Katrina advising for an acting course is like Salman telling people not to run over people or killing Blackbucks.

Kat at least is pretty and good at action scenes and dance, unlike nepo kids bombarding our screen that don't even look the part and are acting as bad, or worse- like the criminal you mentioned..

Kat is not pretty but average looking with tibs of work on her face. Lol she is mediocre in action scenes. How many action films has she done? Before calling sallu a criminal think twice coz so called popular and pretty Kat is nothing without him. She needs him to get movies and fame. Truth should be posted plz pv don't ignore n biased towards salman

Why dont these sisters go back to london.

Because in London they are the most average. No one will give them a second look

Katrina kam thi jo ab uski talentless behrn bhi agyi.

Shut up and leave Salman alone. User sisters.

Kat over enthusiastic PR need to calm down.

We care already sick of user Kat and her attention seeking tactics now her talentless sis is following her.

Liar. She get the film coz of her sister EX Salman

lol yet they NEVER give him credit... why he boder to help them i dont understand

Not a single person from the crew is giving statements expect desperate Isabelle to keep her in the news

Katrina n kbhi khud toh acting class li ni

Her movie hasn't hit the floor and madam giving interviews every other day.

despo PR article

Why didn't Kat take the acting lessons?

publicity hunger sisters

Isabella needs to get bangs on forehead. Her face looks little long. That will make it more proportional. Dressing sense is too plain. Should get inspiration from disha patani.

Golden words from Meryl Streep. Bollywood is blessed to have such a acting legend.


Katrina should have taken acting lessons in the first place. She has tortured us with her hideous acting skills over the years.

At least she is pretty and good at action scenes and dance, unlike nepo kids bombarding our screen that don't even look the part and acting as bad or worse.

She is NOT pretty and average looking even with tons of surgeries and BOTOX. Sections scenes are mainly done by body doubles and she hardly done 2 action films. As far as dance she is an overrated dancer who can only expose and do vulgar steps. She can't do classical dance. Trurh should be posted plz pv

Sure, rk and kareena, the grapes are so sour !
You have to realise that you don't have to be a fan of her to like her looks. I don't care what she did or is doing, she looks good, to me, on screen, and has a badass body and a good dancer. That's all that I am interested in. At least she isn't a waster nepo kid like you lot.

Ok kat. . Btw you are nothing without EX Salman. Post pv

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