Kedarnath Mid Movie Review: Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput’s quintessential romance is the highlight

Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput’s chemistry is the highlight of the first half in Kedarnath.
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June 2013 had the worst of nightmares come alive in the form of Uttarakhand floods. No one would have ever imagined that their lives would be changed forever. Kedarnath is a place where many tourists go as they have an instilled faith over Lord Shiva. Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan is a movie based on the Uttarakhand floods, but the director has infused the love story of a Hindu Pandit girl Mandakani (Sara) and a Muslim boy Mansoor (Sushant). The movie begins with the scenic view of Kedarnath, and soon, we are introduced to the main characters of the movie. 

Sara Ali Khan’s character in the movie is no less than a rebel who wants to redefine all the norms. The first half focuses on the character development of Sara and Sushant. We get an idea that Mukku is feisty, whereas Mansoor is calm. Sara and Sushant’s chemistry is the highlight of the first half. If you are a big fan of the quintessential Bollywood romance, Sara and Sushant’s chemistry won't disappoint you. Their kiss takes their light romance to the next level. 

Wondering if Sara has made the mark in the first half? Well, then yes, she has! She is a strong actress and Sushant also puts his best foot forward. In the end of the first half of the movie, we are yet again asked to consider the differences between the religious beliefs. Mansoor has been targeted for not understanding the faith that the Hindus have in Lord Shiva and in the land of Kedarnath. 

The upper Hindu authorities want to open new lodges in the land of Kedarnath, but Mansoor is of the view that it’s not right to add burden the land. 

At the end, we can say that both Sara and Sushant are good as actors, but writing seem to be the weak factor as it becomes pretty much predictable.

The second half will focus on the big disaster and how religious differences will create an issue between Mukku and Mansoor. 

Stay tuned in for the full review!


Sara took over , excellent work

Sara finally is here to stay

Sara rocks

best of luck team kedarnath

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