Koffee With Karan 6 Episode 4 Highlights: Katrina Kaif on DeepVeer; Varun Dhawan on his wedding

In today's episode of Koffee With Karan, Varun Dhawan and Katrina Kaif were at their candid best. Check out all the highlights from today's episode.
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After Alia Bhatt-Deepika Padukone, Akshay Kumar-Ranveer Singh and Aamir Khan, the latest episode had Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan as the guests. Well, when two talented and popular actors are sharing the couch, one can definitely expect a lot of gossips and entertainment along with a hot cup of coffee.  The fourth episode by far has been the best episodes of this season!

From talking about their equations with their co-stars, their relationships and their careers, Varun and Katrina were quite honest and their candid best on the show. The surprise elements on the show were Salman Khan and Varun Dhawan's parents, David Dhawan and Karuna Dhawan. Even the rapid questions by Karan to both the celebrities were hot and well, the best one did really win the hamper. 

Here are all the highlights from today's episode:

Varun Dhawan confirms he will marry Natasha Dalal

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal have been dating each other for quite a long time. However, the Badlapur actor never officially admitted and the duo is a couple. On KWK, when Karan asked the question, Varun confirmed that he and Natasha ARE a couple and will get married soon.

Katrina Kaif on Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor's relationship

Since the day Alia Bhatt started Katrina's ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, there have been reports about how Alia and Kat's friendship has soured. When KJo asked Katrina how is her equation with Alia now that she is dating Ranbir, the Phantom actress said that they are good friends and it wasn't tough for her to accept Alia and Ranbir's relationship as it doesn't concern her. She said that her equation with Alia, Ranbir, and Deepika is individually different.

Varun Dhawan on equal pay for Katrina Kaif

Varun Dhawan and Katrina Kaif will soon work together in Remo D'Souza's upcoming dance film. In today's episode, Varun said that if Katrina Kaif doesn't get equal pay, he won't do the movie.

Salman Khan's advice to Varun Dhawan

As Remo's film will be Varun and Katrina's first film together, the former asked Salman Khan what should be kept in mind while working with her. In a video, Salman Khan gave a long and fun list and one of them being Katrina can make one dance until she doesn't feel the step is perfect. 

Katrina Kaif expecting an invitation from Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh and Nick Jonas-Priyanka Chopra

Katrina Kaif said in today's episode that she is expecting wedding invitations from both DeepVeer and Nickyanka. She also added that she knows she won't be invited, but she is excited and wants to get dressed up for these events.

Well, we really enjoyed watching today's episode. Did you enjoy Varun Dhawan and Katrina Kaif's KWK episode? Let us know in the comments below.

This Day That Year



Odd episode varun seemed annoyed with Karan. Karan seemed uneasy with Kat his face said it all when she was talking about relationships- after all he only wants spicy one-liners to grab headlines not philosophical rambling..lol. I wish he would understand the only people who care about ranbir and aloo are aloo neetu and himself.

I liked this episode. Kat, after a point, got annoying with her constant need to talk. She kept talking when Varunn's father was speaking. So full of herself. And while her quotes on love seem quite mature, I hope she gets rids of her insecurity. Varun ...I like the way he held his own. So sick of Alia and RK - two most boring people on earth.

Seems like varun is annoyed with alia and the whole situation

Yes more than kat Varun seemed annoyed with alia.he always has told her to stop all dese stuff many times but she is too dumb what to do.he does not like the whole situation at all.his face said so much when Alia rk stuff was spoken off.

Was i the only one who thought Varun seemed a little bitter towards ranveer-deepika?

Karan’s theme is so repetitive and so are the guests. What’s the point in talking about Alia in every apisode ? The guests have to try so hard to be as fake as possible because of the way the host acts.i have stopped watching it long ago

karan and alia always have an agenda. and alia stay in Bollywood...you don't suit Hollywood cause you lack world class and a real personality. no looks either. always fakig relationships..while her contemporaries like she calls them are getting married to real bf's.

Varun tune dil jeet liya iss episode mein.Meri respect badh gayi hai tere liye jab tune Karan aur RK-Alia ko koi bhaav nahi diya.

Varun is not scared of Kjo , he has a reputed Director/Producer father and brother and he himself is hit among the public. He does not go with Karan's flow. I think he dislikes Bollywood shady gossips .

Varun & Katrina are class while RK & Alia are crass.

Varun bhai aapne toh Karan ko chup karake kamal kar diya.Jo baki koi kar nahi paya woh aapne kar diya.Love you for showing Karan his place.

Varun is getting so much accolades for his KWK statements.His good nature makes me want to forgive him for all his dumb films.

i feel KWK was reinvented for alia and RK...i mean seriously, the show is frivolous and making them happen and talking about them in every shw to all the guests is mind numbing. But i am not a fan of Kat, I liked the way she conducted herself and also varun. Actually so far, this was the one which was atleast little interactive and words coming out of peoples mouth.

Kat pretends to be every one friend but don't have friends to call nor any single friend of her pick up the phone. Haha Haha

Kat has No ONE to call. The one she called didn't pick up the phone. How awkward.

Really? Sonam call her back, but she didnt see it

I feel that Varun genuinely does not like Alia at all

He needs to stay away from that relationship user.The only reason he tolerates her is because their jodi is loved.

He doesn't like Alia when she is doing fake drama.

Varun shut down Kjo so bad when he tried to bring up Alia & RK's relationship.Kudos to him for not dancing on Kjo's tunes unlike baby Bhatt.

Salman bit was the highlight. Varun came across sweet and Kat seemed nice. But this show has become very boring as Kjo's questions suck big time including rapid fire. Does anyone know who was Kat referring to as her gossip source and Kjo said he gets from same source?

Jitesh pillai - filmfare editor


I really think Salman and Katrina need to get back together. In my eyes, she was honestly watching with adoration and love like she was gonna cry, and was throwing in fake laughs to stop it, he just knows her inside and out with everything he said, they were really cute.


This was probably the best, cause Karan specifically set this episode up for Alia-Ranbir... putting their "exes" together and asking "How do you feel about that?", he really wanted to break the Internet... and Varun and Kat just SHUT HIM DOWN. My respect for them like shot up so much, and I KNOW Alia and Ranbir can outact Varun and Kat ten times over... that doesn't mean they don't suck, and these two handle themselves with class.

Kjo is the nepotist-in-chief. You brake some up and you make some up to suit you.. You are despicable to say the least..

Ugh this Katrina is TOO annoying! Zero talent she is a glorified background dancer but thinks she is most brilliant, beautiful, etc person to ever step foot in India. She irritates me too much but I have been enjoying the episodes so decided to give it a watch. She talks WAY too much, interrupting rudely to try and seem smart and also the fake laughing at Salman's clip, wtf?? Woman you are pushing 40!

VD is a nice guy..a little competitive but a good soul

Most boring episode. Kat us eww. Dumb and unintelligent .

Katrina is such an headache. Talk too much but nonsense things.

Kat is a theif. Her friends too said it. Steal bfs, clothes, shades and all.

Kat was so annoying throughout. She didn't let varun speak.

Kjo was really mean to Kat when he kept calling her a thief, and said no one was picking up her calls. Not cool.

Karan was easy on her- by including S as an alphabet of a person she can call, she should have easily called Salman. Instead she tries to call Sonam?!

Yeah because KJo wanted her to call Salman so he can tease Kat and Salman again. She called Shraddha and Sonam on purpose.

He is just scum that man

How's karan mean to Kat? He didn't call Her a theif but her friend mini did. Karan said she ask before taking things. It's not his fault if No ONE picked Kat phone.
Post it Pinkvilla plz

Omg Karan stop trying to make aloo-bir happen it ain’t happening, literally no one cares!

It was so boring. cannot stand fake katrina

I really like varun he may have done a lot of dumb movies but he seems like a nice guy. I used to think he and alia looked cute but am glad he’s not with her he deserves someone simple sweet and non filmi.

I like Varun. He is genuine. Alia pr and kjo pr tried hard to ruin his reputation. But Varun showed them the door. Well done , I feel Varun is moving out of kjo camp and Kalank can be his last movie with Dharma too

Did anyone of you feel that Varun took some digs at Alia throughout the episode.

Varun knows Alia inside out.Toh obviously he will take digs at her for her fake relationship.He is not scared of Karan.

ppl say that but don't think soo. when kat said she hates her because she doesn't work hard to be that good or something I took it as if she meant alia is naturally talented and doesn't need to put so much effort for her talent. that's the way I took it but I could be wrong?

Yeah. Honestly... I don't think he likes her very much. He stays quiet because he knows she's the Kajol to his Shahrukh or whatever in Dharma-vision, his most popular pairing, and he makes a ton more money when she's his heroine, but we don't know what he REALLY thinks about her. Clearly he couldn't stand the fake "Varia" crap anymore.

Yes I felt.its obvious Varun is hurt by all the rk alia stuff going on.he actually had feelings for alia.why alia is so stupid to hurt varun like that.

yup he seems pretty done with her.. when kat lowkey referred to how alia gets everything easy

VD stood up for KAT was karan was trying to focus on her single status/aloobir... she doesn't need Ranbir or Alia.

Karan is the worst.. he obviously knows Natasha is not a "friend"!! Glad Varun was totally honest and protected Kat with the screw everyone comment!!

That is nice of Varun, and wishing him loads of happiness with Natasha. That is his day 1, and even with all the fame he is still with her and plans to marry her.

Katrina will never insult Alia or Ranbir, she has been that way her whole career. I think the only time she was able to say what is in her heart was the GQ interview she did a few years back. Even if she doesn't care for Alia, she will never admit it in public. Having said that, Ranbir has never and will never be worth it. Alia, Katrina and Deepika were and are really out of his sleazy league.

Katrina really looks pretty in that picture, she just needs to stop messing with her face. The are plenty women who are in their 40s that still look great. Kareena will be 40 in 2 years and she is still a beaut. Kajol, Aish, Shilpa, Rani, Karishma all in their 40s and still looking beautiful, and look at Madhuri, the woman is in her 50s and looks stunning.

The only good thing about this episode was Salman.

varun was really cool

Varun is indeed a lovely guy

I'm a DP fan... and was impressed with Kat here. looks like she really doesn't care about rk/alia... as she shouldn't. varun was awesome

kat seems to be in a happy space, what she said about relationships made sense. she's always been with salman or ranbir and now she's finally on her own. Hope she finds someone who treats her right!

When kjo asked about alia/ranbir, kat's face said it all.... so cool for varun to cut kjo's crap

I really feel bad for her Kat wanted to settle down with RK but Ranbir didn’t see her as a good wife and a mother

Kjo is nosy little shit stirrer .. he does nothing for others but for himself.. like varun said live and let live .. everyone has moved on..kat is dating Salman more like friends with benefits .. ranbir is forced into future arrange marriage with the women his mom loves .. deepika is married to a man for the sake of settling down ..wow this is depressing.

Lol. You're absolutely correct ! In fact, this might be the most accurate comment I have read.

Was actually impressed with Kat here.. she looks like she really doesn't care for Ranbir, in her head she's like thank god and knows there is no comparison between her and Alia.

Karan tried to so hard to plug in Alia/Ranbir and loved how Varun cut it short with "screw everyone" came across as very genuine!

Poor kat dying to be invited by Dp and PC.

DP wont be sending an invite to Kat and we all know why but why Kat thinks her friend PC wont invite her?

No one wants any negativity and a bad omen on their happy day . So no one will invite KAT at their wedding.

Kat cares about DP and expecting an invitation. Does she have any shame to even say this? why would DP invite her after what she has done to DP?


DP wont invite her. Dp knows Kat is a relationship breaker. She broke her and RK now eyeing RS.

haha so kat knows she WONT BE INVITED still expect an invite.

Man on the part where katrina and varun had to quickly call people to say "hi Karan its me" my heart sank, her face, it's like she had no one really to call....

Katrina was giving lessons on life whereas varun overacting all time in order to increase the trp, that's Wat he stated for his weird behavior. Totally it was so boring,kwk is getting boring by every episode

Kat don't stop talking, interrupting, trying to sound over intelligent, Varun needed to pee n acting like 2 year old, seriously on this episode even Karan seemed smarter than Srinivasa Ramanujan!!! baap re baap

Varun took some shots at Alia. I thought they were on good terms. I guess not

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