Koffee With Karan 6: Hey Hardik Pandya, your views on women are misogynistic and problematic

Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya appeared on Karan Johar's celebrity chat show Koffee With Karan along with K L Rahul. His disturbing views on women and 'black culture' showed his problematic and racist side.
Koffee With Karan 6: Hey Hardik Pandya, your views on women are misogynistic and problematic
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Karan Johar's Koffee With Karan usually has Bollywood celebrities sitting on the couch, sipping on coffee and churning out hot gossips. However, on the episode that aired on Sunday (January 6, 2019), KJo made a change in his format and invited two top Indian cricketers - Hardik Pandya and K L Rahul. Hardik and Rahul have made their spot in the Indian cricket team and many young men and women look up to. So, it is quite obvious people expected the episode to be fun and their favourite cricketers talk about something big and impactful.

But the episode featuring these cricketers turned out to be a HUGE disappointment. Hardik Pandya's opinion and approach towards women was like that of a typical misogynist and sexist person. The way he talked about treating girls he dated, not asking them their names, stalking them on Instagram and telling his family to which women he has "done" with was very problematic. I cringed and got mad at his statement when he said he doesn't ask women their names in clubs because he likes to watch and observe how they move. 

By mentioning how he adapts his style from the 'Black side', he showed that his views are not just on the misogynist side but extremely racist. Hardik Pandya surely must have adapted to the changing cultures thanks to MTV or Channel V post he rose to fame but him crediting the 'Black side' - for those unaware he meant African Americans- only goes to show his lack of vocabulary and also his ignorance about cultures. 

Karan Johar and K L Rahul laughing off at his 'funny and cool' attitude towards women, which was full of objectifying them, treating them as sexual objects were disheartening.

In the time where women are fighting for equal rights, safety and to make the Me Too movement strong, it is upsetting how men in power are openly talking about mistreating women. You might not agree to these points, but Hardik Pandya's attitude and behaviour towards women is problematic!

In a country like India where cricket is the second religion, it is all the more disturbing to see Hardik Pandya's attitude towards women. Considering his public stature and the wider reach he has worldwide (especially the youth), Pandya is clearly not setting the ideal example. By talking about women like they are mere objects for his desire and normalising stalking, he has set the wrong tone and we deserve better idols.


Each one to his own but sad demise of class in Indian crocket

I guess education has still got some relevance!

Get a life! N leave them alone... It was jus fun sake, stop making everything about gender inequality

His name says it all... describes him perfectly!

I am so glad you put this one up. We must condemn this cringeworthy attitude displayed by Hardik. Talking about cheerleaders, girls at discs, observing how they move, and oh my god telling his family “Aaj mei karke aaga hai”, I mean wtf? People look up to cricketers in this country, and they do carry the responsibility of carrying themselves (if not as great men) at least as “humans”

Easy to blame a newbie cricketer but how about writing an article on Akshay, Salman, Ammir, Ranbir, Arjun, etc.. who have spoken similar things and practice it publicly.

Karan I thought "koffee with Karan" was about class...this someone called hardik pandya proved me wrong..ur show will require a rating now..

Usually boys from Gujarat are well mannered and understanding. Sorry girls

I know right. I feel so bad.

I didnt like his attitude towards education as well.

I too think it was problematic as well as misogynistic! The way he boasted off his rude behavior towards females was so disturbing!! And the fact that no one halted for a second to remind him he's wrong disturbed me more!

I grew up in 90s the cricketers then were gentlemen... I don’t watch cricket anymore and after watching this episode started hating cricketers even more

I cringed throughout the show.. but i guess the most crige worthy moment (which i guess many people missed) was when KL Rahul Kjo and Hardik Pandya were talking about something concerning with the players hitting on the same girls and Hardik actually said something like “nai nai jisko jo chahiye woh leke jao.. like terko chaiye tu leja..” suggesting as if the girls were objects and these players were passing them around according to their own wishes. He just personified objectification of women, chaivinism, sexism, misogynistic attitude. So pathetic.

In KL Rahul’s defence, when they spoke about what happens if both guys like the same girl, he said in that case the girl herself can decide. It was Hardik who said no no we decide ourselves.

Kjo called Hardik for a reason and that was what we saw. Kjo will not call some player with clean image. It's all about sensation for him. I hope girls stay far from this dirt bag.

What an ugly face and even ugly mind. He look like a pimp, dress like one and talk like a pimp too. the cricket board should fired him ASAP. No one wants to watch him play.

Kjo did a good thing with this show actually. THAT STUPID ***HARDIK IS EXPOSED FOREVER NOW !!!!!!

Who is he? He looks ugly and like a black gangsta.

That's actually a question. kJO IS kJO, Hardik is Hardik....ok....but at the end...WHO editted the show and permitted it to be aired ????? There are many brains behind all this no ? So why nobody, men and women, put a stop to this ? They did it for AIB no ?

I truly thinks Kjo did right showing this show, i wasn't aware of such things in crickets, now, the whole world knows about that and the reputation of some players will be put in dirt. I actually think it was intentional. Why Kjo would invited especially this one among hundreds of cricket players ? Now, people who adored Hardik earlier will hate him forever. He deserved it.

Seriously DISGUSTING KJo show should be banned.

1. His parents, brother and sister, if he has any, are to be completely blamed for such parenting. "Who have you done it with", "great, you did it today" - shows the sick mentality of his parents and family. These are the kind of people who top domestic abuse and treat women as objects. The mother esp. is pathetic to inculcate such "teachings" in her kid
2. Education system sucks, so degree and marks are not crucial, but Har-Dik (as he calls himself), shows education - whatever quality, however little separates humans from unhealthy prepetrators
3. Pity the likes of Esha, Urvashi who had to date him for whatever their circumstances
4. Wish safety for his future wife and inlaws
5. HE is a textbook example of all fame and quick money gone to head. Indecent behavior and speech = quickly leads a person to their doomsday, there are several IPL cricketers ruined due to this

Whoever you are but it shows your upbringing too. This person you are bashing is definitely cringe worthy but have you thought that when a guy who is a adult misbehaves its always his Mother's fault but when a girl does anything good or bad her father is never ever blamed. Whatever the case blaming the female in the family for every bad habit and behavior. Kindly place blame on the adult who inspite of all never realize their mistake and improve on their male chauvinist thinking.

And people make ONE case a gender issue, SERIOUSLY?!? Dont generalize. This guy is as problematic as his parents.
Several cricketers have been excellent humans. But this person, all of 23-25yrs when one grows in majorly family dominated environment and here you absolve his family of their sins.

If only, parents stood up and mothers slapped their kid at the wrongs they do, the country would be a safer place. Instead, her mother (being a woman herself) is joking and boasting asking this obnoxious son "kis kis ke sath kiya" "aj karke aya", and back slapping him who "I dont ask for names, I observe how she moves". THIS behavior of family and society thinking this behavior is "cool" is the real why sons grow up as rapists and abusers.

The son is at fault obviously, but the family itself promoting a stalker and his sexually aggressive tendency is the worst thing possible. Imagine, every family promoting their sons like this, the entire country will go to dogs

I'm a die hard cricket fan.. I waited fir this episode too long... But after seeing that i was like what the hell is this?? Totally disappointed!!Lost my respect for them..With Sachin,Dravid,Dhoni,Raina and many we are loosing good cricketers who are very good humans too.

Well he is NOT educated, dint finish his school. Leave him alone. I really feel there is a problem in his head.

Dignity and class vanished with the likes of Dravid, Kumble and Tendulkar...

if i was the host i would have just showed him the door. he was very disrespectful.

Honestly people living in the public eye should have some basic decency.

There are people like Kohli in the team who is boyfriend/husband goals and then there is this. Sigh.

Sick guy !

It was so yucky to here him say to his parents about the girls he dated, 'this, this, this, this etc'. I as a woman felt so ashamed to hear something like that. Karan has a baby girl too. Is he endorsing such kind of a behavior. No doubt, a lot of uneducated people behave this way, this is what no education would do. What should his parents, siblings, relatives, cousins be thinking about what he said on national TV. I will definitely watch out for all the male cricketers who want to be associated with this pandya boy. Karan lost his magic touch on his favorite coffee.

I cringed throughout the show wake up people this is how are making celebs by your crazy love Hardik padya seriously.... Even though most people like coffee with karan i feel like it's really unhealthy in so many ways.. rating the actress, actors come on.. Karan is making all his mediocre dharma products famous using this show constantly making other actors(not from dharma).. Please people boycott this show

What an ugly guy he is. Yuck!

He was quite annoying to watch being a woman as his comments on woman was quite harsh and he acted like a total uneducated brat which he really is. I understand that most of the sports, artist, job don't need a validation of education but there should be a new rule. I pity woman who has to get married to guys like this who thinks they're doing a favor by either dating or marrying you or giving you kids by providing you money or luxury but lacks real value of humanity, love, affection, care.

Yeah., that was cringyy as hell. sayin' that " I feel the same bout all" like seriously dude.his segment was just blah

Is it possible he's not media savvy and doesn't know how to mask his views? Ranbir K seems shit to me but he knows how to use his words carefully. That's what being an A-lister usually is. You know how to cleverly mask your problematic views.

Totally agree with this post. The episode should be banned and the 3 men should start with a public apology.

Exactly parents need to be addressed who encourage such behaviour. He is openly saying it with attitude thinking it makes him cool. Sooo uncouth and Karan should have shelved the show instead. This encouragement is What some men thinking they can get away with anything. What sort of example are we teaching the young India? And why isn’t pv buttons not working?

He always come Across as thug and full of attitude.

Kjo did what needed instead. The guy is now exposed and hated by everyone and thats only what he deseve ! Now, for Hardik statements, what can you expect more ? This stupid explains himself, live, that his parents are absolutely ok and encourage his behaviour !! So it's obvious that the " cool " guy doesn't see nothign wrong in that, nobody had explained him before !!!

Iski shakal dekho.Shakal se he chichora lagta hai cheapster

The guy need someone to help me going back to normal asap. His parents created a monster. It's not really Hardik fault, like tons of guys, i'm usually very angry at the parents who should better be sterilised.

What would you expect from this uneducated guy. In some ways he reminds me of Kambli, who got distracted by all the fame and lost his cricketing career.

Education doesn’t make a person nice.. there are lots of sweet and well-mannered uneducated people.. it’s in your behavior to the outside world and that’s the only thing in your control..

Mysogynist, racist, homophobic, i realize now Karan maybe wanted to expose him to the world so people can see who this trash of human really is. Karan is sometimes annoying for sure not i don't see him promoting something like this. At least, the guy has a full reputation now, well done KJ.

What more can u expect from this exceptionally unread guy pathetic

Thank you so much for this post.

Thank you so much for this post.

it was cringe---yyyyy!!! hardik is disgusting!

come on leave him alone

Wow kudos to pinkvilla !! I was also disgusted and being a woman now will be unfollowing these cricketers and the game..

I felt uncomfortable throughout wondering if I was the only one thrown away with his antics.. Guess That's why it's so Important to be educated as that is where your mind channels to the right directions.. This dude has made a complete mockery out of himself as opposed to Rahul kulkarni who on all accounts came across as decent all thanks to his friends insufferable antics..

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