Koffee with Karan 6 highlights: Karan Johar's students Tiger, Ananya and Tara keep it fun on the couch

Today's Koffee with Karan episode had two debutants and one of the most terrific dancer in the film industry -- Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday, and Tara Sutaria.
News,Karan Johar,Koffee With Karan 6From spilling beans on their personal relationships to imitating each other, the students left us smiling.
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Karan Johar was back today with his weekly dose of entertainment and fun on the Koffee couch. Today's Koffee with Karan episode had two debutants and one of the most terrific dancer in the industry -- Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday, and Tara Sutaria. These new batch of students surely gave us one of the most entertaining episodes and proved that they are definitely ready to step out into the world of films. From spilling beans on their personal relationships to imitating each other, the students left us smiling. 

Check out the highlights of today's episode:   

Karan Johar's revelation

Before Karan Johar could introduce his guests, he revealed that he made Student Of The Year with Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra because he was going through a 'mid-life crisis' and wanted to make something fun and young.

Tiger's thoughts on his contemporaries

On being asked about his successful films, Tiger said that in 2018 he really felt the power of the box office. He also shared a tip that his next co-star Hrithik Roshan offered him. "A star has to work twice as hard as an actor," was the advice given to me by Hrithik, said Tiger. He also said that other actors like Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra cannot do what he does and vice versa.  

Tiger denies dating Disha Patani

Tiger was asked whether he is dating Disha Patani, he said, "We don't talk about it that much. Am great friends with her and I love her company. We are keeping it at that. We have similar interests and I don't have very many friends in the industry. She is one of the few friends I have and whom am comfortable with." On their Sunday lunch dates, Tiger added, "Walking out of the restaurant every Sunday holidng the bag for her makes me look better." 

Ananya Panday on her KWK debut

She says, "I have played rapid fire as a child. We, Suhana, Shanaya and I, have a WhatsApp group named Charlie's Angel and we discuss everything in that. Who wears what and play rapid fire with each other." 

Ananya on nepotism

Karan tells Ananya that there is a section which thinks that you shouldn't be here. To this, she replied, "I agree with this section because I haven't done anything to be here. There are so many people out there who are talented. Am just lucky to have got this. Am so grateful to you. I feel like I have to work even more harder now."



A fresh batch of students on the couch, next week on #KoffeeWithKaran. #KoffeeWithStudents

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Tara on not being an insider to the film industry

Tara says, "People have been welcoming. Am very reserved and shy at parties but otherwise people have been very welcoming otherwise.". 

On Tiger doing a film with two pretty women

Karan asks Tiger does Disha feel insecure about him doing a film with two pretty women? To this, Tiger replied, "I think she trusts me and not that we are in a relationship." The girls revealed that they have met Disha and that the duo are very similar.  

Karan quizzes Tara on her relationship 

Karan asked Tara about her relationships and asked her if the buzz around Ishan Khatter was true. Tara replied saying, "Ishan and I are childhood friends. Am single now and he dropped in for my birthday because he was invited." She also clarified that she is  not dating Rohan Mehra from the film Bazaar.

Tara Sutaria and Sidharth Malhotra

During the show, Tara hinted at having a crush on Sidharth more than once. When she herself said that she has a crush on an ex-student. The previous students, Alia, Varun and Sidharth, had messages for the current batch. During the rapid fire, Tara said that she would like to have coffee with her neighbour Sidharth Malhotra.

SOTY 2 director makes a fun revelation about the girls

Director Punit Malhotra said that Tara and Ananya are inseparable. During the film's shooting, they once got really drunk and Ananya proposed to Tara and she said yes! Whereas, he revealed that Tiger never obeys his instructions. Punit also posed three questions for Karan in regards to Tara, Tiger and Ananya:    

Someone needs a small hotel room? The answer was Tiger. The actor admitted that he does not like large rooms as he cannot sleep alone. He said, "I sleep with my mother at home."

Someone calls me with a cuss word? The answer was Ananya. She revealed, I was timid and fragile, so to toughen me up he used to tell me to abuse."

Someone has a crush on another student? The answer was Tara. She admitted to having a crush on an ex-student.

Rapid Fire

Before the rapid fire could commence, Tara, who also sings professionally, sang a song. For Tiger's rapid fire, he revealed that he considers Hrithik Roshan as his competition. He also said that he wasn't a born dancer but only took to dancing five years ago. Whereas Ananya said that she wants to be present on that date where Kartik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan would be going. Tara, however, played it safe and was quite diplomatic in her answers. Well, the winner of the rapid fire was the youngest student Ananya Panday.

In the game round, the actors were tested on their millenial slang and general knowledge. And Karan had to ask the question of the decade: 'Who is the president of India?' Thankfully, the students knew it all. Tiger, who was pitted against the girls, won this round.


most boring episode and karan was right that tara was so diplomoatic

The more i see Ananya, the more she looks just pretty ordinary kind of girl next door! Just ordinarily pretty not extraordinary to deserve this kind of exposure on a larger scale!

Damn Tara is so desperate for Sid but I guess Sidharth will not marry any of these Bollywood chicks, he will definitely gonna settle with a girl outside the industry & the only thing that is stopping him from tieing knot is his current low phase which he definitely gonna overcome, he is definitely working really hard & I don't know but is Tara a liar, I mean from where all of sudden Sidharth turned out to be her neighbor bcz in his b'day she literally landed in a big car, seriously girl is looking really desperate, Mr Sidharth Malhotra u better run.

If Sidharth has slept with you twice doesn't mean he is dating you, grow up girl

Sidharth date Tara pls pls she has already said in front of everyone that she loves you she is so hot and talented and u both would be a stunning pair

Tara u are a beauty and u have an amazing voice u have so much talent. next bollywood star

.She said she have a crush on ex student
.Sid is her neighbor too..
.She chooses him as
more hottest
.she called him
mmmmm, It's Sid or Sid? ^^

What an obsession girls have on Sid, leave him breathe fgs

Tara baby Sid is mine kbye

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