Kriti Sanon on winning Nothing to Hide Award: I don’t see why this is surprising

Kriti Sanon and Shahid Kapoor win Nothing to Hide Award at the recently held Screen Awards. It led to people on the social media making fun of them. Now, Kriti reacted about the memes made on her.
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Recently, social media was left in splits when Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon received Nothing To Hide Award, at the Star Screen Awards. People started trolling the award show and also created a series of memes on Kriti.
When a leading tabloid asked the stunning beauty she stated, "As long as I am not asking someone to give me an award, it [the win] is fine. If I am given an award, I would be humble enough to accept it." 
She further said, "This award connects me with my fans. I don’t think I needed to respond to this, but a lot was written about the win. Besides, nowadays, there are different awards being handed out, including one called a 'Youth Icon'. So, I don’t see why this is surprising." 
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Meanwhile, on the work front,Kriti is all set to be seen with Diljit Dosanjh in the movie titled Arjun Patiala. According to a leading daily, the movie, which is a slice-of-life comedy is about the height difference between a couple. The fact that the woman is taller than the man in the relationship will for the crux of the movie with the element of humour in it. 
When Kriti was asked about the plot, she said, "My character will be showcased as someone who is taller than the average women. Hence, she is also taller than Diljit’s cop. So, this topic might be touched upon. But it’s not the crux."

Credits :MidDay


Nothing to hide huh? What about rumours of Siddarth Roy liaison ?


Kriti does have a point , these days awards are handed out on the stupidest of pretexts , (sometimes on no pretext at all) for things rarely to do with acting ! What does 'Nothing to hide' even mean ? Is it salacious ? Or about her personal life ? Or interaction with fans ? Whatever it is , it's not for the acting !

Nothing to hide yet hiding secret Affair !!

Is she defending it? She can't but she has to

She comes up with stupid statements. Youth icon is so diff than the stupid “ nothing to hide “ award. Lolzzz it’s the most nonsensical n ridiculous thing !!

Actually, she makes a valid point. The "Nothing to Hide" award (which is a ridiculous name) was apparently an award for connecting with fans through use of social media. What is the Youth Icon award? Connecting with the youth as some form of role model. Most of these awards have very little to do with the craft of acting, so most of them are frivolous. You can't blame an actor for graciously accepting an award they didn't ask for and were probably surprised to get. People should be questioning the state of the award system in general, not mocking the recipient.

She has won a best debut award too. Get your facts right

May be that's the only award she won, she is defending it

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