Light up your lives with the brilliance of Jaquar LED lights

India's most trusted brand and an expression of aesthetics and efficiency, Jaquar, with its new range of products aim to bring an early Diwali.
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India's most trusted brand and an expression of aesthetics and efficiency, Jaquar, with its new range of products aim to bring an early Diwali. Staying true to its concept of 'Light up your lives', Jaquar brings home light in all forms, be it for commercial, outdoor and decorative purposes. Be it your home lights, chandeliers or decorative lights, the brand promises various range for all its potential customers, catering to all sections. 

Here is the full range of lighting that Jaquar offers:

From an energy perspective, they represent the cleanest, brightest, softest lights and are designed to suit the taste of the millennium. The brand has roped in Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone as its brand ambassador who takes us through the entire range of products. The video shows Deepika being led on by LED lights by Jaquar to the terrace where she receives a surprise welcome by her close friends and family. 

About shooting for the ad, Deepika said, "It was wonderful to discover such a wide range of beautiful LED lights for every imaginable need! Jaquar Lighting’s products are energy-saving, long lasting and Made in India too! Brilliant!”

With the Jaquar light at your workspace, home or elsewhere, the product speaks of sheer brilliance. 

What are you waiting for? Go light up your lives, driving away the darkness like never before with Jaquar lights!

This post is in partnership with Jaquar Lighting.



Good makeup done

Who cares

Hope she gives free bulbs to the poor from the millions she has

While some fake relationships to get eyeballs, a mere ad from Queen DP is the top post effortlessly! Deepu missing you from the big screen why are you not coming out with any movie soon really we miss you...

With millions she has,she can donate thousands of light bulbs to poor people

Heard that she's very rich, how many crores ?

This is the Deepika touch - in the end when she repeats "ya" to the little girl, her expression and warmth and cuteness it's all so wonder she is the Indian female celeb with maximum number of Twitter, Insta, and Facebook followers...she's just so endearing...cannot help but smile and like her.

Such a preety ad. Can't get enough of it.

Wow ! One just wants to stare at Deepika.

Deepika looks like a dream and she is so good with kids.

I will buy this bulb for KJO, target audience reached... !!!

They should have given a chance to a new commer

Who cares

Deepika has got to be the queen of ads. Her ads are so adorable and/or heart touching. It can't be a coincidence, can it? Maybe she gives her input to these ads, hmmm

Lovely ad. and lady !

The camera adores Deepika.

Deepika is the best, so beautiful. She has such a pretty smile and her eyes express so much

Ash also looks wonderful on camera

With good makeup and every actor is beautiful

NOPE ! Not true at all.

Deepika means "Light". And she can brighten up a room with just her presence. Sorry for being cheesy, but what a perfect choice for a lighting brand.

Ya! she can definitely lighten up a broom.

Expert,profesional makeup and good lighting can make any girl brighten a room

Have seen them try it with lots of other girls and the end result is not the same. Put a little love in your heart and just admit that she is special.

Have a big heart for others too

She looks gorgeous...


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