Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Taimur Ali Khan accompanies mom Kareena Kapoor Khan as she votes in Mumbai

Kareena Kapoor Khan was snapped with Taimur Ali Khan in Mumbai today as the actress headed out at a polling booth in Mumbai to cast her vote for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Check out the photos.
News,Kareena Kapoor Khan,Taimur Ali KhanLok Sabha Elections 2019: Taimur Ali Khan accompanies mom Kareena Kapoor Khan as she votes in Mumbai
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The voting for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections started in Mumbai today and a lot of citizens headed to polling booths to cast their votes. A lot of Bollywood celebrities were snapped in the morning today as they stepped out to cast their votes and fulfil their duties as a responsible citizen.

The stylish mother-son duo of Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Taimur Ali Khan were snapped in Mumbai as the actress stepped out to cast her vote. Taimur was looking quite adorable as he accompanied his mom at the polling booth. After casting her vote, Bebo posed showing her inked picture to the shutterbugs.

Other celebs like Priyanka Chopra along with her mom Madhu Chopra, Tiger Shroff, Kangana Ranaut, Madhuri Dixit, Varun Dhawan and David Dhawan, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao were also snapped in Mumbai as they cast their votes today.






On the work front, Kareena Kapoor Khan will be seen in Good News which also stars Akshay Kumar, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani. The film will hit the screens in December this year.

Kareena will also be working with Irrfan in Homi Adajania's Angrezi Medium.

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It is so easy to judge someone, pass judgements. She looks depressed, she is not maternal, etc. PPL try to put yourself in a celebrities shoes to be scrutinized 24x7 each and every time you step out... How do you know that she does not sing and play with her child that she does not put him to bed or check on him 10 times at night... Those are their private moments if they display you shout if they keep it private you shout... Anyone will have the same damn depressed look when they step out and have over 100 ppl following or gazing you at each step you take... If you don't like her then it is perfectly fine... Why even waste time on reading the article, looking at pics, analysing, commenting... Move on do better things in life... When you pass such negative comments it proves that deep down you are jealous of the life they have....

Someone said about working hard to earn money... Please try and lead a life like movies stars for a month... Workout daily, eat only prescribed things not what you crave, be scrutinized all the time, how much sad you might be from within still smile and dance... Take after take... Several times...

Everyone be it a bodyguard or a prime minister, everyone's job is difficult don't try to portray that you work hard Nd they get it all easy...

Still looks gorgeous


Strange body shape. Why does she look like she’s posing every time she’s with her son.

Wow which is the tree which are her legs. So looks so bulky wait down. I. Don’t think she should wear those style jeans. Don’t these people have stylists that are honest and true.

His mums has handbags that’ll buy out India yet the kids wears the same t shirt every day, his face is swollen strange cuteness.,

I think someone should create a Facebook challenge with signatures not to watch her films to make her next a flop...this might a) make her humble b) teacher her how hard it is to earn money in the real world and c) become a good mother

Exploiting her son for a photo op. Surely a family member could have watched over him at home while she popped out to vote. This woman has zero maternal instincts, only focuses on her brand value. She's probably never heard of the concept of "a child's best interests".

Was wondering why everyone took their kids.......SRK, Kajol, etc. They must have been asked because that’s unusual behavior on their part.

Those damn nails, they look yellow! Gross

Totally gone mad this lady, nani ki umar aur apne aap ko Sakira samajthi hain! Poo nani

Shahrukh and gauri took their son abram with them too. Why only attack her?

Why bring a kid to the voting booth in scorching heat?? Arre haan, photo khichwaane hai naa...

She's carrying her son, just to show off for paps...desperation at its peak

Gosh she so hated by all... but from just an observer...boy she looks depressed. As a healer her photo is green and blue surrounding her aura. Those staff members are terrified of her there is no respect or regard either side.... and there is no warmth love or care. I’ll google to see who she is now,

Rockstar working mommy

She has funny legs

I am no kareena fan..but you guys are so mean..you are so judgemental that you have problem with everything. You criticise her for not carrying her child you criticise her for carrying her child...I mean whats wrong with people. So much negativity here. Life is already very harsh guys please dont add more harshness. Be kind if possible. Thank you. Love for all♥️

LMAO! Now She is copying Aishwarya after hearing many taunts like not being a responsible mother. But what is the need of bringing Taimur to a polling Booths, that too in a hot summer. He understands nothing. Poor Bebo is shock. She knows now Dabang 3 will f*ck Good news ,then Angreji Medium main just a Cameron and Takht ka kuch pata nahin. Poor Bebo.

Can u imagine waking up next to that face! Lol she looks so depressed maybe she’s got to look after her son all by herself. No help no nannies no party no vacation.

Cut your nails love they look gross.

Y drag a 2 yr old boy to vote ... it’s hot outside oh but wait , how can she miss a photo opp

Pout aunty using son for cheap publicity

Hmm. Today no nannies coz they have gone to vote too. Poor Kareena. Has to carry the baby herself

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