London Confidential: Mouni Roy & Purab Kohli tackle China conspiring a pandemic deadlier than COVID 19; ALERT

Updated on Sep 18, 2020 05:22 AM IST  |  1M
London Confidential: Mouni Roy & Purab Kohli tackle China conspiring a pandemic deadlier than COVID 19; ALERT

The coronavirus pandemic has dampened our peace of mind throughout 2020 and compelled us to stay indoors, within the confines of our homes. The virus which originated from Wuhan, China, spread across the world like wildfire with India having more than five million positive cases. While we're chilling at home busy binge-watching on movies and TV shows, Mouni Roy and Purab Kohli travelled all the way to London post the lockdown and shot for ZEE5's feature film London Confidential, that will centre around the Chinese Conspiracy and a world post-pandemic era.

Interestingly, this is the first OTT feature film to be shot in London post the lockdown. Created by Hussain Zaidi, author of classics like Dongri to Dubai and Black Friday, London Confidential tackles a Chinese virus that is much deadlier than COVID-19. Set in London, post the coronavirus pandemic, there's a rumour going rife about another deadly virus spreading on the borders of China and India with the Chinese Communist Party’s active involvement. Undercover agent Biren Ghosh is able to establish contact with a Chinese source while also prepared to show incriminating evidence against China at the Conference of New Viruses.

However, when Biren mysteriously goes missing, RAW agents Uma (Mouni Roy) and Arjun (Purab Kohli) are in a race against time trying to find out about Biren's disappearance as well as the possibility of a mole in the Indian embassy who is feeding valuable information to the Chinese government.

With such an intriguing storyline that is relevant to today's situation, London Confidential will indeed be an interesting must-watch to see how the Indian agents are able to save the world from another deadly virus, especially after the repercussions of COVID-19 which continues on months later. Whether they are successful or not, we'll have to wait and watch!

Check out the trailer for London Confidential below:

London Confidential is produced by Ajay G Rai & Mohit Chhabra and directed by Kanwal Sethi. Also starring Kulraj Randhawa, Sagar Arya, Parvesh Rana, Jas Binag, Diljohn Singh and Kiren Jogi, London Confidential releases on ZEE5 on September 18, 2020.

Anonymous : I have serious doubts on Mouni Roy too. Something is off about her. Not that talented or good looking to be acting in big films and with big names. Something fishy.
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