Love Sonia Trailer: Frieda Pinto and Manoj Bajpayee bring out a disturbing truth of human trafficking

Director Tabrez Noorani has come up with a horrific tale of human trafficking with his next outing, Love Sonia. The film has an ensemble cast that includes Mrunal Thakur, Riya Siso, Rajkummar Rao, Manoj Bajpayee, Richa Chaddha, Frieda Pinto and Anupam Kher. Watch the trailer here.
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Human Trafficking, Prostitution and the flip side of the glamorous world - we all know about in our day-to-day routine, we blindfold ourselves and ignore the darkness of Mumbai - a place where many come to fulfill their dreams. Now, Tabrez Noorani has come with a hard-hitting tale of human trafficking that you can't ignore as it will completely take your feet off the ground. The film shares a hard-hitting story of a 17-year-old girl, Sonia, who risks her life to rescue her sister from a vicious human trafficking network across India, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.

Going the trailer, the story is about two village sisters Sonia played by Mrunal Thakur and Preeti played by Riya Siso Due to some reasons, Preeti is sold by own family into the dark and edgy world of prostitution. Sonia pledges to get her sister back and in this journey goes through the hell of the dark streets of Mumbai that includes meeting prostitutes, pimps, and criminals. Rajkummar Rao, Manoj Bajpayee, Richa Chaddha, Frieda Pinto and Anupam Kher have played their part brilliantly. 

Check out the trailer here:  

Manoj Bajpayee, who plays a dalaal in the film, recently told IANS in an interview that he hopes that the Central Board Of Film Certification releases Love Sonia without cuts and edits: "I think if Love Sonia will be released without any cuts then whoever will watch it, he or she will get affected and disturbed by the subject of the film. It will make the audience think about that issue so it is necessary to release this film without any cuts so that people will know about women trafficking where small girls are being forced into prostitution."

Love Sonia was named the Best Indie film at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne while actress Richa Chadha, who plays the role of a brothel owner in the film, won Best Supporting Actress prize. Directed by Tabrez Noorani, who also co-produced the film with David Womark and Rakesh Singh, Love Sonia releases in India on September 14.

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I am just wondering why the book (which this seems based on) hasn’t been credited. Maybe it’s a coincidence that it’s the exact same story as a book I read a couple of years ago (I just can’t remember the name right now). But irrespective of that this looks like a very powerful movie, I just hope people go and watch it.

I had the same exact thought when in watched the trailer! I can't recall the title of book now but I hope this isn't plagiarism.

Wow, have tears in my eyes


Loosing a child is like a no other pain.It kills u inside out and having a dad like them feels like burning them's world it feels like "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and torture for a torture."

seems impressive..reminds me of taken.

so frieda's back working in india now??how does she manage to stay afloat abroad with no work??whos her sugar daddy

She’s been working constantly. Check your facts.

these are brilliant actors who deserve more recognition than Kareena's and Alias or khans

yes these are REAL actors! Kareena Alia and all are like damp squibs next to them!

Kareena and Alia are fantastic actors.. I am sure these are good actors.. May be you are paid to write this

Do you work for Kjo & Nepo agency??? Kareena and Alia are only average, and they get the best of the best projects so its not that hard to shine! pathetic you indians

Calm down Son, are you frustrated that you are not the part of 1.3 billion or something else

wow a powerful trailer and story

What a powerful trailer. Hits you like a rock. Things that we don't talk about are the most prevalent in this society. Its not just cinema, movies like this make us question our own (in)humanity !

A very hard hitting , disturbing movie indeed . The acting by everyone is so good that it makes you think.......
Why is selling and buying a human being ( most especially when it comes to being sold into the flesh trade ) still not punishable by death in our country ? Why are all the shameful , heart wrenching ,red light areas not closed down permanently and why is nobody arresting them ? Why is it that when stars can champion a cow, they can't do the same for a human being ?

You know why? Because the people who visit these areas are vote bank. Politicians know that. Women and children stuck in that hell are mostly not, so our leaders know who to cater to. A life's worth to a, politician is only that of their ability to vote/ influence votes. What good are these poor souls trapped in a man made hell?

There's always been whispers that the very lucrative flesh trade is connected to influential politicians which may well be true . (This came out in Gregory David Robert's novel 'Shantaram' based on true events). Some articles in Open magazine on Mumbai's red light area and Vox India's article on male gigolos are so sad & disturbing ,these clearly enjoy the support of powerful,unscrupulous people. Social workers have tried to rehab children by sending them to local schools . Inevitably there's a storm from other parents leading to them dropping out and ending up in the same darkness as their mothers.

I thought you were from England?

I don't get the context of ur question but I am an Indian who has been born & brought up in India until I got married (which was late by Indian standards) . I make it a point to keep up with events in India ,a piece of cardboard will not change emotions which are still Indian at heart . My adopted country has been kind to me too where I have the opportunity to meet & interact with India's neighbors - Sri Lanka , Pakistan & Bangladesh making me realize that people from the sub continent are pretty similar & probably would be friends were it not for politics.

Very well said.

Thank you.

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