Luv Ranjan on Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety being called misogynistic: We have become too serious with our films

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety is creating a storm at the box-office and has emerged as one of the biggest hits this year. However, some people found it quite misogynistic. Read on what director Luv Ranjan has to say about it.
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Luv Ranjan's film Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety starring Kartik Aaryan, Nushrat Bharucha and Sunny Singh has become one of the biggest hits of this year. The film has managed to entertain the audience and it is still running successfully in the cinema halls.
However, many people found the film misogynistic. They didn't like how Nushrat's character was shown as a gold-digger in the film. When a leading daily asked Luv what he thinks of his film being called out for its misogyny, he answered, "I think what we have become too serious with our films and try to intellectualise something that is not meant to be intellectualised. Humour has its own space in society, forget films. Political correctness is not always a great thing."
The director also said that if he had reversed the roles in the film, no one would have any problem with it. "We are being too touchy. People just generalise everything. I am not saying that women are bad. I am just telling you the story of three women who were wrong. Are you trying to tell me that half the population of the world (women) is all good?" questioned Luv.
The director said that if his film Akaash Vani would have released today, it would've worked well. He also thinks that it is a feminist film.
Luv states, "If for people PKP and SKTKS are misogynistic, I believe Akaash Vani is a feminist film."
"I sometimes do feel that if Akaash Vani would have released today, it would have done better", added the director.


Showing Truth is Bitter

Honestly the problem I have is not with Luv Ranjan, its the fact that misogynistic movies like these will mint money because they are funny. If there was indeed a movie made the other way round, it would not work.

Pyaar ka Punchnaama & SKTKS both exaggerate the nagging, controlling ,banshee type woman . The men are childish & don't grow up , they don't accept that commitment & a wife bring with it a change in life for both parties . U simply can't have a wife & kids & behave the same way u did when u were 20 years old with your gang! India is a country where the women are expected (& they do ) to do the major share of compromise in the marriage , so I find these movies silly. The mindset of the country is also why this sort of movie is a superhit ! Why does Sunny not want his friend to be in a relationship at all ? Akaash Vani is a good movie for women with Nusrat as the main protagonist , it may have done better with a better known cast.

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