Makers keen to see Priyanka Chopra as PT Usha in her biopic

Malayalam filmmaker Revathy S Varmha wishes to see Priyanka Chopra play the role of PT Usha in her biopic.
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Priyanka Chopra impressed everyone with her incredible performance as Mary Kom in her biopic. Now, there are talks that PeeCee might star in a movie based on the life and times of legendary athlete PT Usha.
The film is being helmed by Malayalam filmmaker named Revathy S Varmha. When asked about it, she stated to a leading daily, "Priyanka has been interested in the movie from the outset, but in the past two years, she got busy with her Hollywood commitments. Whoever is the actress will need to go through rigorous training and preparations, and will need to keep aside at least a year of their time. Both Priyanka and we are hoping she can find the time."
She further said about Usha, "There have been a lot of struggles behind her achievements, and she had to face criticism and rejection at a time when there were no social media to support her.She was the real face of women's empowerment. I myself have been amazed by what she went through as I learn more about her.We are still in the process of doing the research. Also, music director and singer A R Rahman has been roped in to compose the music for the film."
Revathy added, "Since a lot of graphics is required and we have to recreate the time and place, the production says the budget will come to 100 crore."
The filmmaker also spoke about how Priyanka has always been her first choice. She said, "We are on the lookout for actors to play the roles. Regarding the lead role, Priyanka is our first choice. But we are happy to say that several actors like Sonam Kapoor too have expressed their wish to play the role."
Revathy concluded by saying, "We are not particular that the actors should be from South, as Usha is an international icon. We found that people from Latin America and Africa know about her and admire her, as well."
Revathy also revealed that the film will go on floors within six months.


let's see if Priyanka says yes. She's my favourite actress.

Priyanka is a great actress. I'm sure she would do justice to the role

PC does not have the body and physique for this she is very square and boxy

Haye deepika toh ab tak pahoch gayi hogi apna profile leke in makers ke pass

I really wish PC would come back to Bollywood.

Please stop with biopics.

This movie sounds good but I want to see Priyanka as Kalpana Chawla. Let's see what Priyanka picks

I hope this director gets her first choice for the role, she's been waiting so long for Priyanka!

Im not anyone's fan,It'll b refreshing 2C Sonam play this

wow that would be amazing priyanka although i still cant understand as to why you didnt lobby for padmavati - you were born for that role!

let's judge that when we watch the film but LOL.

Kriti Sanon


please NO to priyanka. either deepika, sonam or radhika.

Everyone keen to cast Priyanka and waiting years for her! she's just that good! Priyanka can rock any role!

Actress, director, music... all on point! This would be a great film whenever it happens

Priyanka is part Malaylee

Thnks for pointing that out, it always gets me that the Punjabi side is mentioned in the press and not the Malaylee

Wow so many filmmakers have been waiting years for Priyanka.

Hahaha, joke of the day. No director is waiting, even this crap isn't confirmed. Bet it's only a rumor by her and her desperate PR because no one wants to work with her.

Lol you're so blinded by jealousy! The directors themselves are saying they've been waiting years for Priyanka. Even this director said she's been waiting 2 years.

Priyanka would do an amazing job

The makers what Priyanka and have been waiting two years for her. Funny how haters want their favs to do it instead lol

Priyanka's acting and AR Rahman's music! This movie would be so good!

PC is fat a f out of shape burger queen alcoholic so no not her . DP is fit a f .

They don't want Deepika though

No, please. PC was pretty great as Mary Kom, but she's already done a sports biopic. I'd rather Deepika. She is the one actress who for some reason hasn't done a sports movie despite having the athletic build and experience as a sports player. PT Usha would be perfect for her!

But the makers don't want Deepika so...

PLEASE !!!!!! She is not in the least bit athletic looking !!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

priyanka will be soon called as 'biopic ki dhukan '

Be it Bollywood or Hollywood biopics are the trend right now and yes Priyanka does get offered a lot of them

Priyanka all the way , if not RADHIKA APTE would truly make this movie shine beyond with her raw acting and she could convince an audience . Not sonam PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE she can't act .

Uff pls Sonam will be great. Hater

This role needs someone with athletic/lean body type...only DP PC or Taapsee come to mind..Kat and Jacky are also in excellent shape but cant act to save their own life..Kat is expressionless and Jacky will ham the running lol..Sonam, no way..Anushka does not look like a malayalee!!!Why arent they considering Kangana?? Pv plz post

Sonam as the running queen PT dont run in designer outfits and louboutins girl...PV plz post

Deepika or Radhika! I think Sonam does well with an ok director

Why so many biopics all of sudden. It just requires a bit of training, i think Priyanka gets into the skin if the character, others are vudhta and kangana, may be kareena but they aren't suited for pt usha biopic

Sonam kapoor? Seriously? P T Usha was 18 when she started. How these 30 something women going to portray her on screen? Why not take a newcomer and concentrate on the production instead of wasting precious money on a star?

I think RV knows best, she has a point of view, a vision for what the story can do and she "feels" Priyanka. I agree with her. I just hope PC consents.

But she doesn't look like that anymore. She looks too white LOL

Isnt PC too old for this one? and Sonam will ruin it anyway. Please look for someone else. MAybe Radhika Apte!!

PC is not too old, dumb nut


PT Usha is malayalee and i wonder how they are going to make authentic biopic without making the actor who play Usha speak Malayalam !!!

Priyanka is part Malaylee... her grandmother was Malayalee

Vidhya essayed her role convincingly in kahaani, kangana in twm2. Both changed dialects. Priyanka is one of the few who can also do it convincingly. Deepika was pathetic with her urdu in bajirao and anushka in jab harry met sejal. Its all about the craft.

Deepika isnt from rajasthan, she wasnt from persia either in bajirao nor the ott tamilian in chennai express. Though she sucked, i dont think its a big deal for a good actor to change dialect eg. vidhya balan in kahaani, kangana in twm2

Everybody wants pc

No one wants PC. Thank god this will not happen for sure!

Just because you wish for rotten oranges means nothing. Nobody listens to morons. Thank God there are not two of you.

Aish and her bad researchs. Stop writing. Btw Mary Com was flop!

And who are you to tell Aishwarya to stop writing. I am just a PV visitor but she is one of the better writers. If you don't like the truth she writes then get off PV and go tweet hate somewhere.

Fits perfect, they could be twins.....lolololol

Priyanka or Deepika would be good. With the "right" direction Sonam would shine but I would really like this movie to come to light. PT Usha was my role model when growing up in sports.

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