Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor undergo a pre marital check up days before tying the knot?

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor were recently spotted at a hospital in Mumbai, and ever since, there have been many rumours doing the rounds about their visit.
Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor undergo a pre marital check up days before tying the knot?Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor undergo a pre marital check up days before tying the knot?
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Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are all over the news over the past couple of months. While it all started with the rumours about the two dating, it quickly escalated to the reports of the duo getting married and taking their relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, their public spottings and going to events together has also raised a lot of eyebrows, but the two remain unaffected by anything that is being talked or said about the two.

However, most recently, the couple was spotted entering a hospital and it has sparked quite a lot of rumours. And well, according to the reports, the two were headed to the hospital for a pre-marital checkup, something that many couples have done in the past and do it as a standard procedure. The reports also suggest that their wedding might be on the cards on the Good Friday and the Easter weekend, as it is called.

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Reports about the duo's wedding have been on for a long time and it is such things that keep adding up to all the suspicions. The reports also state how the family members have kept a week out of their schedule, the date being April 18 to April 27, and if we join the dots, we all can only think of one thing - IT IS HAPPENING after all!

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have they never had sex together?
'pre marital checkup'?

Indians are a joke like this article. What was the age difference between kat n salman..saif kareena and so on. After that how many people hhhave been divorced and hooked up with someone they knew previous shame on so called sites that pretend to enhance women empowerment i know thios won't get posted but whoever reads it should think of whether comments like these are valid or those calling ladies aunty gangs just because they are married and have kids

well its not so much the age gap as much as it is the hypocrisy in what arjun does, given his own opinion of step mother sridevi.

LOL -- amazing article. What is a pre-marital check up? Doesn't make any sense for a couple that's been together for such a long time now. Instead of simply speculating, perhaps it's a good idea for the person who wrote this article to consider improving their spelling.

idk what that means, but i think it's kind of thing when couple check out either they can get children together and etc. it's a really wise thing to do

what’s a pre marital checkup? STD or family history? Ridiculous how people speculate. What if they were there for some other reason.

What the heck, what’s a premarital checkup? Are the getting married or taking out a life insurance policy. Ridiculous. I bet it’s just a PR stunt to get ppl taking about IVF?

Salman khan ko shadi me dance karne ke liye hire jaroor karna

Mona kapoor sacrifice all her life only for her kids...she didnt choose life partner after bony i am not blaming ak relationship..but he should think abt his sister Anushla...after her marriage you can think abt that aunty

I know about prenatal checkup when you decide to start family, that also if you are an older couple ( abobe 30 or 35 ) and that`s also very rarely couples go ,even in usa . Either she started IVF or sarogacy process or botox shots for so called marraige.

wait, what's a pre-marital check up? we are in 1800s?

What is a pre marital check up?

What’s a premarital checkup?

attended by whom ? Her desperate aunty gang with some star presence from Karan and Kareena? Arjun's entire family will give this a miss. Goes to show no-one really approves this hideous relationship .

They don't need yours or anyone else's approval to be in a relationship or do anything else for that matter. They're happy, let them be. Live and let live

Both are adults. They don't need approval from anyone

What on earth is pre marital check up when they are seeing each other for years now ?

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