Malaika Arora has an apt reply for trolls and their negative opinions says, ‘Spare me your crap’

According to reports, Malaika Arora and rumored boyfriend Arjun Kapoor are soon set to tie the knot. A few days back, Malaika had jetted off to Maldives for a vacation and in this picture, Malaika hits back at trolls.
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By now, all the Bollywood lovers knows that Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are dating each other and if reports are to believed, the lovebirds are all set to tie the knot sometime in April. That said, a few days back, Malaika Arora had jetted off to Maldives for a girls vacation and grapevine was abuzz that this is Malaika’s bachelorette trip before she walks down the aisle with rumored beau Arjun Kapoor. As soon as Malaika reached Maldives, she set the internet on fire with her hot pictures- from one monokini photo to another swimsuit picture, Malaika Arora’s social media was literally on fire.

And today, Malaika posted her picture, dressed in a gorgeous floral bikini, but it is her caption that had all our attention as she slammed all the trolls for spreading negative comments and this Chaiyya Chaiyya girl said that she is 43 and happy and has no time for people and their crap. Malaika wrote, “Being happy is a choice .n I choose to be happy ..... also I think happiness looks good on me ...... so keep ur opinions n ur negativity to urself n spare me ur crap #notinterested#toobusybeinghappy#notimefornegativity #tuesdaythoughts#43nhappy.” Well, we totally agree with you girl!

While everyone believed that Malaika is off to Maldives for her bachelorette trip but when Malaika returned to Mumbai, rumored boyfriend Arjun Kapoor was spotted with Malaika at the airport. While we were only conjecturing if Arjun had crashed Malaika’s girls trip, Arjun sealed the stamp as he posted a solo picture from Maldives and thus, providing enough fodder to the grapevine that he had indeed accompanied Malaika to Maldives. According to latest reports, Arjun and Malaika are planning to take their relationship to the next level and get married on April 19, 2019.



SUMMER IS HERE ... n dive right in n cool off.....MAKE A SPLASH!!!!!

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This is all temporary, few years later they will divorce.This Arjun guy is not going to stay with her.

Why to post your vacations and rendezvous, if you only want to hear positive comments. That is not how people and their opinions work. If you put yourself out there, you will be scrutinised

She has put her pictures on her Instagram and you all go there and see her pictures and comment negative things. If you do not like her why do you visit her Insta. Stay away from her then you will have your peace. Sorry for you.

How regressive people are. What does it mean to act according to age? She can live her life exactly like the way she wants. Arbaaz too. We all can.

Well she should spare us the horror and stop with her paid pr pics

Sure Malaika, Spare us your middle age crisis crap.

If she doesn't care at all why does she care the people are commenting? Don't read the comments, like Alia supposedly does :P

Malaika, you deserve this negativity about you. You are knowingly robbing an opportunity for a young man to have his own child while you have your own. You should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of someone’s stupidity.

This old hag is a attention seeker .

She is 45 and 43. We were in the same year at Jai Hind College

Attention seeker,

buddi learn how to be a classy women from karisma kapoof

why lie?? f you are happy and so confident then please admit that you are 47 !! why suddenly telling your 43? by the way, earning money from insigram but not ready to take the nagative comments? why?

Just disable the comment section

Arbaaz lucked out

I have to say if Malaika is getting trolled and she is and they are horrible, disable the comment section. Ameesha Patel had been getting mercilessly trolled to such an extent she just disabled the comment section. Disable them.

She cheats on her husband for years and then gets alimony from him. Now she is flaunting her happiness using his money and humiliating him in public. What a classless human being.

It’s an age old saying that the more a person shouts from the rooftops about how happy they are, the more they have to hide! Malaika enough attention seeking - act your age and behave with dignity, no one wants to be in your shoes!

Old hag

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