Malaika Arora reveals her favourite position and her preference in men

Malaika Arora reveals her favourite position and the kind of men she prefers. Her answers will leave you gawking.
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Malaika Arora is known for being witty and bold at the same time. Her fitness regime is a hit already but her extreme candidness will leave you impressed as well. 
The sassy beauty in a chat show revealed her preference when it comes to men. “Game Night – Bearded Boys – Funny Guy” were her choices when asked about the same. However, she stressed that her favourite position is "ON TOP"
Well, we wonder who fits this bill!
Meanwhile, Malaika and sister Amrita Arora recently appeared on BFFs with Vogue, hosted by Neha Dhupia. The show was filled with hilarious conversations about their careers, families, and their own personal dynamic.
Neha started the show by asking interesting questions to the Arora sisters. She asked Malaika if she is lucky in love or lucky in cards. To this, Malaika replied, ‘’I’m terrible at cards, so I guess lucky in love.’’
When asked who takes longer to get ready, she instantly replied, ‘’That’s simple, my sister!’’ Amrita, on the other hand, replied, ‘’Lies! Actually none of us take longer to get ready, we are pretty much clear we know exactly what we want to wear, we are pretty confident.’’
When Neha asked Amrita the last time she was single, Amrita said, ‘’ Really Neha, you’re asking that?.’’ Malaika replied, ‘’She’s never been single. Never.’’

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Is it only me who finds uncanny similarity in appearance between Holly Halston and Malaika Arora. ??

Why are people asked about their favorite positions and why are people interested? If I'm not sleeping with you I don't care what you like. These questions are unnecessary

So hot

Now I understand why she had to take divorce from Arbaaz. I do not know what to say. She is older than me but she still has so much interest in s**. By this age any normal person would not be that much interested in discussing about these topics.

she is a 44 year old women, you want women to not have sex at that age? any man would be thrilled to have a wife with a bangin bod like that and who still liked to do it. i feel sorry for your partner that you don't. i hope he/she is not getting it elsewhere

Please release a video with a young dude half your age with u on top

Hello Mid life crisis !!!

She is the Hottest Creature to have landed on planet earth. Flawless Woman. Young girls drool over her

would we react in the same way if a male bwd star had answered the same question??.he would have been termed as macho..dnt think we should single her out just becoz shes a woman..

I think regardless to whom the question was asked.. that's a very personal question that should have not been asked to begin with, and also to be discussed publicly. These shows need to have some sense of decency and that question absolutely crossed the show's boundaries.

Stop embarrassing your boy.

Why ask such stupid questions?

Who cares ?????

When you're not getting the level of attention you would like, you resort to cheap ways of getting noticed. For some folks, bad attention is still better than none at all.

She is so desperate. Not maintaining a class not even for the sake of her own son.

Do we really need to know what someone's fave sexual position is ? And will the stars actually reply honestly to such insane questions?

How old is she? Myaaan !!Don't you realize you have a teenage son?

Chiiiii Chiiiiii

Good that Arbaaz and her are divorce

Bearded boys? Is she hinting Arjun Kapoor? Yikes!

Third class.

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