Malaika Arora shares a cryptic post about soulmates; is she hinting at Arjun Kapoor?

Malaika Arora shares a cryptic post on her Instagram handle regarding the definition of soulmate and we wonder if she's hinting at her rumoured boyfriend Arjun Kapoor; Read deets below
Malaika Arora shares a cryptic post about soulmates; is she hinting at Arjun Kapoor?Malaika Arora shares a cryptic post about soulmates; is she hinting at Arjun Kapoor?
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No one has stayed unfamiliar with the on-going rumoured relationship between Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor. The two have been the latest talk of the town and time-and-again, the news of them tying the knot keep doing rounds on the internet. Even though the love birds have not spoken about their relationship freely in the public domain, their closeness on dinner dates and parties and especially on social medias make it evident that something is definitely cooking between the two and it's definitely more than just a fling.

Malaika Arora has shared a cryptic post on her social media handle that reads out the definition of ‘soulmates’ out loud and we can't help but wonder if Malaika has found her soulmate in Arjun Kapoor. The diva, who was married to Arbaaz Khan before, is now happily divorced and ready to start her life afresh. A similar confession was made by Arjun Kapoor as well on the popular celebrity talk show of Karan Johar.

Arjun Kapoor may not have directly revealed being in a relationship then, but talked about being very happy and settled in his life. Arjun Kapoor is so fond of Malaika Arora that he keeps on dropping by her Instagram handle just to drop a comment on her pictures, which may not read a lot of wor6ds, but a simple ‘hmm’ of his says it a lot.



When time stands still #exhale niyamamaldives #niyama #niyamamaldives

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Stop hating on her.Alia short below average man can date ranbir kapoor who is 10 years older to her but malaika cant date arjun ? Why ??

Soulmate theory unfortunately does not hold well if one puts on weight or ages! Seems to be highly dependent on looks lol!

She is seductress to say the least. It is not soulmate relationship dear, it is your sexy body that made this young man captive. Many older women seduce young guys which never leads to permanent, but this 33 year old man became addicted to you and as long as he is, you can say he is your soul mate. You remind me of Mary Kay Letourneau.

Well the same is applicable for men who date younger women as well. It s about character

he'll tire of her eventually, which is ironic coz she is the one who is way out of his league.

have some respect for your teenage child malaika.

what are you even teaching him?

and it was arjun who did sridevi justice after himself dragging her name through the dirt so many times

arjun kapoor and shraddha kapoor best cople i hope they married

I have no problem with them being together obviously, but I just can’t stand their attention seeking behavior. Seriously ‘hinted’ ‘rumoured’ ? Just be open about relationship. You are not kids. Both adults as fuzz

I agree her constant attention seeking is what causes ppl to dislike her. She’s so fake and plastic. There is no issue with the age gap, it’s just that she’s trying too much to act like a teenager. Mutton dressed up as lamb.

I am no Malaika or Arjun fan but some people are so mean on her page or on her articles ! Shahid is older than his wife ... Saif is older than Bebo. Why so much hate for M?! Let her live her life and only god should be able to judge her !! I don’t understand how ppl can be such bullies and intentionally go on someone’s page with the pure intent of hurting them with words !

What about these two feeding off the Khan family and then hurting them in return? Thats not mean ?

Just like Boney Kapoor found Sridevi. Cheating is justified the moment u say its your soulmate lol.

Odd couple

She comes across as cheap and attention hungry. she could have given some respect to her marriage and ended it first, divorced and then start a relationship with a guy half her age.

I'm happy for them.. Love doesn't happen by choice. Neigher does anyone can have any control over it. Why stay in a loveless relationship and not be with the one you love out of societal pressure? Many women choose to live through a loveless marriage just for the sake of it. We live just once, remember.

No we die just once. We live everyday till we die.



except in her case, they were only f-ing for 6 years straight.. what connection !? lol

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