Malaika Arora is a 'yogini' reveals Amrita Arora as she shares proof of her sister's latest addiction; See Pic

Updated on Oct 17, 2020 04:41 PM IST  |  1.4M
Malaika Arora is a yogini says Amrita Arora with a photo
Malaika Arora is a 'yogini' reveals Amrita Arora as she shares proof of her sister's latest addiction; See Pic

Actor Malaika Arora is among the stars who is known to be a style icon for many. The gorgeous star always manages to leave fans in awe of her looks and style. Every time Malaika steps out for an event on the red carpet, her style sends fans into a frenzy. The star is extremely particular about her fitness regimen and does not go a day without her workout. From gymming to yoga to Pilates, Malaika does it all to keep herself fit. And now, her sister Amrita Arora has revealed her latest addiction and it has a fitness connection. 

Taking to her Instagram story, Amrita dropped a photo of her sister's latest obsession. In the photo, we could see Malaika nailing a yoga asana while sitting on her yoga mat. The gorgeous star could be seen perfectly performing the asana and sister Amrita captured her in the frame. Alongside Malaika's mat, another blue mat was kept. Seeing her sister perform the asana perfectly, Amrita could not resist calling her a 'yogini.' 

She shared the photo and wrote, "mat addiction...#yogini @malaikaaroraofficial." Well, surely the Arora sisters share a common love for fitness and during the pre-COVID 19 days, often the two were spotted together while heading for their workout session. Now, often Malaika is seen dropping by her sister's house and the paps capture her in the frame.

Take a look at Malaika Arora's photo:


Meanwhile, recently, Malaika recovered from COVID 19 and returned to work. The actress was on the judges' panel of India's Best Dancer. Malaika was elated to return to work after recovering from COVID. In her absence, Nora Fatehi took charge of judging with Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapur. Recently, Farah Khan graced the show as guest judge and Malaika shared videos of relishing food made by the choreographer in her vanity van with the other judges. 

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Anonymous : This yogini couldnt save herself from COVID... Which world do these self proclaimed dumb stars live in.
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : sies. vomit
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : more like Bhogini... shameless creatures.
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : Her real skin color
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : her tiny shorts...view from behind wud have been horrible lol
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : Be that may a yoga pose but not everything is for the public eye some things should remain private
REPLY 5 1 year ago
Anonymous : People, she is doing yoga. This pose is called child pose in yoga. Please look up.
REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : Ms.Arora , this one looks vulgar, I feel sad for your son.
REPLY 10 1 year ago
Anonymous : Hiding drug addiction with mat addiction lol.
REPLY 5 1 year ago
Anonymous : Aerial view of her body looks that of a man. Such a vulgar pose for a grown woman with grown son to be on social media. If that's her excerise pose there is no need to display for the world to see... Have some shame
REPLY 18 1 year ago
Anonymous : Weird comment. what she is doing is child pose in yoga. Sadly, Indians know nothing about yoga even though yoga was born in India
REPLY 1 1 year ago
REPLY 11 1 year ago
Anonymous : Doggy style ROFL.
REPLY 15 1 year ago
REPLY 22 1 year ago
Anonymous : Lol....
REPLY 6 1 year ago
Anonymous : Baba ramdev and other yogis should dress up like this too.
REPLY 12 1 year ago
Anonymous : Elderly aunty always looking for attention. With her son around posing like this. Nice.
REPLY 23 1 year ago
Anonymous : She dropped some cocaine on the mat. And then this happened.
REPLY 25 1 year ago