Mandira Bedi deletes her profile PIC from Instagram after husband Raj Kaushal’s demise

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Mandira Bedi deletes her profile PIC from Instagram after husband Raj Kaushal’s demise

In an unfortunate incident, actress Mandira Bedi lost her husband Raj Kaushal on June 30, 2021. The filmmaker had suffered a heart attack in the morning and was immediately rushed to the hospital. But he could not survive and breathed his last. His demise was shocking for everyone. It is a difficult time for the family as they are trying to cope up with the personal loss. Mandira broke the gender stereotypes and performed his last rites. 

She has also shared a throwback picture on her Instagram but has deleted her social media profile picture. The actress has replaced it with a black screen. To note, she had organised a prayer meet for her husband. It was attended by many of his close friends. Mouni Roy had also shared a picture from Chauth and the caption read, “We all miss you Raazi. The couple married in 1999 and have a 9-year-old son, Vir. In July 2020, they had adopted a girl and named her Tara Bedi Kaushal.

Many celebrities and close friends of the filmmaker had shared pictures and even penned emotional notes from him. His close friend Ashish Chowdhary wrote, “My elder brother, my guiding light, my happy quotient, my pampered man, is gone. My brother, who supported me fiercely like my sister Monica, whom I also lost, is gone. But Still, he really filled me with positivity and gratitude.”

Raj Kaushal had directed and produced three films, namely, Anthony Kaun Hai, Shaadi Ka Laddoo and Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi.

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Anonymous : I am shocked at some of the comments on the post. People are so mean spirited. Mandira lost her husband, someone who was very important to her. Let her grieve how she wants. It's none of your business as to how she dresses or chooses to do his last rites. If you cannot say something nice, please don't post mean things. Thanks for considering empathy and kindness.
REPLY 3 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Such an example to our society. 34 years old me bow down to you for leading as an example. Heartfelt condolence to you, your son and your daughter.
REPLY 14 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Aunty Mandira when ur husband was having a heart attack why didnt u drive him to the hospital. Why did you waste time calling Ashish Chaudry. You wear the pants but you cant drive.
REPLY 3 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : do u think someone who is emotionally wrecked will drive in early morning? Will u do that?
REPLY 19 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : You are a troll, spewing venom on all Mandira posts.... disgusting human being!
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REPLY 16 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : This troll needs to be blocked. PV how do u even let such comments pass, somebody has died, this troll is spewing venom on family.
REPLY 26 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : People like u are real examples of human without brain.... U calling her aunty....u also must be an aunty or uncle May be u r jealous of her
REPLY 2 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : What a loving wife pity she disrespected him at his funeral by dressing like a man and doing his last rites like one too.
REPLY 5 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Oh, shut up!
REPLY 22 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : You are a mean person!
REPLY 2 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Will she return her adopted daughter Tara back to the adoption centre now
REPLY 2 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : No... but your parents are eligible to return you
REPLY 25 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : pity your parents can’t return you to God… nastiness personified
REPLY 2 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Best comment so far LOL
REPLY 0 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : She couldve showed some respect for her husband by dressing up decently at his funeral and not deprived her son of the last rites.
REPLY 2 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : How women dress is all indian society can think off. Such a low life. She is grieving , leave her alone
REPLY 17 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : If anything the son has been spared the trauma...
REPLY 12 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Not all Indians, just some regressive, hate filled ones! Please correct yourself.
REPLY 1 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Her beautiful memories of her husband will help fill the void. So sorry for her loss. May she and the children be blessed.
REPLY 31 3 weeks ago