Mandira Bedi’s love filled pics with late husband Raj Kaushal will break your heart

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Mandira Bedi’s love filled pics with late husband Raj Kaushal will break your heart

It hasn’t been wrong when the unfortunate demise of director-producer Raj Kaushal had sent shockwaves across the entertainment industry. Raj had died of a heart attack and had breathed his last on June 30 this year in Mumbai. He was survived by his wife Mandira Bedi and kids Vir and Tara. Ever since then, the social media has been abuzz with condolence messages for Mandira Bedi’s husband as they prayed for strength for the actress and her kids. And now, the actress has taken to social media to mourn the demise of her late husband.

Mandira took to Instagram and shared some beautiful throwback pics with Raj. In the pics, the couple were seen having a good time together and were flaunting their gold medal. The pics spoke volumes about their unconditional love and Mandira had captioned the post with a heartbroken emoticon. And while everyone is yet to sink in the news of Raj’s unfortunate and sudden demise, the love filled pics are undoubtedly making hearts melt and will leave you with teary eyes.

Take a look at Mandira Bedi’s post for late husband Raj Kaushal:



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Earlier, the Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge actress had also removed her display image from Instagram as a tribute to her husband Raj. This isn’t all. Raj’s close friend Rohit Roy also remembered the late director-producer with a heartfelt tweet. He wrote, “At work… still numb… HOW? He was a year younger than me and if y’all think I’m a happy go lucky, positive guy, he was 10 times that. And to see my friend M like this is heartbreaking. May Sai give her strength to deal with this immeasurable n imperceivable loss. Om Shanti”.

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Anonymous : I feel so bad. This is very very tough situation for her. Specially when this happened all of sudden, I hope she finds strength to get back up. She seems to be a strong women but something devastating as such can break even strongest of people. Sorry Mandira, sometimes life gives us test , but u have to get back up for urself n for ur kids. My best wishes to you !
REPLY 8 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Sorry for the loss, but being an Instagram fitness freak without any real health care and chugging alcohol doesn't bode well for anyone
REPLY 1 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Beautiful relationship. RIP sir. Did he have covid in the months prior to his heart attack and untimely demise? May his soul and his family find peace.
REPLY 7 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Attention seeker Mandira shouldnt have dressed like a man at his funeral and acted like one by doing the last rites. That was his sons duty. Totally disrespectful. No matter how much money a woman can earn or when they are demanding equal pay/ status etc. A woman should remain a woman. She can wear pants but will never be a man.
REPLY 2 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : just shut up regressive character
REPLY 16 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : What was wrong with her dress?
REPLY 8 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : The only attention seeking person here are you! Clearly, no one cares for your views at home or work, so you come to Pinkvilla to spout Venom!
REPLY 21 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Son's duty????? Are you crazy? I am a woman and I did my father's last rites. It's 2021 for god's sake, come upto speed! And a woman is strong enough on her own, she doesn't need to 'act' like a man. Pathetic, regressive and oppressive thoughts gets you nowhere!
REPLY 24 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : i am a woman and I did my mom's last rites last year as she passed away due to covid. Son or daughter have the same right and status. And by the way she took her husband to the hospital , so she probably was in jeans at home. And he died in the hospital. So you expect her to come home and change into the white designer outfit? For god sake she lost her husband and the last thing on her mind is her outfit. You really need some help.......Please grow up.
REPLY 12 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : R u out of ur mind ? I can't believe how cruel you are. I don't think she was bothered to think abt clothing , she seemed too shocked and what's wrong with wearing jeans n shirt? Goodness this world is too Evil ! Ur pathetic
REPLY 9 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : life is unpredictable!
REPLY 11 3 weeks ago