Masaba Gupta reacts to trolls calling her 'B*****d' and 'illegitimate'

Masaba Gupta reacts on facing trolls, says she's a proud Indo-Caribbean girl who doesn't know how to shrink and crumble.
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New-age designer Masaba Gupta has been trolled and been called names like "B*****d child" or "illegitimate West Indian" for supporting the ban on firecrackers. But she says that she is a product of two legitimate personalities and is a proud Indo-Caribbean girl.

Masaba -- the daughter of actress Neena Gupta and cricket legend Vivian Richards -- on Wednesday, took to her Instagram to share an open letter. 

She wrote: "Recently, I re-tweeted in support of the firecracker ban by the Supreme Court and like every other issue in this country, big or small... The trolling and bashing began. 

"By calling me names like 'B*****d child' or 'illegitimate West Indian' only makes my chest swell with pride. I'm the illegitimate product of two of the most legitimate personalities you'll find and I've made the best life, both personally and professionally... Out of which I am proud of." 

The designer added that she is "immune" to this as she has been called these names since she was 10. 

"My legitimacy comes from the work I do and what my contribution to society has been. And you can try but you will not be able to raise a single finger on either of the two," she added. 

Masaba also says she is proud of her roots. 

"So, please if you must...go ahead and continue calling me these names if it makes you feel glorious. But know this... I am a proud Indo-Caribbean girl who doesn't know how to shrink and crumble in shame of something you or your society cannot handle. It's just in my 'illegitimate' genes," she said. 



Beware masaba.Hritik will send a you a legal notice now lol. He sends it to every girl who stands against bullys.

So true , Indians and their skin complexity , I will never understand. I have very distinct Indian features because of my great grand parents origins and live in Brussels with an Austrian , whenever i cross paths with other Indian expats,I get those stares, like they just simply don't understand how a white man can ever be interested with a girl of colour. Mentality takes time to change I guess.

To the narrow minded people


we're in the 21ST century when single parents raise their child alone my case, test tube babies my friends case , surrogacy helping gay people Karen johar's case and others to experience parenthood .
I feel it will take India 100 more years to get there.
Why bashing on a successful girl ? Is it because her parents are celebrities , not married or because you're so narrow minded ???

Get a life creeps !

You are a symbol of strength and optimism. Keep it up. Let them bark. If these legitimate children who tried to hurt you still have energy after intense barking may be they can focus on their lives to make their life better just like you did. Being in a level much above these people is best revenge.

People here in PV said more offensive things on Hrithik,Kangana,Farah,Farhan, the last few days but now acting holier than the thou...TROLLS...

She is a bastard what is wrong with that. My husband is a bastard. Huummm BTW i am indian but hubby is a Brit.

indians are the most racist especially towards dark skinned and black individuals, but they go gaga over white people. ive notived this whenever i visit india. its sad

Shame on people for spewing such hate.

Although I do not endorse having kids out of wedlock, cursing her for something she had no choice in is abysmal and inhumane.

she sounds very mature and strong, good for her

I do not support the ban on firecrackers..but shame on trolls!

What's the big deal if parents are married or not married, society is stupid. The stigma was instated/intended so that men can be in control and only husband's last name should get importance etc. only fools accept such rules blindly.

She is such a beauty considering viv's looks !

You can only be an Indian to make such a comment, I guess it would be better if her father was the "gorgeous" Ian Botham. Racist idiot!!!

Seriously what is wrong with people

Admire the guts her mother had to bring to this world her love child. Salute to both these ladies. Unlike some legitimate marriages which produce dozens many turning into drug addicts and terrorists.

Masaba and her mom, Neena are an inspiration. A child needs loving home and looks like she got it in abundance. Are these trolls speaking out because she got love and care they did not have as children?

masaba..these r just a few handfulll of illiterate...filthy minded people..who r so miserable in their own lives that they have nothing better to do..majority of us do not think like that..dont pay so much heed to it..

me too support firecracker ban..its a must..sad..ppl can stoop so filthy of them calling her those words..feel bad for her..

its so wrong calling her names. For the ban it should be their all through the yr not only couple of days.

Trolls are sick. We are proud of you Masaba!

Do not insult Masaba by comparing her to a pathological liar. This woman is all about light and love. She is dignity personified! I am definitely offended by the comparison

Massive respect for the way she chose to give it back to the trolls, this is how confidant, educated, strong woman react......with kind words and killer smile. Masaba by all means should be proud of herself, her parents and her heritage both Indian and Caribbean.

How sick the trolls have be become.. You seem a beautiful person Masaba, no offense but the way everyone from Bwood is supporting you, hope Kangana got such a support!

And some of you wannabe western f#!=ks calling kangana names for exposing the mafia of bolltwood. You think its cool to have child out of wedlock is sickening. You losers need some serious .

While it is not cool to have a child out of wedlock, Masaba cannot be blamed for it.... it was her mothers choice to have a child out of wedlock. And Masaba handled the trolls with dignity. Btw...Kangana has mental issues and needs help.

Everybody knows that there is tremendous lack of balance of power in Bollywood -- male actors have extra-marital affairs, actresses are paid less and face ageism, and there is nepotism. If she is calling out Bollywood for their wrong-doings, why should we believe those who are beneficiaries of that dysfunctional system, and believe that Kangana has "mental issues"?

Masaba.... You lovely!!! I really admire you. May I also take this opportunity to say that I ADORE Neena Gupta!! Love.

Will she also produce an illegimate product with me a Tanzanian ?

You are sick!

Even if children out of wedlock are not the's not HER fault. bogus logic

Well them so called trolls do have a valid point though. In India you do NOT have a child before marriage.

Then blame her parents not her. She didn't choose who her parents are

oye... talk for yourself... Marriage is a human-made ritual.. if you want to follow it, do so.. don't talk for others....... seriously I wonder how brainless some people are out there, like you......most in India just follow a herd mentality... khud ke terms pe jeene ke guts toh hai hi nahi.....there are tribals who commit and love together for life, without the need for any certificate.... they celebrate the birth of a son or a girl with equal measure... but I am sure you have seen more of this world and learnt a lot and formed your views....don't know- to pity you or your upbringing....

These trolls are a mirror of our narrow-minded Indian society

She's hella talented

And this is how you answer your trolls. Not a single bad word or harsh word to prove her point. This is how an educated, self respected person reacts. Though I am not a fan of her outfits but she is sincere and I truly admire her.

how she became fair?

Same way everyone in Bollywood became light skinned...look at Kangan's childhood pics, or Divya Khosla or Asin, Nawaz, Ajay....literally all of them do it.

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