Masaba Gupta refrains her right to Alimony post divorce with Madhu Mantena; Read More

Designer Masaba Gupta refrains her right to Alimony after divorce with husband Madhu Mantena. Masaba tweeted about the difficult time phase and asked for people's support
Masaba Gupta refrains her right to Alimony post divorce with Madhu Mantena; Read MoreMasaba Gupta refrains her right to Alimony post divorce with Madhu Mantena; Read More
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Daughter of actress Neena Gupta and former West Indies player Vivian Richards, Masaba Gupta had been married to producer Madhu Mantena for three years but the couple decided to get separated last year. Releasing their joint official statement through a post on social media platform of Masaba, they said,"With a lot of sadness, Madhu and I have today decided to go on a trial separation in our marriage. Both of us have taken this decision in consultation with professionals and our parents."

"The only thing we are ready to say for now is that 'What we both want of life individually and separately is putting unnecessary pressure on the marriage and love that we share. Hence, we would like to take some time off from our marriage to figure out for ourselves what we want out of this life," her post read.

The joint statement from the couple went on to read, "We are not strong enough to explain ourselves to even friends who deserve an answer from us.... All we can say to them is to give us time and to give us love when we reach out to you. We now need a lot of it :)"

However, according to a source, the famous designer refrained from exercising her right to Alimony post her divorce proceedings. "In an amicable dissolution of their marriage, both Madhu and Masaba presented a dignified appeal in court. Masaba refrained from exerting her rights for alimony provision.", said a source present in the court proceedings.


Its simple, why alimony required when she is earning well. They both are so busy to have a careers instead living together.

Why would an independent woman be entitled to alimony for a short lived marriage? There are no children involved. She did not have a long standing impact on him making his money nor vice versa. They want a few lines in print to stay in the news. Watch how her brand will see a resurgence and capitalize on the 'independent, free-spirited woman image.'

People are curious of course, she wanted to tell the truth rather than others, especially our media with speculating and vending rumours...she keeps to herself, strong woman..wishing her all the best!

So now these designers have PR? Who cares if her marriage didn't work out ? Why do you feel the need to put it out there that you didn't take alimony ?
Everyone wants to be news these days.

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