Mass entertainers are popular but the creativity is becoming less - Salman Khan

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Superstar Salman Khan, who brought mass entertainers back to life with films like Wanted, Ready and Dabangg, feels that this space might die soon as it is now being overdone.

"This space will die totally. I think this was a beautiful format where we had films like 'Wanted', Dabangg etc. Now everybody has overdone it so much that it might die away. These kinds of films are popular but the creativity is becoming less... It seems the same stuff is happening (every time in these films). I don't know which genre will click now. The whole thing where one person beating up 50 people flying around will remain as this is part of our cinema. But there is a reason why and how he is beating. Now, the way action is done will change".

Speaking of his upcoming movies he added... "Jai Ho will be different kind of film altogether it has all the ingredients -- drama, emotion etc. Kick is also a different film. Again, Sooraj asked me to do a film for them, he gave me the idea and I loved it. It was a great script I had not worked with him since long".


Yay, Sallu, you realise that this needs to calm down! Less masala, please, more sensible films.
And to people saying, "Look who's talking", what exactly are you talking about? He's acknowledged he started the trend of masala films & now they are being over done.

He is right he started it , he should stop it ..
between, can you please stop importing firngans..

He was first who started the trend of Masala films with Dabangg, not with wanted, wanted is pure action film which will be always in demand

but Dabangg change the view totally and after taht everybody started to bear mustache and making masala movies, which is really overdo now

so who else but Salman really feels his audience

He shouldn't be talking... but he's right. Seeing Ajay Devgn and Shahid Kapoor and Saif sudden doing these movies is just an over kill. Their new movies look stupid. Especially Phata Poster Nikla Hero, Bullet Raja, and R Rajkumar.

look..who is talking about creativity.... King of crap movies. I think he didnt realize dt if they wil stop making these movies.he will be out of work.

look who is talking lol

Coming from him, it's hilarious.

Thankyou salman! I am so tired of these masala movies, only salman and maybe akshay can pull it off, the rest are just wannabes who can't create an impact. We have two masala movies coming up bullet raja an r.raj kumar and they both look truly awful! Just saif and shahid trying to be wannabes of what salman has already done. I am so glad we finally get substance movies like ramleela and dhoom coming back on our screens, those are the only two films I will be watching!

If they stop making those types of mass entertainers, Salman will be out of a job.

Wanted and Dabangg were fantastic films. However, even Salman has started to overdo it with the rest simply joining in.

I mean how many actors/films have tried to ape Dabangg...

Thu, 2013-10-03 09:56 — Green
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Mass entertainers are overdone, true; but the real crime is that they're overdone in the wrong way. Not all mass-entertainers are crap. I liked Wanted, Dabangg, Bodyguard, and ETT. They were all different, and the stories were actually good, especially Dabangg and ETT. They are certainly not award-worthy films (duh), but they entertain the right way, without overdoing it, and it also depends on the actors and director. I seriously disliked Ready...the story was crappy, Salman's character had no flair, Asin overacted, overall a bad film.

Ya think?

bollywood lacks creativity I have seen maube 10 films in total that are amazing, and most of them are amir khans, the rest of the khans are masala garbage..... and too much masala we all know isnt good. bollywood is going to see a huge downfall. it is lacking in so many areas.

Two aishwarya fans. 2 negative comments. Go obvious.

Oh so basically in the title he is talking about himself lol?Why complain when he is the one who is doing the type of films that lack "creativity"?

Salman started the masala entertainers, everyone else decided to latch on.

Kick is going to be awesome. And I am really looking forward to watching the SB-Salman movie... The Return of Prem!

Love him...

Creativity tends to become less when your movies lately are mostly all copied from South hits.

Because Dhinka Chicka was so creative and original right?

On a side not, he has one of the most punchable faces.

Thu, 2013-10-03 07:29 — Anonymous
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Mass entertainers are overdone, true; but the real crime is that they're overdone in the wrong way. Not all mass-entertainers are crap. I liked Wanted, Dabangg, Bodyguard, and ETT. They were all different, and the stories were actually good, especially Dabangg and ETT. They are certainly not award-worthy films (duh), but they entertain the right way, without overdoing it, and it also depends on the actors and director. I seriously disliked Ready...the story was crappy, Salman's character had no flair, Asin overacted, overall a bad film.

Haha very funny coming from him. I mean he plays the SAME character in every film... every SAME film. He is the one who basically started the masala genre.

Well said salman. :-) i hope bollywood will stop making these kinds of films as these films have nothing to offer.

So very true & happy to see him realise that!

I agree with Salman.. Gosh !!! There are so many other genres to explore, this senseless stuff is getting outta hand. Even Ranbir seems to have succumbed to greed with Besharam :(. I wish Dhoom3 and Krish3 have good stories.

Dabangg, ETT, Wanted were amazing. Ready and Bodyguard I liked only cuz of Salman. D2 was entertaining but storyless. While I love Salman in masala, I'm also happy he's doing different movies.

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kick will be good. saw the telugu version.

it's more about comedy, and it will have a real plot. There is action too but it's justified, not senseless.

Well, Salman, I for one am dieing to see you doing something like Phir Milenge again. Its a shame that we don't get to see just raw acting from you despite the fact that you are immensely talented and gifted actor. I get it, financial gain is important but you are in a position in this industry that you can actually afford to take risk and surprise us truly.

i hate salman's masala movies ad dont even like him much but since his movies are still very very successfull i feel he shouldnt stop doing the masala movies.

Salman has done this earlier too, i think he tries to change track before market does and that how flops happen in his case. ( i remmeber his last peak was ended by him too).

C'mon Salman who are you to tell us about creativity? You are playing the same character in all your movies without taking that bracelet of yours in all of them.
Wanted was bad
Ready was bad

Producers are not copying your films. They are doing retro films.

True masalas bore me now they are not even entertaining and have become dull.

but wait isn't he part of .... never mind one must not speak the truth around here on pinkvilla i heard.

He's the last person who should talk about this. I'm the past few years, Salman has made the most idiotic andstupod films like Bodyguard, Ready, Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg, etc

Lollll every film is different for thm but it turns out as same sh*t!!!

Salman is the only pne who can do dabbang and wNted type films....and he is the only one that will be able to do it again and again...noone else can...

why is he saying this now like now when beshram is released. is it just me or is their something behind his statement. I mean this article is everywhere in all news papers today.

wanted was a crappy film so was ready

Danbang was a winner n dat was a film I really lykd. ek dum salman khan cheete maro picha
hez ryt bout ovrdoin it....n hez overdoin it himself.
ett bein an example which again quite a crap

I wud luv him in da barjatiya movie....datz smthn m lukin forward to

He's hinting at Ranbir, and how bad Besharam is..

for now we really know that Salman was real director for Dabangg, Salman is very creative actor, he makes very profitable and dearable change son the sets and if he says so, than it is true

so waiting some other kind of movie from he, really looking forward for Jai Ho, it is directed by Sohail, but still there more than year we have not seen Salman pn big screens, so people just want to see Salman, Salman and Salman

look who's talking, the first actor to introduce mass entertainers to Bollywood with Dabangg. Now please stop we're sick and tired of stupid masalas

Love his honesty and wit!

look who's talkin :P (am not a hater of salman tho)

Glad he realises this. He's so charismatic and entertaining but he needs to do different films now, even though I like most of his recent films. I still have my doubts about Jai Ho (it involves one of his brothers, for goodness sake) but I am looking forward to Kick. Suraj B's film will be a departure from these action movies and I always liked their cheesy innocence, so looking forward to that too. Just, please. If a Dabangg 3 is to come, don't let Arbaaz direct it.

since when salman and creativity go hand in hand? I know how much creativity went into movies like Ready, Bodygaurd, Dabangg2, ETT....

He is going to his humsath sath hain , tumko na bhool payenge and hello brother days. If its not a south infian film remake like ready and bodyguard . And if its not abhnav kashyap sslman joint venture of thoughts dabang. Than it would be original salman khan style boring movies like garv and veer . I feel with raise of srk salman will go down the way salmans raise had send srk down . Salman ka time khatam hua ab .

Love his honesty

Look whos talking.

He's totally right. every other film is a copy of the last. I'm happy he's doing different movies now

Truer words never spoken, Mr Khan.

Signham was like a rip off Dabangg. And every masala film post it has haf some sort of Dabangg-isms in it. And that ruins it. We already have a Salman brand of masala, what's the need to have everyone do it? I love masala films but tbh, we need a better variety. Everything is like Wanted or Dabangg.

I really like Salman and I am glad he's steering away from masala. ETT was a different kind of film, now Jai Ho will be too. Kick, an action movie, Barjatya's, a family values type film & No Entry, a comedy. Good line up. No more bad films, please.

Love him

Looking forward to JH

Salman is right. Wanted, Dabangg, started off this trend. They were good masala films. Now everyone is producing bakwas

Good. Glad Salman is doing different things now

Now everyone is copying salman khan...

so true well done salman khan for saying it.

Salman always predicts true thing
he is right saying that it is too much of Masala right now

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