Me Too: Alok Nath’s lawyer hits back at Vinta Nanda's rape account saying her allegations are imaginary

In the wake of the Me Too movement, Alok Nath was accused of sexual misconduct by TV producer Vinta Nanda, and after filing an FIR against him, Alok Nath’s lawyer has said that Vinta Nanda’s rape account is an Alice in the Wonderland story. Read details!
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It all started with Tanushree Dutta renewing a decade old sexual harassment case against Nana Patekar, and soon after, a lot of women came out in the open to name and shame their sexual predators. In the wake of the Me Too movement, a lot of prominent personalities have come under the scanner and one of the most shocking names to have surfaced in the case that of is Alok Nath. TV writer-producer Vinta Nanda had accused Alok Nath of rape and sexual harassment that took place 19 years ago as she recounted her account of rape on Facebook. Following the case, recently, Vinta Nanda made an official police complaint against Alok Nath in Mumbai.

In the hearing that took place of the case yesterday, Alok Nath's advocate D N Goburdhun has lashed out at Vinta Nanda and called her a delusional complainant and a woman who drank alcohol, indulged in drugs and had relationships with married men who had children. Goburdhun said, “Probably wanted some unrelenquished love from the actor” and quashed her complaint as mere publicity. Not just this, the advocate also said that “Vinta Nanda wanted to create marital discord between Nath and his wife as she forced the veteran actor to shoot a kissing scene in the serial at one point of time two decades ago despite Nath's objection as his wife did not approve of such scenes.” As quoted by India Today, D N Goburdhun has termed the writer-producer's rape allegation an imaginative story and that she did not cooperate with the police during the investigation and was busy attending film festivals.

However, Nanda's lawyer Dhruti Kapadia objected to the arguments made by Alok’s lawyer saying that he only wanted to do character assassination of Vinta. Recently, Vinta had filed an FIR against the accused and when the police had gone to Alok’s house, he was untraceable. According to the report, police went to Alok’s house but failed to meet him, and reportedly, Alok Nath had gone missing and no one has any idea of his whereabouts.

Vinta Nanda was the writer and producer of the TV serial Tara, in which Alok Nath played a lead role.


Following Hrithik Roshan’s path. Well done alok nath.

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