Me Too: Mumbai Sessions Court gives life imprisonment to a casting director for raping an aspiring actress

Another shocking Me Too incident has come into the picture. According to a report in a leading website, Mumbai sessions court has given life term to Ravindranath Ghosh, a casting director, for raping an aspiring actress.
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After a long wait of years, the belated arrival of India’s Me Too movement has finally taken its flight. It all started with Tanushree Dutta opening up on her ordeal in front of the world and without any hesitation, she said it was Nana Patekar who harassed her on the sets of Horn Ok Pleasss. Tanushree has become the torchbearer of the movement. Many women shared their horrifying stories on social media. Another shocking Me Too incident has come into limelight. According to a report in Times Now, Mumbai sessions court has given life term to Ravindranath Ghosh, a casting director, for haassing and raping an aspiring model and actress.
Well, the casting director shamed the actress way more than anyone can imagine. He took her nude photos and sent them to her husband and her employer. The session court has given him life imprisonment with a fine of Rs 1.31 lakh. The actress’ husband left her and their newborn baby after receiving those photos from the casting agent. The victim met Ghosh in 2011 where he introduced himself as a casting director and a cameraman. He also told her that he was producing a TV series. Then, he referred her name for an audition for a TV show and in return asked for sexual favours
Post all this, the victim started to ignore his calls and when she called him back after 2 weeks, he called her at Madh Island in February 2012. He raped her at a lodge and took nude photos of her and blackmailed her to maintain a sexual relationship with him or else he would send those photos to her husband. 
In her complaint, the actress said all of this continued till March 2012. The ordeal doesn’t stop here. She changed her job to avoid any contact with Ghosh. In December 2012, he went to her house and asked for Rs 1 lakh for ending their relationship. She told him that she is pregnant and changed her number. Ghosh was unable to contact her and to seek revenge, he sent her nude pictures to her husband. In December 2013, Ghosh was arrested by the police after she registered a complaint.  
It’s one more shocking tale of a powerful man taking sexual favours from an aspiring actress. 
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This happened in 2013 and it's 2019 ---- it took 5 years for them to decide. Seriouslly!

Some sensible guys in pinkvilla... bravo we don’t need to know the name of victim

Good,what rani has to say about this,since rani has said that actresses are the one who needs to change,not the mind sets of these BW men!,

Well done Mumbai Sessions Court. Secondly, people are asking to know who the actress is. Her name is not important for public knowledge. Anyone, who has been through sexual assault is tramautized enough and need their privacy so that they can attempt to heal and hopefully move forward.

Some men turn into vengeful shits when things don't go their way .This pretty much happened to the Malayali actress too; the perpetrators thought she will be too ashamed to approach the police. When this happens to a well known actress (as she is pretty famous ) ,what hope does a rank newcomer have ?

Great way to start 2019. Jail all these perverts! Let them all rot! The woman's husband is such a jerk too...just deserted her and the sad!

Clapping. Now we are seeing some change.

We don't need to know the actress's name (because she's a victim and had gone through enough embarrassment) but its good that we know the pervert's name. Good. Let him rot and die in the jail.

Tanushree Dutta,your efforts are bearing fruit.

who is the actress?

Does not matter.

Hope this guy dies in prison

what an a hole to do this as revenge?! Surely he could get other women...

Why is this made out to be a blind when all names have been revealed???

What an horrible story

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