Me Too: As Salman Khan keeps mum, father Salim Khan comes out in support of harassment survivors; read tweet

Salim Khan comes out in support of those speaking against harassment on social media. Will Salman Khan finally respond too?
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India has finally embraced the Me Too movement which turned the waves in the West last year. The movement has helped many survivors of harassment to come out and name and shame whilst sharing their stories on social media. Names of Bollywood biggies including that of Alok Nath, Rajat Kapoor, Subhash Kapoor, Subhash Ghai, Piyush Mishra, Luv Ranjan and Sajid Khan among others have come to the foray with connection to harassment allegations. 

The case which has left everyone startled was that of Television producer Vinta Nanda who accused the supposed sanskari Babuji Alok Nath of not just harassing but also raping her 20 years back. While many have come out in her support, there are also a few who have been questioning, 'Why now?' Noted writer and Salman Khan's father Salim Khan has tweeted in support of the survivors while his son remains mum. 

Salim Khan tweeted, "The only defence they have is "Why so late ?” It is better late than never. You don’t have to wait for the result, you have already won great public support. Aadmi pahad se gir kar khadda ho sakta hai…apni nazron se girkar nahin."

When Salman Khan was asked to comment on the same during an event, he said that he is not aware of the varsity of the case. Well, same with Amitabh Bachchan who in fact went on to say that he is neither Tanushree Dutta (who accused Nana Patekar of harassment) nor Nana to comment. 

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What Salimji said is right. Like a mature person shd stand with serious issues.
His personal life is his own. At least not insulting a matter by mocking. Making mockery requires least bit of clasd

I always find Salman ‘s dad sane, articulate person. Salman is totally different.

Way to go

Salman should keep quiet. He suffers from foot in mouth syndrome. Always says something stupid and gets in trouble. Silence is golden.

I think Salman has women right left everywhere...he doesn’t need to I think all the harassed women come to him only...jacky(by said) , katrina (by ranbir *hint jagga Jasoos promotions*) , sona ( that bunty guy) n God knows how many....

Salman is quite because he is no mard. A real man will not prey on woman. 50+ and still womanizing. He preys because he is using vulnerable women and there in unequal power structure where he is a predator and if one does not give into him and keep him happy, he will blacklist them. Those are not examples of consensual relationship.Those are examples of exploitation. No young girl will want to be with a old man willingly.

On the contrary, it's a well known fact that Salman is very arrogant. He doesn't initiate conversations. One has to be extremely beautiful and willing to get Salman's attention.

He needs to look 50 also na baba ??

salman is staying quiet because his day will come too!

Salim Saab always has a punchy comment on controversy. Salman is best off keeping quiet because unlike his father he does not have a way with words. His gift is clearly art. Words always result in foot in mouth syndrome where Salman is concerned not even considering the polarising reception of his comments.

The truth will come out.. don’t worry.. we women don’t need support from you anymore!!

Amitab Bachan is Very afraid to comments the Truth, last time I remember his comments in year 2014, That People's has to take Loan to fill the Petrol. He was absolutely Right, the time came..

You live with two women in the same house. Tu rehne de...

1) Both wives don't live in the same house. 2) He fell out of love but didn't leave Salman's unskilled, dependent and poor mother. 3) Helen begged and agreed to his terms. Helen was over 40 , used, abused and totally broke when she begged him to marry him. Arpita was adopted by her.

Pitiable poor talentless unemployed women. I'm gonna marry and save them all from this big bad world! Bah!

He's allowed to have 2 wives least he's respectful to both of's definitely better that having one wife in the open and ten or more mistresses in secret.

And would he be okay if one of the wives brings another man home? Guess not! Sexist moron. them both same respect, same rights, same love, not following your logic. Its ok for two men to be married, but one guy can't marry two women? did he force these women? People like you are the biggest hypocrites. crawl back to the gutter.

You have a problem with two men being in a committed relation but you are okay with Polygamy? What kinda fucked up backward society are you brought up in? I'm sorry for the woman who ends up with you...or are you hoping for more than one? PIG!

nice try typical behavior from the likes of you, I don't have any problems with two men in relationships or two women or two donkeys. Live and let live, but I do have a problem with gutter crawlers who have one set of rules for themselves and another for other people. He is not forcing these two women to stay with him, they are fine with it, so therefore you should stfu and leave them be. Sure call me a pig if that entertains you, just because I accept someone's life style doesn't mean I want to live it. I know hard concept for people like you.

I can tell you don’t have a problem from the references of two men, two women and two donkeys. I see how you look at gay relations. Have different set of rules for me? How so? I just fight for my right to marry the person I love. Just one person. Not two. Would Salim be okay with one of his wives bringing home another man? Now that’s having one rule for you and a different set for another. I don’t think you have the intellect or the moral fabric to understand it. So go bugger yourself with a fish pole.

There were prophets who had more than one wife, do u have a problem with that too?!..polygamy is allowed by God but homosexuality is u really can't compare the two together..just because now homosexuality is allowed by the law, it doesn't mean that everyone must agree with it..after all having two wives is allowed by religion and law and yet u have a problem with it..just because u agree with something and disagree with another, it doesn't necessary mean others share ur views as well..I feel sorry for the woman who ends up with you.

Those prophets married 9 year old girls too...are you willing to let one marry your 9 year old sister or daughter? Religion or law doesn’t have anything to do with morality. Adultery is legal but not moral. Half of the metoo moment doesn’t have a legal’s calling out the culprit immoral if you can’t make them legally accountable. Salim khan hasn’t done anything illegal. His morals are fucked up for sure.

The prophets never married 9 year old girls, stop lying...what the hell do u mean that religion and law have nothing to do with morality?! u r saying that God himself allows immorality?!..what rubbish?!..instead of u giving those lessons out of ignorance only because u hate Salman, give ur opinion about ur idol's pa and save this energy to the time that he is exposed..btw what do u have to say about him having dozens of mistresses while mistreating his wife?...pv post my comment

If AB is a PIG, he'll be called out too. I don't see why you find it necessity to bring him into this though. Deflect the argument when you don't have a point. How old was Aisha when Muhammad married her? 6 or 7? Consummated at 9. If thats not immoral, I don't even know what is. You need to read more than one book before you go around calling people ignorant.

U always drag Salman into topics that he has NOTHING to do with but when it happens to ur idol suddenly u have a problem and this is about him since we're talking about me too stories as we know that man has a lot of them...prophet Muhammad did NOT marry aisha when she was 6 or 9, she was an adult when he married her and I know that better than u since he's my prophet..that was a lie told by sick men about him only to justify their sickness..he was a prophet not a pervert so don't believe these lies and don't spread them as facts because they r NOT true..

you both should watch Professor Marston and the Wonder Women movie

laughs in kat,ash,somy,sangeeta

lol says ash, sangeeta, somy and kat

Only liar ash says lol ! Do not try your failed attempts of including Kat Somi and Sangeeta in your propaganda list

He did well. Salman should stay quiet. Whatever he says or doesn't say will go through a scrutiny regardless.

Your son is one of the biggest abuser and sexual predator in Bollywood. His name will come out soon. Let us see your stand then.

Unless u have a real story about him being a sexual predator please don't say such things, it is not fair to real victims..this movement is not for dragging people into it just because u hate them, it is for real victims to get justice so please don't deprive them the chance of getting it by making this about someone else who maybe has nothing to do with it just because u hate him..thank u.

How shameless you guys are
Just stop throwing garbage through your mouth.
He is right and his well-wishers always stand by him

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