Me Too: Sonu Nigam backs Anu Malik: You have accused him, you have shamed him but where’s the proof

In the wake of the Me Too movement, singer Sonu Nigam supported his friend and music composer Anu Malik. Read details!
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The past few months have been all about the Me Too campaign with a new Me Too story surfacing on the internet every day. It all started with Tanushree Dutta renewing a sexual harassment case against Nana Patekar. Post that, a lot of women have come out in the open and accused their sexual predators- naming and shaming them in public. After Nana Patekar, Anu Malik, Kailash Kher, Sajid Khan, Jatin Das, Subhash Ghai and other prominent personalities have been accused of sexual misconduct.

In the wake of the Me Too campaign, while Nana Patekar and Sajid Khan stepped down from Housefull 4, music composer Anu Malik was removed from the judge panelist in the singing reality show Indian Idol 10. Singer and composer Sona Mohapatra was the first accuser to speak out against Anu Malik, whom she called a serial offender alleging that he would call her at odd hours. Thereafter, singer Shweta Pandit, too, accused Anu Malik of sexually harassing her when she was 15 years old. Recounting her encounter with him on Twitter, Shweta called Anu Malik a paedophile. After Shweta Pandit, two more women have shamed Anu Malik of sexual misconduct.

Although Anu Malik later rubbished all the allegations leveled against him as ‘lies’, his lawyer had issued a statement, stating Shweta’s allegations were false and baseless. Now, yesterday, Anu Malik’s friend and singer Sonu Nigam backed the composer and while talking at an event, Sonu Nigam said, “If you say, 'Anu Malik met me this morning', that's fine. You accused him without any proof; let's accept that too. Had he wanted to say anything, he could have said a lot. But he did not. If I say that you misbehaved with me, you will ask me for proof. But there's no proof, right? Despite that, people are respecting the accusers, who are tarnishing Anu Malik's name. But how can you ban him? How can you snatch his bread and butter? How can you torture his family?”

Talking about Me Too and its repercussions, Sonu said, “Who has given us the right to be the judiciary of someone else's life? Or you provide concrete proof. I have two sisters. I stand for them. But that does not mean that you put a stop to someone's work. How can that happen?,” adding, “The torture, harassment, can happen anywhere. It happens in the corporate world too. You have accused him, you have shamed him; now don't punish his family. Get proof first.”

Sonu Nigam and Anu Malik have been together as judges on the singing reality show Indian Idol. 


Anu Malik was very vocal on the show and disrespect for many contestant and insulted on the show. I believe those girls who accused him and as far Sonu nigam he lost respect from people.

Seriously??? Today Sonu Nigam has fallen off my eyes, I had huge respect for him not any more. I’m a survivor and just because I wasn’t recording when someone touched me doesn’t make him saint
If 10 ppl say the same thing, there is something

Anu Malik was accused but not shamed. Was he outcasted by society? Was he put in jail? Was he removed from the film fraternity? Has everyone from the film fraternity stopped talking to him? NO. So shut up Sonu!

Anu Malik was accused but not shamed. The proof is him smiling with you in the pic.

Wonder how Sonu Nigam will react if his daughter was a victim of such harassment and couldn't provide proof. Will, he also ask her for proof and then believe her?

Just because a proof can't be presented doesn't mean a crime wasn't committed. It just means the culprit was very smart to leave no proof, or proof was destroyed with time.

The man's problem is he does not know when to zip his mouth . Anu Malik has been accused by plenty of women (including Alisha Chinoy) of harassment .In such cases , do give the women the benefit of doubt and don't dismiss them just because they won't have proof.

Sonu nigam you are slime

Great comment

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