Me Too:Farah Khan says, “I fear the quick judgments & punishments that are meted out through trial by Twitter"

At a book launch event Farah Khan talked about the current scenario of the Me Too movement in India. She says that she is against fear psychosis.
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With the Me Too movement gaining steam in India, many victims of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse have come forward to share their story. Predators have been named and shamed and many have been sacked. Official bodies in the film industry have initiated action against Alok Nath and Nana Patekar. Vikas Bahl has been ousted from Ranveer Singh’s 83 and may not even get credits in Super 30. Several women have accused director Sajid Khan of grave sexual misconduct. His former assistant director, journalists and actors have accused Sajid Khan of indecent behavior.

After the allegations came to fore, Sajid Khan was asked to step away from the film he was directing Housefull 4. He shared a statement on social media about it. Sajid Khan’s sister Farah Khan also tweeted that her brother will have to atone for his actions. Sajid’s cousin Farhan Akhtar also shared on Twitter that he had no idea about Sajid’s behavior. Today, Farah Khan attended a book launch event with Anil Kapoor. Noted journalist Rajeev Masand, Anil Kapoor and Farah Khan discussed the Me too movement in India.

Farah talked about the current scenario and said, “I am against fear psychosis for anybody whether it is for a woman or for a man who is talking to a girl and getting scared that should I be talking like this. We want to have to have a happy positive environment, so that is most important. The only thing I fear are the quick judgments and the quick punishments that are meted out through trial by Twitter which is happening in hours. Even in Hollywood they take their time, they do their research, they do an investigation. They interview friends and family, whether it is 20 years ago or 10 years ago- they investigate. So that is a bit scary for everybody.”

She also added, "I think it's really important that women have taken the power in their hands and they have to use it wisely. It has to go somewhere now to benefit every woman who works not only in the film industry but everywhere because this is not something that only happens in Bollywood. It's something that gets sensationalized as it's happening in Bollywood. It happens everywhere - be it news channel rooms or offices. I would like it's more traumatic for a family. I want all the women in this room to close their eyes imagine the man you love, your father or you son, has been accused of this and what would you go through. It's definitely more traumatic for the family."


I would say that because there has been a lack of "quick judgments & punishments" that people like her brother had the guts and intent to do what they did to the women involved.

When thousand voices are raised against your brother, people in positions of responsibility are choosing to disassociate with him. It is their prerogative.

Aah Farah the truth is you just can’t handle what’s happening right now, all the Bollywood sleeze is coming out in full force and all the super star Bollywood brigade are quivering in their pants...your tweet regarding your brothers matter was not good enough, hence the backlash..hope you both go away

Farah , you should ask Masand (as he's around) about the stuff he's written about your brother .

I have said it before and saying again, please throw both of them out of Bollywood.

Mrs.Farah, the guilty verdict practically wrote itself effortlessly. Your brother is a predator, hope he gets the harshest punishment for making women feel worthless. You had to upload the happy picture of Mr.Patekar huh? Wrong move and very wrong timing.

But she and her hubby pass quick judgements on Twitter all the time. Also, when MeToo happened in Hollywood, it was trending in Twitter and people were posting comments left and right. In this case, can't blame them as judgy.

Farah Khan, you are a pest!!! Just get out of Bollywood please. If things like this continues, no outsiders will ever feel safe in bollywood. I guess the only reason no big stars are saying something is cause, they have already made it big and they know their children and relatives will be safe. So their interests are being served. Just stoppp this!

Farah khan and Sajid Khan both must be ousted from Bollywood. She is so rude and uncouth and to support her predator brother only emphasises her inhumane nature!

She is right

now she is backtracking and softening her stance instead of outright condemning him as a predator. there is no doubt about it. even he in his own words in an interview when he thought there would be no consequences, admitted how badly he treated women.

They all know/she knows her brother's behavior, come on, look at Farah herself, she may not be sexual harasser but she is just as bad as her brother, she is corrupt, she demeans people or anyone who works in her movies, she is power hungry, disgusting, she is loyal to nobody!! First she was all "friends" with SRK and then both siblings dumped him and went with Akshay so he can produce their movies and then back to SRK! And she looks like a pig, no wonder, she doesnt know the meaning of sexual harassment because she hasnt suffered that first hand!!! And, she knows all about it, in fact, she is the brothel owner, women can be just as cruel, the evidence, she uploaded a pic with a pervert/pedophile right after Tanushree Dutta accused the culprit!! Throw Farhah Khan out of Bollywood and her brother in jail!! They both are ugly inside and out!!!

Standing ovation to you my friend! these siblings should be buried inside the concrete ground leaving their head outside permanently!!!

Wow, body-shaming a woman. How inventive, how pro-women. *rolls eyes*

Anon said both she and sajid are ugly it wasn't just towards a woman read more carefully

Oh PLEASE. sajid is no varun grover. SOOOO many women are lying?

It’s beyond the realm of investigations when scores of women share similar horror stories against one individual. It then becomes a case of using common sense. I’m her brother’s case I have no doubt about who is telling the truth. The women.

The only thing coming out of Twitter is TRUTH and thats what you and everyone involved is scared of

shes still not ready to accept the truth about her brother though subconsciously all her friends&family were always aware about sajids behaviour.

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