#MeToo: Tanushree Dutta curses Ganesh Acharya, Nana Patekar, Rakhi Sawant and others in her latest statement

Tanushree Dutta released a new statement, where she cursed Ganesh Acharya, Nana Patekar, Rakhi Sawant and others who allegedly harassed her on the sets of Horn Ok Please.
#MeToo: Tanushree Dutta curses Ganesh Acharya, Nana Patekar, Rakhi Sawant and others in her latest statement#MeToo: Tanushree Dutta curses Ganesh Acharya, Nana Patekar, Rakhi Sawant and others in her latest statement
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Tanushree Dutta took the nation by storm last year by starting the Me Too movement in India. She accused Nana Patekar of harassing her on the sets of Horn Ok Please in the year 2008. She also named Rakesh Sarang, Sami Siddiqui and Ganesh Acharya, who were present on the sets that time, as the accusers. Now, Tanushree has released yet another statement about the whole incident and called out these four people again.

Tanushree wrote, "Ganesh Acharya, An ungrateful moron who was recommended by me for the horn ok please song and who turned on me just as quickly to help Nana get his way with me on the sets. His name is one of the four accused in my FIR. I wasn't harassed by just one but four ppl on set when I was only 24 years old and rising in my Bollywood career. This same Ganesh Acharya also went on to spread malicious rumours about me in the press thereafter and ruin my professional reputation. This guy is the brainchild behind all of the smear campaigns that were run on me by Rakhi Sawant where I was accused of all manner of derogatory things. I'm surprised that I'm still alive after so much humiliation 10 years ago as well as in the last 6 months of my stay in India where I took a stand against workplace harassment."

Tanushree further said, "You think you will survive opening your own academy and flourish?? I curse you won't!! I have cursed Rakhi, Ganesh Acharya, Nana, Rakesh Sarang, and producer Sami Siddiqui from the bottom of my heart and soul. Anyone who associates with you five personally or professionally or your businesses and affiliates will fall under this same curse and never prosper. Your children and the children of those that associate with you will suffer mental and emotional anguish the way I and my family have suffered. Mark my words carefully... Your firstborn sons will suffer physical torture and your daughters will suffer mental and emotional anguish! You will not prosper in any way. This curse is for anyone who has stigmatized me with their thoughts, words and/or actions and their associates and friends. Choose your friends and colleagues carefully then lest you be dammed too!! Enough of taking shit from you all.Right back at you. Take this and receive this into your soul.No priest or pundit or any holy or unholy person from any religion can get you out of it. The gods, goddesses and other spiritual entities will stay out of it as well so don't bother asking them to help. The solution to this curse will be revealed to you only by the supreme lord of this universe in due time after total repentance and in deep samadhi state."

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Mataji after 10 year she remembers and curses people. How on the earth any one find out about what happens then, she should have spoken then. Always remember before cursing what goes back comes back

After 10 years she realised that she should raise her voice against her humiliation. It's just a publicity stunt and nothing else. Regularly releasing new statements in media is just her plot against all. It's because in our biased society if someone is guilty in the eyes of people than he is guilt even if proven innocent by law

Please confirm when and where she stated this!!

I know she is hurt and humiliated. This is all her anger talking but now just leave it to the justice department.

Can understand her pain..rightly said ..d wearer knows were d shoe bites..its easy for others to preach.hope ur curse comes true on all those rascals but not their children..

She is another Pooja Misra

So she thinks she is Maleficient!
Agreed what happend to her was bad, but cursinf kids is unacceptable. I understand its her anger and anguish talking.

In my eyes she lost all the credibility. This really shows her true nature . She has lost it and I think most of her accusations were False !
She is sick !

was she thinking when she was writing, blaming family??

Truly lost the plot. Cursing really?!? Tanushree what happened is wrong and unjust. But I think you should now finally put this behind you and move on positively. You have empowered a revolution. That was your purpose. Now take care of yourself and I pray and wish you best of luck in your life. You are a much bigger person that those jerks. Find happiness and live well

She has gone bananas!!!

This is the cry of someone with no options ahead of her, if this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you’re not human.


I liked Tanushree but this is too much...cursing children etc.....get a grip lady

She has lost it ! Why would u curse innocent children of culprit !!so wrong . It’s immoral to curse innocent kid .

Is it fair to curse the children.. will they not suffer enough already.. when these guys suffer personally and profesionally.. like u are humilated.. ur family felt bad already. there is no need to humiliate them seperately rgt.. same goes with these guys n their families too..please dont curse children and wish they become better humans.

I feel bad for you Tanush, you were definitely wronged but cursing won't help, it will only cause u more pain in the process, instead leave them to their fates and let Karma do the talking! May peace and love dwell in ur heart!!!

This is weird and unnecessary

A little archaic don’t you think lol curse really in this day and age?!?

shes still so pretty

Can understand her frustration but cursing babies and kids who have nothing to do with their parents doing is disgusting.

Why is she cursing like a maniac , to their kids specially.

She sounds crazy!

Raaki sawant accusing Tanushree of being a lesbian and being raped by her was bad.

I understand that she is upset but this is really bizarre.

good on you

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