#MeToo: Will any action ever be taken against the Harvey Weinstein's of Bollywood?

From signing films to attending glitzy events and parties, those accused in the #MeToo storm are slowly and steadily making a comeback in the public eye.
News,nana patekar,Rajkumar Hirani,Alok Nath,#MeTooTaking note from the Time's Up and the #MeToo movement in Hollywood, women in Bollywood took it upon themselves to tell their stories and divulge details about memories that were buried deep down.
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One of the most significant things to have happened to the Indian film industry was the #MeToo movement in 2018. Interestingly, the one who actually set the ball rolling was someone who had left the industry almost a decade ago but returned with courage and conviction to make the industry sit up and hear what she had to say. Actress Tanushree Dutta reminisced the horrific events of the past that violated her space to work in the industry anymore. Not only was her story chilling, but the former Miss India unknowingly passed on her strength to scores of other women who had similar horrific stories to recall. 

Taking note from the Time's Up and the #MeToo movement in Hollywood, women in Bollywood took it upon themselves to tell their stories and divulge details about memories that were buried deep down. Some of the names that came to the fore during this time were well-known actors, musicians and filmmakers like Nana Patekar, Alok Nath, Anu Malik, Vikas Bahl and Sajid Khan among many others. The most recent one on that list, and a rather shocking one, was Sanju director Rajkumar Hirani.

But what has happened since the #MeToo storm blew Bollywood over? Well, for starters, Alok Nath, who was accused by producer Vinta Nanda of rape, was granted bail in the case on the grounds that Vinta could not remember the date and month in which the incident occurred almost 19 years ago. As per a TOI report, the sessions court in Mumbai said it was to be noted that while Nanda remembered the entire incident, she did not remember the date and month in which it happened. “In view of all these facts the possibility cannot be ruled out that the applicant has falsely been enroped in the crime,” judge SS Oza said. Ironically, Alok Nath will soon be seen in a film essaying the role of a judge who speaks against molestation and sexual harassment.   

In Nana Patekar's case, the actor isn't lying low. He has been roped in for the 'Welcome' franchise and will soon begin shooting for the same. Tanushree, who had accused Patekar of harassing her on the sets of a film, had made the same allegations back in 2008 only to be fallen on deaf ears.

Well, in Rajkumar Hirani's case, he was accused of repeated sexual assault by a woman crew member who worked on his film Sanju. But the filmmaker seems unfazed by such serious allegations. Rajkumar has slowly but surely been making a comeback in the public eye. A few weeks ago, he was in Switzerland to attend the pre-wedding celebrations of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta. Last Saturday and Sunday, Hirani and his wife, Manjeet attended the couple’s reception in Mumbai. 

If this was not all, the filmmaker's blockbuster film Sanju has been nominated in the Best Director category at the upcoming Filmfare Awards, reported Huffington Post. The casual attitude of the film industry to such serious allegations not only makes the matter at hand worse but fails to instill a sense of fear among other perpetrators.

As far as Hollywood is concerned, film mogul Harvey Weinstein is under trial. Not just a single producer or production house refused to work with Weinstein, but the industry came together and took a stand against working with a man who was accused of sexual assault and harassment. 

Whereas, we are just left wondering whether any action will ever be taken against the Harvey Weinstein's of Bollywood? 


Vidhu has a lot to gain from Hiranis fall

How can you compare the allegations against hirani to Harvey Weinstein? In hirani ‘s case ONE anonymous person has charged him with sexual misconduct. Why hasn’t she taken her case to that idiot Vidhu Vinod Chopra. My guess is VC he is behind this issue - SAD

there needs to be a new law implemented for work space molestation and mental harassment and the perpetrators should be given jail time.

was a little taken aback on seeing pc posting pics with that casting director mukesh chabra in her recent insta posts .she was with sushant rajput&nitya mehra along with other people,why hang out with the likes of people like mukesh who has been accused by so many women of taking advantage of them..he clearly got away.These men keep getting the support of the big superstars so dsnt matter..no..bollywood will not change,also shame on these btown celebs for putting these men on a pedestal.

Well to be fair not much has happened to Weinstein and nor will it. Hollywood is having more fun chasing black celebrities like Cosby, Kelly & MJ. Meanwhile even our own feminist icon wears Marchessa as if Weinstein's wife and her brand were not direct beneficiaries of his crimes. MeToo was a waste of time on both sides of the pacific ocean.

not as long as modi sits back&does not butt in..the govt needs to butt into this matter&stop supporting&mingling with these lecherous celebrities

no ...they may get a sewing machine or something bigger than that

no ...they may get a sewing machine...

Seriously? The judge ruled on the basis that she could not remember the date/month from NINETEEN years ago??? Ridiculous!

Sad but nop! He has people like vidhu vinod chopra, KJO and more backing him up!!

Just FYI Vidhu is a man with integrity and has distanced himself from this lecherous abuser(Raju)

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