Milind Soman spotted with girlfriend Ankita Konwar at Amazon India Fashion Week 2018

Milind Soman attended the Spring-Summer 2018 edition of Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) with his new girlfriend Ankita Konwar.
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Milind Soman attended the Spring-Summer 2018 edition of Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) as part of the show presented by designer Nida Mahmood in association with active lifestyle brand Deivee by Milind Soman. What took everyone's attention was the presence of actor and supermodel's new girlfriend who was walking hand in hand with him. 
It was reported initially that Milind found a new love in the form of the 18-year-old. Milind took to Instagram to share a selfie with his 18-year-old girlfriend Anikta Konwar. 



Nida showcased a collection that was a celebration of India and the Indian Woman. A collaboration between Nida and Deivee by Milind Soman, it was made of four distinct lines representing a region of the country and took inspiration from the region concerned's rich culture, colours and textiles.

The silhouettes used in the collection were inspired by the women of India and designed to offer maximum comfort from the treadmill to the dance floor. Keeping the theme of inclusiveness and body positive imagery of brand Deivee, the range is designed for everybody.

The highlight of the collection was that its made of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. This sustainable leisure range also has the first-ever running sari, which ensures the collection is suitable for all Indian women across shapes, sizes, and sensibilities. This collection is a true celebration of India and the beautiful Indian woman.

The showstoppers for the show were Mann Kaur, a 101 year old runner who hold the world record for 100 metres for her age category; Dolly Singh, a plus size Yoga teacher who promotes body diversity and body positivity; Anshu Jensempa, world record holder who climbed Mt Everest twice within 5 days and V. Nanammal, a 98 year old yoga teacher.


PV this is really unethical of you. She is a senior flight attendant, there's no way she's only 18. She's at least 10 years older than that. And as long as they're two consenting adults, why does anyone else have a problem??

Milind during his modelling days is so damn gorgeous. He still is if he grooms well.

Last time I heard he left Shahana for Kalki.... Kalki dint respond so this lil baby.. Love has no boundaries they say, but it doesnt mean you can date girls of ur daughter's age.. totally uncool.. However handsome one might be, but pls date your age.. Child marriage vibes

Haha this girl has thirty years of geriatric nurse maid work ahead for her when she turns 40. With a thirty year difference she will be romancing an old grandpa before hitting mid age bahahha. Plus she is not cute at all.. Sorry being mean. PV please post

old daddy chasing young girls, lewd!

OMG she was in high school last year. Disgusting.

This is disgusting.

The older he gets the younger his literally 'girl'friends get! Disgusting.

Father and daughter pair. Seriously milind is disgusting

Hes so hot best looking indian man she's lucky

eww , she is a kid

Jeez!!! What is with the hate??? She's an airhostess by profession. Seriously doubt she's 18. Thats a false statement.

another pedophile on the loose

Didn't Bipasha dated this guy once?

This is taking the concept of sugar daddy to the next he sponsoring her tuition fee??? Shocking!!


17?!hello where are the parents?????letting a guy the age of her father date her.Milind looked sensible to me .....guess not.

arrrrrrr, this is terrible. she is just a child.

Holy hell,18?Really?
In the future the girl will look back and be really embarrassed of this.

And Soman has fallen from grace in my eyes, the kid is 33 yrs younger than him.

Makes me sick to just read he is dating 18 year old !! OMG

He has a GF who is 18 year old? I mean seriously? WTF? I used to love him. but this is disgusting.. not right at all, I did not expect this from him.

I would not judge them.. They look really content and happy with each other..

Damn. I m such a hypocrite, will forgive Milind anything cuz he hot af!!

This is pedophilia. Heroes romancing young heroines on screen is not. Kangana is just jealous for losing or refusing good roles with khans.

Did not expect this from Milind.

Omg grand daughter age

So sexy at 50! What fountain of youth does this man have?

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