Mira Rajput is going through a 'weird' maternity phase; shares the dilemma on social media

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput will soon be embracing parenthood for the second time. Mira shared on social media that she is going through a weird maternity phase currently.
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Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput had recently announced that the two will be embracing parenthood for the second time. They had made this big announcement by sharing a picture of baby Misha who was clicked feeling ecstatic about turning a big sister. 
Like every to-be mother, Mira is also undergoing a body change and taking to social media, Mira shared that she is going through this weird maternity phase where her jeans wouldn't fit and maternity jeans are too big.
Check out her post here:
We are sure a lot of mothers or would-be mothers will surely relate to this. 
Meanwhile, during a media event for an awards show, Shahid reacted to the pregnancy announcement and said, ''It's feeling really good. There's still time. This is the second time so it doesn't feel new, the first time it felt very new. But it's always very exciting and we are really looking forward to having another new member in the family."
He added, "I'm very happy. We just felt like sharing it with everybody. Mira said she wanted to put it out on Instagram and I thought the photograph was really cute. It was a spontaneous decision and it just happened."
Mira had also earlier said in an interview to Mid-Day that they are already planning for their second child. When asked when she would like to be in a professional career, Mira had said that she has no deadline, "because I am going to have another baby, and then decide."

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Wow Indian people are really angry. You guys need to lighten up, she's being relatable - if you look at that status and go omg yes me too so many people are like that, then that means she's being relatable. If you don't like her don't look!

That picture of mira's is from before marriage

Why are you all so angry all the time? It amazes me to see so much negativity. Do you ever stop and think why am I saying this? Lol, lighten up, people. Life's too short!

This is what every pregnant women goes through she's acting like she's the first and only women it's happening too also she's been through one pregnancy before what's the show off for

Because this time she has insta account and trying to get followers

she is saying the same thing - that weird phase of pregnancy. she didnt my weird state

She just put her thoughts as her status. Why are people getting so charged up. Read or ignore.

Inspite of all the money in the world this woman can't find clothes that fit her? And some of us are working, managing house and doing everything else during the pregnancy..

Poor little thing! Let's hope someone will help you with this huge problem

gain attention before the way in the wrong

What has she accomplished to get the media coverage? Married a flop actor?

LOL! I agree


She's behaviour as if she hasn't been pregnant before. Not as if she didn't gain any weight during her first

When is she due God help us what more is in store for us


Buy the smaller maternity size than trying to use the one you saved from your previous pregnancy. They come with elastic band so there's no way you're smaller than the smallest maternity size. Stop trying to gain attention by passing wrong info.

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