Mira Rajput pregnant with her second child?

Mira Rajput has been clicked recently with what many on social media suggest is a baby bump. Shahid and Mira had said recently that they are planning for their second child.
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Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are doting parents to their darling daughter Misha Kapoor. They often share cute snaps of the little one on their social media account.

Mira Rajput had said in an interview last year that they are already planning for their second child. When asked when she would like to being her professional career, Mira had said that she has no deadline, “because I am going to have another baby, and then decide.”

Shahid, too had recently said, “Mira, who is just 22, would prefer to have a second kid soon as well. She wants to flip the norm, get the kids to a certain age and then be free to do what she likes.”

About Misha he had said, “It wasn’t planned actually, but I think we were ready for it. I was impatient to get married and have a family. My job is a lonely one, I was lonely for three or four year.”

Mira Rajput has been clicked recently with what many on social media suggest is a baby bump. Fans on social media are quite excited about this. 

When Mira was pregnant with daughter Misha, Shahid had said, “It's nice to say 'we' were pregnant, because it gives you a sense of participation and responsibility. When she was in labour, I held my breath. At one point, I got dizzy and she whacked me and said, 'Why are you getting dizzy? I'm doing all the work here.”

Well, are congratulations in order for the couple?

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Shahid always wanted a wife he could dominate.

Honestly if she is pregnant then congratulations to them , it's a wonderful news irrespective of what I think or anyone else does. But I'm surprised that she is not even 25 and about to have a second kid? I understand that yes it might be physically and biologically better to have kids before 30-35 but why the rush? She should have been interning or post graduating at this age , and here she is married and with two kids. She says that she wants to get done with kids and then start a career. Firstly she hasn't even completed her education to get a good enough job nor does she have any experience. Secondly why look at kids as an object one needs to get done with, she can easily have children and work especially because she can afford full time help. Is she seriously expecting to walk into an office 10-15 years later and get a job? The reality is that she is going to sit home taking care of her kids while her husband earns and she might end up involving herself into some voluntary work . This is disappointing but it's exactly what happens in the rural parts of our country and what used to happen in the generations of our grandparents.

i don't see why any woman's family planning is anyone eles business except hers, and her partner's if she has one. people really need to examine their motives if they are putting down a woman simply for her reproductive decisions. biologically speaking, having kids earlier when you are more reproductively fit, more physically fit and more fertile and more energy just makes more sense. looking back on my life i wish i had had two kids in my mid 20s. my sister is 40 and expecting a baby, i can't imagine dealing with a baby at that age. when you are older your chance for genetic mutations in the baby increases, down syndrome risk increases, your recovery is slower, you have less energy compared to when young. so in many ways its good to get the babies out of the way early and she can start a career later. both ways are right and neither are wrong and every woman should decide what is right for herself. personally looking back on my life i would rather go mira's route than having a baby too late.....i am 38 and have one kid and wish i could have had two but i was so focused on my career that now it's too late. i don't want to have a kids in elementary school when i am 50.

As a woman I would like to wish Mira a healthy and safe pregnancy.. it looks like she has some health issues due to which she might not want to delay having children..

Most Indians/South Asians seriously have no idea of birth control, or family planning, look at Kareena she had a kid, when it was convenient for her! But most of Indians get married and start having kids right away! And, dont care for Shahid and Mira because they are clearly loaded but it's due to this culture brainwash that Mira is having a second kid right away!! And, that;s how majority of India works and no wonder, there is shortage of water, jobs, and it's the kids that suffer! I live in the West, every time anyone visits India, they also talk about how kids in India were begging and apparently they are part of mafia where they are forced to beg or not! It's disgusting, no one is talking about that...but these very kids were abandoned by their parents in the streets, you people think it's OK? No one is talking about any of that!! People need to stop being selfish and start caring about the quality of life for everyone, especially for the kid, gosh!!

Pregnant or not, those black/white/gray outfits are really weird!

WE need to get rid of this notion or tradition or religion reasons that young women should be married off early and start mass producing! It's OK to wait till 30s to have a kid, clearly Kareena has done it and Mira had a complicated pregnancy and if it was so healthy to have a kid in your 20s then why all the complications!!!! People need to realize, India can't sustain all this population growth, obviously Shahid and Mira can afford it but vast majority of Indians can't!! You know who suffers, it;s that young women who are forced into marriages at young age instead of going to school and the kids, who are brought into poverty and despair! So you think, it;s OK to have as many kids for the sake of religion especially Islam or tradition and then have the kids suffer due to poverty!! And, look at all those Muslim families who are mass producing with their cousins and their kids are born with genetic conditions! Watch all those documentaries and they never admit to that it's due to marrying their cousins, it happens a lot in UK because there are tons of Pakistani Muslims!! It's sick culture and religion!!

We have no right to comment on others personal life. This comment section is just sad, shock to see people optionally come here and comment on someone else’s life. We have our own lives to correct, the question of commenting negativitly others is just sad. Whether she’s 23 or or 33 it’s her life, she Not a child.

Mira strategy: one puppy per year lol

another puppy on the way!!!


It's been ages misha is seen (apart from airport spotting) or mira has taken her to playschool which she would do everyday.
Now when she's avoiding getting clicked by the paps(guess due to hiding her pregnancy) she's not even letting her daughter out of the house. I'm sure she could let the nanny take her out to playschool or park or have play dates with kids her age. We all know she has a nanny for her daughter and have seen how she fed and played with her at the park while madam sat gossping. Nanny job isn't and shouldn't be restricted to just the childs home. Don't like the way this couple treat their child's nanny, she always has this angry upset look on her face when other child nannies like lakhshya, yash,roohi and even taimur are always seen happy and smiling. She wouldn't become any less of a good mother if she let's the nanny take her daughter out or maybe she just wants to keep her image up of being hands on mother. Wonder what she'll do when she has her second child if she's behaving like this ow. Pinkvilla pls post

Aur kaam kya hai mira ko pregnant hone and fir working mums per comment karne k alwa. Thats all keep her stay in the news.


Good for nothing else!

They can afford having as many as they want. It’s always wonderful to have a big happy family. Celebrities abroad have a minimum of 3 to 4 kids. They enjoy each moment. It’s only in India people stick to 2 kids. Congrats to them!

WTF, people in India "stick to 2 kids." Are you an idiot? Then why is India so overpopulated and kids are starving and living in poverty!!! It's other way around in the West, because it's so expensive to live in the West, tons of women usually have kids in late 30s to early 40s because it's very expensive to afford a kid, unless of course you are from third world country and people go on welfare and then have massive amount of kids which isnt good for the world or the earth resources!!

Yeah but we are over populated. This hum do, hamarhe do slogan started in 80's to control our population. You could always adopt orphan kids after one or two if you like a big family. Not a rule, but good for ourselves if more of us could do that.

You can and you should have as many kids you want. As long as you can afford to give them a good upbringing, it's no one's business.

Firstly I don't believe she us 23 years if age not by far chance she looks at least 34

I'm sure she is pregnant. Lately she's been stepping out less than she normally would.yesterday she did step out of her house but what I found suprising was not even one photographer spotted her which makes me believe that she does have her own photographer who clicks her when she steps out and this time she didn't as she wanted to hide her baby bump.

2 babies in 2 years for a 23 yr old girl!!! Misha in 2016, another in 2018. OMG! isnt this unhealthy. I mean yes people have 12 kids in 12 yrs aswell in villages, but this is too short a gap for recuperation, that too at such a young age. That too when she had a difficult pregnancy.

Bet, this was Shahid's egoistic decision and Mira had to comply considering how he is. OR Mira wants to be done with children and focus on doing something, which seems less likely for such a small gap between the two kids.

Producing babies is like work for the duo - do it quick and then be done with it. Too mechanical.

actually, it takes 1 year to replenish iron and vitamins in a post partum woman. Its easiest to have babies in the 20s. Easier to conceive, deliver and recover. I think its a good idea for everyone, if feasible.

Really? You body is still developing even you are in early 20s, you are sick, if you think, young women should have kids right away1! And, there were tons of media reports and Mira herself admitted it that she had a complicated pregnancy and why Kareena at 35-36 had a normal pregnancy and gorgeous Taimur was born who is happy and a healthy child!! Stupid narrow minded people!!

Lol, yeah. When Mira will be 40, her kids will be 20. It'll be like Saif-Kareena age gap.
Too soon for kids @ 22yrs. Couple/single life lost. It was her parents pre 20yrs, kids post 20yrs. Gosh, poor thing. Kids could have waited, live ur life first or is Shahid's body clock ticking.

Congratulations :-) Definitely healthier to have babies in 20s than in late 30s. But then ofcourse, to each his own :-)

She had so many complications in her first pregnancy yet she was barely 22-23

She could pull off her complications better coz she is young. The older a woman is, the harder it is (on herself) to go through pregnancy complications. I have two kids and i can vouch for this :)

Its easy to give birth in 20s so may ne thats wjy they ate planning their childern in this age because in late 30s its very difficult for a woman toh deliver.

u make it sound like she is ONLY meant to make babies.

Shahid wanted these type of wife, giving him many babies and satisfy his ego by not having a career.

Congrats being a parent is the best thing ever...

That’s alright. Why so much hate. Who did bad to you guys

She is so young and already became a baby producing machine

Why does the wife wear shortest of skirts constantly?

Yes she is, this woman went from innocent looking to a mother of two already at under the age of 25!! I get it, Shahid can afford to have kids, but I dont like about this South Asian culture or religion tradition especially in Islam how people mass produce especially when they cant afford it!! It's OK to be freakin single and not get married or have kids, young women shouldnt be married off to losers and be used as breeding machines because look at those poor kids living in poverty, abandoned, dying, abused, etc!! India can't even sustain these many people!! Again, not talking about Shahid clearly he has the means, but it's more about this culture/religion thing!!

So it's OK for Kate and William to keep making babies and not for Meera Shahid?

Kare Middleton is 35 years old idiot!! And, again, who said Shahid and Misha can't have kids, if you read clearly, it's mentioned they can afford it, the issue is Mira being so young and this happens to tons of young girls all over the world forcefully and you think, it's a good thing?

Dear commenter above, please don't bring Islam or any other religion into this.
Thanks, your well wisher

Congrats Mira and Shahid on another PUPPY ooooops!!!

Why soo negative always???

She had the same stomach on her wedding day. I think she just has a lot of abdominal fat.

Wow they are quick not long ago she said she would decide what to do for a career after she had another child.

Knew it


We don't care pinkvilla

Shahid mira thought after their recent spotting people will keep speculating and asking them whether they are expecting again but that didn't happen now released this article through their pr to gain attention.

Ur so late pinkvilla

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