Mira Rajput spills the beans on how she lost pregnancy weight; Shares healthy diet tips with fans

Mira Rajput reveals how she shed her extra weight. She said that dedication and exercise made it possible. Take a look.
Mira Rajput spills the beans on how she lost pregnancy weight; Shares healthy diet tips with fans
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Becoming a mother is one of the happiest moments for a woman, but losing post-pregnancy weight can be a real challenge. Various entertainment celebrities have been an inspiration for others and women follow them for losing their postpartum weight. They have proved that dedication and willpower can do wonders. Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput is also among them. The star wife had shed her extra weight very soon and got back in shape which had surprised her followers.

Recently, she also shared how she made it possible. During an Ask Me Anything session on her Instagram handle, a fan asked ‘how did you lose weight after pregnancy?’ She replied, “I get asked this question. It was slow it did take time. But the most important thing is eating right, the correct portion, and working out. Nothing replaces it.” Mira Rajput is mother of two- Misha and Zain. Shahid Kapoor got married to Mira Rajput in July 2015.

Mira also shared on she got the scar on her forehead. “So I was three, like all kids, jumping on the bed. I fell, hit the corner of the bed and then I got this mark,” she replied to a question asked by a fan.

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Mira always shares about her life and journey and her relationship with Shahid. In one of the questions, Mira also revealed who among her and Shahid wins arguments. “Me! Who else?” she replied. Another fan asked her who is her favourite family member? She said, “This is a very easy one for me. I love my sisters, my mom, my kids, my husband, but my favourite family member is my dad. I love you, dad!”

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Is it wrong if a woman wears pants in the house, they look really happy what’s your deal

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Ufff its crystal clear who wears the pants in that household . its her . shes innews every other day .