Mogul director Subhash Kapoor: I understand and respect Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s decision

Aamir Khan has walked out of Gulshan Kumar's biopic Mogul which was to be directed by Subhash Kapoor. Here's what the director said about Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao's decision.
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Aamir Khan announced today through a statement he shared on social media that he is opting out of a film as someone associated with the project has been accused of sexual misconduct. While Aamir did not name the person, he indicated Mogul director Subhash Kapoor who has been accused by Geetika Tyagi of molestation. Actress Geetika Tyagi had accused the Jolly LLB director of 'dragging her' and 'forcing himself on her' at a party in 2012. Subhash Kapoor was arrested and later released on bail.

Geetika Tyagi had shared a video in which she is confronting Subhash Kapoor and his wife. She slaps the director in the video after breaking down and discussing the sexual interaction he had with her. She is seen saying in the video that it will take time for her to overcome the trauma that she has gone through. Aurangzeb director Atul Sabharwal is seen encouraging Geetika. Subhash Kapoor reacted to Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao dissociating themselves from the film.

He said, "I understand and respect Aamir khan's and Kiran Rao's decision. Since matter is subjudice, i intend to prove my innocence in the court of law. But I do want to raise a question - is secretly filming a crying woman without her consent and knowledge and uploading it on social media not harassment or abuse? Or is it fine if she is related to someone who is "allegedly accused"of a mis conduct. If your answer is latter then for me it's nothing less then a khaap panchayat mentality."

Geetika also reacted to Aamir Khan's decision and said that it is commendable and that she is thankful to Aamir and Kiran for taking a stand.


I rem seeing this show of Kiron Kher 'Purusharth' when I was still in middle school and the topic was brother and father sexually molesting girls. I rem I hated seeing my loving brother and father for more than a month. If a show has so much affect on you, imagine what these women go through. People complaining why women come forward so late, either have not experienced it or lack empathy. Kudos to al these women for putting themselves out there for people to judge them.

Aamir himself is a philanderer and pedophile

Why and how is this taking a stance?!? Why not just fire the director instead of walking out of the project?!? He shouldn’t be allowed to direct any project till he is given clearance from the court. Yes it may seem unfair especially if he’s innocent but that’s how it should be. Courts should try and resolve such cases as quickly as possible instead of dragging it for years without valid reason.

Ooh so mich concern for your crying women but you will force yourself on women in parties? Saala keep the khaap panchayat mentalitiy India hold these vile men to account for compromising our safety.

#MeToo should be about guys who pull dicks out in front of women, who force themselves on them, who wank off in front of them, pedophiles, basically guys like rajat Kapoor and alok nath. While, this guy looks like a nice guy he has even apologized to the girl and has been slapped by her and since no other girl has accused him of anything. It should be about the guys who show consistent creepy behavior, not guys who might've lost their self control for a while and are apologetic about it.

lecherous man..trying to pin it on the victim..shameful..

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