Mohabbat: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan sizzles as a popstar in this song from Fanney Khan

Fanney Khan is an upcoming film stars Anil Kapoor in the titular role. The film also stars Rajkummar Rao and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and the latter plays the role of a popstar.
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The upcoming film Fanney Khan is currently the talk of the town, courtesy, its star cast. The film stars Anil Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in pivotal roles. Anil Kapoor plays the role of the actual Fanney Khan, while Aishwarya essays the role of Baby Singh, India's biggest pop star.

Recently, the makers dropped the first song from Fanney Khan, and it is none other than 'Mohabbat', which was heard in the trailer as well. The song features a sizzling Aishwarya, and you just can't take your eyes off her. It is the main song of Aishwarya as a pop star, where we see her performing on the stage in front of a huge audience. The actor sets the stage on fire with the hook step, and this song is definitely one of those that you keep listening to on loop.

Mohabbat is composed by Tanishk Bagchi, and is crooned by the melodious Sunidhi Chauhan.

Watch the song here:

Fanney Khan is an official remake of Dutch film Everybody's Famous, and marks the directorial debut of Atul Manjrekar. The film has already grabbed a lot of eyeballs owing to its intriguing trailer. Anil Kapoor plays a middle-class taxi driver, whose daughter is inspired by Aishwarya's character in the film. One more important aspect of the film is that it deals with the concept of body shaming in its own subtle way. It shows the bond between a father and a daughter in its most pure form.

Fanney Khan is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Anil Kapoor, P.S. Bharathi, Rajiv Tandon, Krishan Kumar, Kussum Arora and Nishant Pitti. The film will hit the theatres on August 3, 2018.


Now that's a true blue Superstar. The only competition to the khans. Look at her even at that age! Inspiration indeed. All Kareena Deepika Sonam fans if any, are cringing and hoping this gets over lol. Deepika is the closest to her interms of superstardom but still miles below Aishwarya. That's actually a compliment to Deepika too.

Aish has own style n can be compared to female actors but why compare her to the male actors?

If you are not showing her green eyes then there is no need of Ash as an actor or a dancer. Now visualize Katrina doing this song.................

Baby Singh? Really? And it’s a rap/pop song? Such bad music..and let’s not even talk about the choreography.

She is quite graceful bit I noticed there are hardly any close up shots of her. In her previous dance videos, there used to be a zillion close up shots of her face, jaw, and the eyes!

ASH looks Gorgeous... but the pictursiation of the song looks very bad... it looks very fake..

that's it, seen whole movie basically. Thanks PV

She's brilliant! Love it. Troll army of cheepika at work below.

OMW..that was cringe worthy and truly beneath her..I think the heels may have contributed to the robotic movements but then her movements are similar in the sneakers too. Too much emphasis on those fake facial expressions and exaggerated poses, which just makes this song an awkward watch.

Reminds of Old actress and singer,Noor Jehan's famous song, Jawan hai muhabbat, from the forties era :-)

No it looks extremely entertaining

Why Ash Why?

Aishwarya is stunning! Haters are unable to take this magic even at 42

Just too much - costume , burgandy hair, same old lip shade and now she is showing her legs and doing some crazy moves , and white chicks for indian number.

Frank Gatson chorographed this number! LOL
Her facial expression looks so fake.

Just sad to see her go down so badly.... time to pack up madam!

She will always keep rising up, she'll never go down.. Go on dreaming.. Hehe

i wouldn't say the choreography is bad. it looks good when background dancers do it. but aish looks weird, i don't know why. maybe becouse i have a feeling that she's calculating her every step too much to look sexy and hot, the whole dance and her walk are so staged. she cares too much about her look, she totally forgets about dancing. and gosh, it's completely ok to be a pop star in your 45, but BABY Singh? Really? Do Beyonce or Madonna calls themselves 'baby'? And yeah, i don't like Kat, but they shoud've to choose her. she has the 'foreign star' glow, and she can dance.

Frock auntyji is back... Mother Indiaji please retire gracefully

This is what happens when u dont trust the desi talent in bollywood films..this is not some lame western commercial. Lousy song, voice doesnt match the western popstar look n ridiculous choerography!

FRock aunty is back ... Ammaji please retire gracefully

why aishwarya why???? its really good that you are working and earning BUT should be careful to chose role at this stage!!! I think reality show huge is better than this one!!!!!

People don’t forget cycling ,swimming, cooking, driving even after years same goes with dancing.. When she can do " crazy kiya re " performance with lots of oomph and ease and now she is doing mohabbat I feel two diff personalities .. These steps looks not even odd as well as heavy on her body … an Indian choreographer could have done so much better with the steps with such a beautiful song... because the song is in hindi only an indian can feel and give beautiful shape to the steps... bad move by the director

Songs music is not that good

What a disaster!!! Bad outfit and bad choreography! What happened to all Indian choreographers??

No wonder Jaya hates her. She keeps doing such shameful things.....lolwa

This takes ridiculous to another level. Either it's deliberately shot this way and serves the plotline in the movie or I'm flabbergasted by the sheer ignorance!

The Choreography is everything they claimed. It's most heavily influenced by Taylor Swift, with a dash of Beyoncé Knowls-Carter. If you expected J-Lo skimpiness, and something like Christina Aguilera's "Dirty", if you wanted another "Chikni" or "Sheila" they already told you she won't do it. HER CHOICE! I Liked the light peppy song, I thought she was shot exquisitely, and she more than kept up with the dance troupe. All in all, it was what they said it was, and I enjoyed it. Job done.

"If you expected J-Lo skimpiness, and something like Christina Aguilera's "Dirty", if you wanted another "Chikni" or "Sheila" they already told you she won't do it."
-I don't understand your defence-she IS wearing a skimpy outfit,of course not J-Lo level but quite skimpy and she IS trying hot moves...what are you ranting about?

Her movements are too stiff and feel cumbersome. She doesn’t exhibit energy, agility or charisma. She doesn’t seem to be having a lot of fun performing this song. Don’t know if it’s the choreography or if she just can’t pull of moves that are full of pep and energy.

Kind of Raabata movie song opening with Beyoncé Shakira dance steps

so this was choreographed by the JLO choreographer? yuck!!!

Fanney khan would be to Aish what was besharam and Bombay velvet to Ranbir. Disaster in the making!

Suddenly Tareefan choreography looks like a masterpiece now

A dancer like Aish deserves better.

Ash is a graceful dancer and it can be seen in bits in this song.

Aishwarya does the steps correctly, but the choreography isn't good.

Karishma kapoor would’ve nailed this role if they were looking for someone in her forties. Ash is too damn stiff

We all saw Karishma's stiff body in DTPH.. Ash has proved her graceful dance moves before..

Karishma who?

Yes she was epic in DTPH and can outdance your favorite in her sleep

Oh boy!!

choreography is horrible

where is saroj khan? farah khan?

After Sridevi and Madhuri, Saroj Khan has a most popular numbers with Aishwarya. Too bad she didn't get a chance to choreograph Aish again. Who can forget Nimbooda Nimbooda, Dola Re dola, Taal se Taal mila, Dhai Akshar Prem Ke? All choreographed by Saroj Khan.

disappointed :-(

I didnt like the outfit either

oh god, the choreography and horrid. the dressing is not helping. this is how you make a gorgeous woman like ash look bad.

Bad, bad, bad.


How can a supposedly super reputable choreographer go so wrong? I think it was the Bachchan bahu’s insistence to keep it sanskari... Dance was a strong suit for her ( since her acting has always been zero) but now even that has gave way. Time’s up Ash.

Her acting has always been strong with acclaimed performances in HDDCS, Iruvar, Raincoat, Choker Bali, Devdas, Provoked, Jodha Akbar, Guzaarish, Guru, Taal and many more. .

Very evident that she signed this movie cos she had nothing worthwhile coming her way and she just wanted to make some quick money for she had nothing else to do. Post PV


no even that can't save this disaster.

Gosh what a terrific song. She smoulders on..

Its not that there cannot be a 40+ popstar. Look at JLO, still aces her dance steps. It is about whether fitness is a part of your lifestyle or not. I am sure JLO exercises regularly and aims to be fit. Aish doesn't exercise and focus on fitness and that's why the steps seem awkward as she is finding it difficult to dance. This is the same woman who was fab in Crazy kiya re or Dola re.

Song and role more fitting for someone sexy like Katrina or Jacky. Ash can’t pull off being a pop star lol she never could but now least of all. One thing I don’t get is why Ash Pr always over hype her songs etc prior to their release I remember during Adhm they went on about how there was this “hot club song” between Ranbir and her and all there was a 1 min sequence where she leads him to the dance floor lol now they went on her being Indian beyonce and the result is for all to see.....

That scence in the club was embarrassing. She was trying to be seductive but it looked staged.

She's a GOLDEN GIRL! Others can burn in hate. Fabulous!

Mismatch dance step with song

The song does not match her voice and is not catchy. They've let her down. Hope the movie is good though. Am a big Ash fan.

Hahahahahaha Indian Beyonce hahahaha

Reminded me of bugs bunny

So much for being an Indian Beyonce and Madonna

Why is she jumping like a rabbit on the stage

Ash's age is showing in the dance moves... Everything is bad about the song..

Why does she accept roles like this one (& ADHM ) where she doesn't really have much to do ? I really wonder what Katrina's role will be in Zero bcos even she's playing an actress where the main protagonist is a fan !

She did Sarbjit and Jazbaa and we all saw the results

Sarbjit and Jazbaa are both PLUS at box office. Plus Ash won a best actress award at a International film festival.

At least she has a proper leading role in Sarabjit & Jazbaa even if her own abilities are limited . It's like she's signing on insignificant roles like the one in ADHM & this one to prove a point - that she's still hot & in demand or something like that ! We already know she's a beautiful lady but time does not stand still for anyone (including the male actors even if they pretend like it doesn't matter) . She should do movies which need her (like an English Vinglish) ,she has nothing to lose at this stage .

Aish is beautiful, dances gracefully, and she has the ompph! But this song is just terrible and who choreographed this song ?? Damnn

So many things wrong here. Aishwarya is a beautiful lady but she needs to lose the big hair and overdone makeup. The song itself feels very 80's, the choreography is no good, especially since they promoted this as done by Beyonce's choreographer and that she is an Indian Madonna in the movie. I feel the team could have done much better. Since Aishwarya's role is so short, they should have something more impressionable and impactful.

What did i saw???

if this is how you think a popstar is, no wonder we don't have any popstars in India

more like fizzling popstar, not sizzling.

Deliberately avoiding close-ups, making her dance in sneakers and heels for only cat walk, easy dance steps speak a lot of Aishwarya's age more than anything. This was a big disappointment..I was expecting something on a different level. Nora fatehis song is much better than this.

I want to like it, but this is awkward. Why?

Chali thi Beyoncé banne.....

somehow things have not been synchronised in this song. The song sounds like some 1990's Bhojpuri ballad and Sunidhi Chauhan's voice rends perfectly well to this kind of song. Dance steps are SO outdated!

Desi Beyonce!!!ROFL!!!

only saving could be hope the story is good and anil and raj kumar save it, ash part as 45 old popstar not sure as this number is not at all catchy, this 15mins role Kat can easily do

first of all song is NOT catchy, as well as dance, and all thr long shot as they cant show a 45 years old lady as a pop star, a huge let down

An average item number! I wonder how Jaya is going to react ROFL

the voice didnt suit her she looked beautiful and danced well but the choreography and dance didnt go bad song

Farah Khan would do a better job but still Aishwarya shined ... Good to see her dancing after long time !

And they invited American choreographer for this ;( This one is a big disappointment, they overhyped her role, her look and choreography so much that I was expecting something like crazy kiya re from dhoom 2 but this is an outdated song with outdated and strange choreography which I have seen only in early 90s movies. This movie's PR promised Beyonce type of choreography and this is what we get. And there was no need to overhype Aish's look in this movie, she is same just has red hair. I remember so many articles about Katrina's " new" look in Fitoor but in the end it was just same Katrina with red hair

"And they invited American choreographer for this"

No wonder why they ran out of money to make this movie and ask ash to take a pay cut . She did a poor job in dancing so she doesn't deserve the pay she received and was ask to return some back haha lol.

I don't blame the director or producer, even the American choreographer said he had to give her baby steps i wonder why???

When did the choreographer said it? She has proved to be an amazing dancer. If they paid the choreographer more than he deserves, why should Ash take the pay cut?

when her picture with the choreographer was posted here only on pinkvilla it had some mention of him that he taking it easy on her dance move.

National Award confirmed for Aishwarya for her lengthy role in this film!!


how disgusting...i dont even need to troll her as she has made a joke of herself

God you crack me up! You must be very happy!

I really like Aishwarya but this song is just horrible..

I remember “crazy kiya re” in dhoom 2 she was the hottest thing I’d ever seen I had such a schoolgirl crush!

Never thought I would say this about any role, but this role was written for Katrina Kaif and no one else!


So tacky, the costumes of the background dancers, the stage the steps and the crowd.


Some 80s mujra rehashed

Sad choreography ... She dances well usually but this looks awkward...Fire the choreographer and why not single focus on her beautiful face

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