MX Player's High is all about drugs, guns and lawlessness; See 5 reasons why this must be on your watch list

MX Player's 9-episode series High should find a spot on your watch list if you love crime thrillers. Streaming begins 7 October, 2020.
MX Player's High series. MX Player's High is all about drugs, guns and lawlessness; See 5 reasons why this must be on your watch list.
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The OTT space is flooded with various crime dramas and while it may be difficult for someone to choose their weekend binge-watch list, we decided to simplify things for you and demand your attention towards MX Player's new series High. With the subject of drugs and Bollywood making headlines, the timing of this new crime drama series couldn't be any more spot on. The series hits the web streaming channel on 7 October and revolves around the world of drugs and the people that live in it.

From a drug addict to a drug peddler to those chasing the bad guys, MX Player's High promises to take the viewer on a whirlwind journey into the world of guns, drugs and lawlessness.

We decided to list down five reasons why MX Player's High should be on your watch list right away:

The Drug Chronicle

Directed by Nikhil Rao, High takes us into the world of substance abuse or as the protagonist Shiv puts it 'big fish, small fish'. The story revolves around the drug cartel in a big city like Mumbai and how a certain green pill has turned the entire cartel upside down. But what exactly is this green pill? Rao introduces us to such a pill that can presumably help people get off every other drug. Interesting right? We bet.

Stellar Cast

Akshay Oberoi has been taking the OTT space by storm with his impressive work that has released in the last few months. In High, Akshay Oberoi as Shiv Mathur plays the role of a recovering drug addict and does it with great effortlessness. Shweta Basu Prasad in the role of a doctor and Ranvir Shorey as a professional assassin named Lakda will demand your attention every time they appear on the screen. The drug cartel drama's cast also includes talented actors like Mrinmayee Godbole, Kunal Naik, Prakash Belawadi, Nakul Bhalla, Mantra and Madhur Mittal of Slumdog Millionaire fame.

The Drug Debate

While talks in the entertainment industry have been revolving around this subject lately, the plot of High is based on a green pill named 'Magic' which leads to a disruption in the drugs market. Why? Well, the makers showcase 'Magic' as that one pill which has the capacity to get you off other intense drugs. The show opens up the debate on how many such miracle drugs or formulas could be available with pharma companies and manufacturers which are stashed away, denying the world from a cure only to fill the deep pockets of those in the illegal business.

Keepin' It Real!

As it is with most crime dramas, High, too, shows the dark underbelly of the drugs world. And in this underbelly, everyone breaks rules. From peddlers and middlemen to drug kingpins, the series' story and character arcs are written extremely well to keep the audience hooked. Guns, breaking rules and brutal assaults are an every day story and the makers have made sure to get the right feel and vibe to these sinister characters. With no remorse, the characters are edgy and as real as it could get.

Visually Striking  

Be it scenes of either making the green pill called magic or the upbeat background score, the makers take High's story forward with its smart music and cinematography. The creation of the green pill magic or Shiv's drugged state have been shot and executed so well that it may remind you of the international award-winning drama Breaking Bad. As for the music, apart from an intense background score, the series also takes help from some Hindi rap which takes it a notch higher.

High's fast-paced storyline with something new unfolding every few minutes keeps the suspense going. You may find yourself questioning 'what next?' quite often.  

MX Player's 9-episode series High should find a spot on your watch list if you love crime thrillers that are entertaining but at the same time have a great story to tell. High begins streaming on 7 October, 2020, only on MX Player.

This article is in paid partnership with MX Player.