My mother has been an important part in my recovery process: Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone on Tuesday visited the Jagalur Taluka health centre in Devangere.
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Deepika Padukone on Tuesday visited the Jagalur Taluka health centre in Devangere on the occasion of World Mental Health Day. 

A victim of depression herself, Deepika launched the "Live, Love and Laugh Foundation" to battle the menace of depression which claims innocent lives across the globe. She is spearheading the foundation started with a noble cause.

She told a leading news channel,''The entire intention of coming out was to enable other people who might have been experiencing similar symptoms to seek help. Wherever in the world I go, I cannot tell you the number of people who identify with what I said... I honestly set out with the intention of helping even one life."

Talking about her mother’s fear of letting her announce to the world about her depression, she said, ‘’My mother usually does not step out of the house. Especially if it’s my film related work, you will never see her around. But now this is close to her heart too. She knows the impact that it has created in past 2 years. And more importantly her own transition from being afraid of letting her daughter sort of announce to the world on her own. It’s been a stigma.She has been a very important part in my recovery process.''

During her visit to Pallaghatte Primary Healthcare Centre, Deepika met few Doctors and Asha workers striving to help those fighting depression in their personal lives.

While speaking at the India Economic Summit, Deepika had recently shared that she was still battling with her psychological disease .’’ I don't think I can say that I'm completely over it (depression). There is always a fear at the back of my mind that I might have a relapse because it has been such a bad experience for me,’’ she said.

On the professional front, Deepika will be seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati, which also stars Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor in pivotal roles.




I suddenly saw this article in the web with Deepika, When I browse through this comments realised quite negative and discouraging comments. According to latest reports mental health issues among the Black and ethnic minorities quite high in UK and particularly people from such backgrounds reluctant to seek medical help due to lack of awareness and stigma. Some times reported number of cases are quite lower than the actuals. Situation in India and Sri Lanka may be quite different , I am a Sri Lankan living in UK for four years now. I admire what Deepika's campaign on mental health issues, it is valuable cause among many others and building awareness and diminishing stigma around mental health issues key.

Thank you for appreciating your Mother — Deepika. As they say “Mothers know it best”. All the best and may you never visit those dark days ever again.


where is thismplace? i want to visit, looks so rustic and reminds me of the good old days in india.. now everything is concrete.. beautiful old neighborhoods demolished to build new stuff

irrespective of the reason.. talking about her depression and spreading awareness is an accomplishment by itself...

Thanks Deepika for continuing your work in this area..sharing your experience, letting us know about these help centers.

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Oh please shut up. Every actor wants good PR. DP is doing her bit with a cause that will make a difference in the world. She is only called "crafty" and "manipulative" because she is no. 1 and that burns people. PV please post the truth.

this, omg, EVERY single person in BW who is successful is manipulative in some way. So why are we expecting nuns and angels? At least she's a good actress and deserving and that's what matters

Chal jhoothi!

This is just a coincidence that world mental health day fallen just at time of her film trailer out, and she took complete benefit of the coincidence but accept or not, if world mental health day wouldn't have fallen at time of her film trailer out then bet she must have talked again as usual, to a reporter or in interviews, please remember or google recently when her xxx Return Of Xander cage was out, she purposely talked about it in an interview that time.

Deepika fans are unimaginable like deepika, when PC does this they abuse her like mad and say PC does charity for publicity ,very bad, and when dp does they say this is best way to promote her film, first of all you accepted and know it is for promotions and second how it is good to keep repeating and boring people with same drama all time, she is non talented and robot actress and non flexible dance, and this is how she has been running whole career with Sympathy and depression, how anyone can support this, No she never had depression, only revenge from Kapoors, otherwise where are her depression pictures and medical proofs, open up,always either she gets extreme cozy intimate with costars during promotions or talk about depression since 15 years now and making people bore with her tactics, aware, people often ask what talent other actresses or actors has, why people never ask what talent deepika has. P. S (((((When charity is done from heart it is good deeds,,,, but when charity is done for benefits, clicks and film hit it is mere a investment for profits)))))

See her here where one can see simple but after film will get hit, she will show herself very strong, and very snake eyes, and will smile from one side. Dp people are not emotional fools to give you more sympathy , if one person is hard worker no need to do this and get clicked deliberatly. People must not watch her film to make her understand meaning of hard work and not attention work. Flop Padmavati

There are so many celebrities who talk about depression, very very appreciative and shows their heart for people in depression but other celebrities don't keep on repeating depression again and again and again and again,. Dp doing over work and sure for benefits. When her YJHD came she talked about depression. When her piku came she talked about depression.When her Ramleela came she talked about depression.When her bajirao came she talked about

Nobody takes depression like serious ailment name for career benefits that much, others do but not right at time of their film. Gosh, wonder how low she can go and she always surprises.This is mere film publicity

She is such attention seeker master from her career start in 2007. Otherwise why she showed and got outspoken about her and RK relationship in career start in 2007, then after breakup got again attention by saying him that he put me in depression. Again she got again attention by promoting Ex closeness for film hit and by breaking RK sonam and RK kat, again she got attention by getting extreme touchy and cozy with RK, Vin and babies in her head, again got attention for being in Fake relationship with RS, consider no other celebrities couple does that much cozy on camera and loud in interviews than deepika. And depression is her all time weapon. PC never does all this drama. DP where is acting and flexible dancing and according to character accent.

Hate her, love her, troll her, admire thing you can't take from her is genuine humility.

She is a good human being. In a small taluk and her broken Kannada doubtful people understand anything what she says

all you haters...she did not determine when WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY was declared...Silly haters...have some substance in your hate..

I like Deepi, always have and yes this might be for PR but atleast she tries. She was engaged and intelligent about the issue at the World Eco Forum.

Nothing genuine in this woman...milking her own mental health for a film..and Kangana was considered mad..oh the irony!! PV post this..

true that!

Talking about her own mental health is so much better than trying to pass off dillusions as truth. Depression is a better disorder to have than being Sociopath.

You are always depressed DP.wait untill crores from padmavati come in your pocket, you no longer will have to fake up.

Mothers are always supportive. They are gift of God. Stay bless Dp.

Shes a nice person! Haters will hate and she will do good stuff so bring the hate !

Her promotion have started. Now well get to see her and ranveer together everywhere. And shahid will start his promotion using his wife.

Isn't this the best way anyone can promote a film? Instead of doing unnecessary drama atleast this is a constructive one

If you cant appreciate her good work better keep ur mouth shut. Your idol has already start promotions using her EX BF

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